Summary: A short drabble about Granny Relda and Mr. Canis set during book 1, Fairy Tale Detectives.

Disclaimer: Michael Buckley owns The Sisters Grimm and for that I love him unconditionally.


"They will be fine." It wasn't a question but Relda's voice, cutting through the darkness of the giant's pocket, sounded uncertain.

Mr. Canis responded without hesitation. "They will be more than fine. They are Henry's daughters and your granddaughters. I wouldn't be surprised if they were already planning a rescue mission."

Relda was quiet, taking her companion's words in. "They have my purse. They have the keys. They just have to get back to the house and get up to the mirror." She paused. "But will they go to the mirror?"

Canis quirked a small grin in the darkness. "An unsupervised Sabrina? My guess is the first thing she will do is try to get into the one room where she is not allowed."

Relda nodded absently. She observed softly "There are plenty of people who won't be unhappy to hear that a giant has carried us off."

"And there are quite a few who will be. You've seen to that." Now he paused. "Relda, it makes me uncomfortable to be the optimistic one. It's not in my nature."

Relda smiled at this, clearly visible to Canis' eyes. "You're right, old friend." In a much stronger voice she said again, "They will be fine."

Canis nodded silently. Relda couldn't see it, but she knew the gesture. She reached across the seat to take his hand. When she squeezed it gently, his long fingers curled around hers. No more words were needed on the subject, and the pair sat quietly together in the darkness.