You ever wonder if you never met someone or they never met you... that it would change everything?

Nobody ever said what if you went back in time to change what made the meeting happen in the first place, but then the first time around I did not know her all yet by the time I went to go back, keeping her alive seem to be the only thing that counts most with this accursed dagger in my hand. It brought about what happen the first time when I let loose the Sands of Time, but of course the dagger is what kept me from truly dying except there is much that not even a time reversing dagger can erase or heal from a body, a mind, or one's heart. It also meant giving her up in order to save her life yet one does not question the sacrifices one must make not just for the sake of one life, but all the lives torn asunder by the release of the Sands. In reversing the flow of time back to the night before we made the assault, I did the thing I should have done in the first place except it took a trip down the time line that did happen for me, but not for everyone else in order for me to do what I should have done... so I love her even though she hardly believes the story I have told her. I did try to kiss her again in this time line except she pushes me away so reverse just a little and give her the dagger instead of the kiss.

The memories of kisses that never were except to me, the feel of caresses from touches that were not, the intimacy of bodies that did not come together, and all my deaths seem incomparable to only one of hers that I had been unable to stop because the dagger needs the sands to reverse time not just a user to do its costly magic. He had finally come out of hiding after I fought my way through hordes of men and women who had become mindless creatures made of the dagger's magic source.

I had almost made the twist to turn back time before we had our most intimate and vulnerable interlude so from the memory of that I'm left with the emptiness or maybe the loneliness that it had only happen for me now, but it had been all my memories or feelings when with her that had made me drive the dagger into the hourglass thus reversing time all the way back to the night we made our assault. The night I took the dagger and my father in the company of that nefarious Vizier took the Sands of Time, the hourglass. I made no mention of my intentions as I had awoken in my tent and all was it had been before the assault, the attack, and more.

It rains again as I write all this down for the very possiblity that in time I fear I'd forget what happen, forget her, but of course for those brief moments I thought we had something special, just me and her. I had never felt so driven or passionate about a task or daresay a woman in my life until I met her. I wonder if ever i feel that way again or that she might ever feel about me the way she had in the time line that no longer exists except like I said in my memories. The dagger had put a cost to my use of it, not only did it keep me from a lasting death, it also made me remember not just my near deaths or hers, but it also with her last death taken her out the flow, so that when I went back I had already known she would not know me. I told her what happen just as it did happen and of course she seem disbelieving at first, what else could I expect telling a woman about a time line that technically did not happen yet at his appearance her doubts subside and of course I had to fight him. It had been a hard fight yet in contrast to the mindless sand altered Palace denizens it seem mild despite his ability to replicate himself.

I did not let down my guard, I merely fought him as I would have fought those more heavily armed sand soldiers like the ones with the mallets or the staffs with blades on either end. They were among the toughest opponents and often it ook rebounding off walls to beat them yet it is not enough to knock them down, drain their sand so you have to fight them until they stop coming at you for awhile. The Palace's security system could do nothing to them as I had found out the higher up I went yet it made the Palace that much more a death trap to me aside from the fact that the interiors and later the exteriors would fall apart around me or under me or whatever other way it would crumble to dust. He had been easily killed once weakened beyond being able to cast any more spells plus his age and his health made him slower then I especially with the sand being back in the dagger.

The strongest peaks in my mind before the reversal were when we made love and when I saw her plunge to her death too quick for me as well as for the empty time dagger. There is no longer a pun or anything funny about the phrase timing is everything, at least not to me, and so I leave carrying only the sword I had begun my journey back to the Sands of Time's hourglass.

I would not forget her yet would she ever love me like she had in the time that is no longer?

I almost laugh at the thought only time will tell... it seem to change nothing for everyone else except the Vizier is dead, the Palace denizens remain human as does my father and the Sultan though most importantly as I said before that she is alive. The only person that it seems to change everything for is me though that seems a small price to pay for the sake of all those lives especially hers and for the assurance that the Vizier's plans for the Sands are never realized this time.

All the same the memories of the time is no longer linger as I depart into the thicket beneath the balcony. I must do more than simply retell my story because I must remember for the sake of all that I hold dear as well as it becoming the lasting scar for me. The one that won't heal and the one that carries consequences for me that I have yet to face aside from using the reversal to erase that time line from everything except myself.

I am the son of King Shahraman, the Prince of Persia yet I am not quite that anymore so I revisit the memories of what has led me to this moment.

A/N 1: Written after finishing Prince of Persia: Sands of Time and after reading Teukinin's The First Time. Teukinin's story quite literally nails the emotional/psychological/ and daresay spiritual intensity of what happens every time the Prince uses the time dagger to go back. Some of that carries over into my twist of the story line except for me I leaned more towards why he has in a way given her up to save her life and to defeat/kill the Vizier.

A/N 2: I also from time to time (no pun) got a crack out of the game over V.O. comments like no, no that didn't happen, which by itself is also kind of a pun or jab at the time reversals you can trigger in the game.

A/N 3: For once the romantic interest in the game doesn't die, I know there are plenty of games where the girl lives, but in my gaming experience its definitely rare yet her survival here is only brought on by you going way back further then you ever gone before to save her and to kill the Vizier before he can set this whole thing in motion by having you release the Sands in the first place.