This is my new story, called Beating the Odds. Its about how after Edward saved Bella from James but something happened and Edward started to abusing her. (( He never left in new moon.)) So Bella runs to Jacob for help so yes she knows he's a werewolf, but what happens when Sam imprint of Bella? Please Review. Oh and there will be grammar prombles, so please if you can over look them

"Oh my god, is that really the time?" I asked Jacob as I glanced over at the clock on the living room wall, 5:30. Jacob looked out and nodded then he understood why I looked so panicked.

"Oh no, Edward told me to have you home 30 minutes ago, shit." He jumped off the couch and grabbed the keys to his rabbit and pulled me along with him. "I'm so sorry, Bella." He knew I was going to be in trouble when we got back.

"It's okay, maybe Edward will take it easy on me this time." Jacob snorted angrily at my words, he knew as well as I did they was a lie.

"Only if Jasper there, but he said he going to be out hunting." Oh, shit I forgot Jasper and Emmett was going hunting with Alice. Edward was going to knock me into next week.

Jacob opened the door to the rabbit but shut it quietly, turning to me.

"Fuck it, your going for a ride on my back. Move back some Bella and turned your head." I turned my head, knowing he was un-dressing real fast to change into a wolf. Thank god, he haven't no neighbors. I didn't turn till I felt Jacob lick my hand. I turned to see his in wolf form and jumped on his back. He bark once, telling me to hold on tight and he raced into the forest. I knew this was fast then driving, but now I was going to really going to smell like him.

Seeming like no time at all, Jacob was running through the Cullen's yard. As he came to a stop, I jumped off his back and run inside to Edward. I wasn't even at the door yet, when Edward started in on me.

"Were in the hell have you been?" He screamed in my face. I stopped and was inchs from his face. "Answer me, bitch!"

"With Jacob, you knew that!" I was trying to sound brave, but it wasn't working, cause my voice was braking from the tears I was holding in.

"I told you to be here at five! It's now 5:37."

"I lost track off time, Edward. I'm sor—" Edward grabbed my shoulder and pushed me up against the wall of the house. His body was pressed against mine. He breathe unneeded air into my face making my skin crawl.

"I'm not taking sorries from a slut, you hear me." Just then Jacob stepped in shoving Edward off me.

"Fuck off, Edward." Jacob growled baring his teeth at him.

"Don't tell me what to do! Why was you late anyway? Was you sleeping with him Bella?" Edward turned and faced me and toss me against the house again. I flinched in pain of how hard Edward was pushing and shoving me.

"I told you to fuck off!" Jacob hissed, while shaking. I could tell he was about to snapped any second and I was so close to him too.

"We was just watching T.V." I yelled at Edward, but that was stupid cause he flashed around bring his hand across my face. I screamed in pain as his rock-hard hand knocked a tooth out. Shit now I was going to start bleeding.

"No," Jacob cried, he knew there was going to be blood and if Edward was like this before he smelled blood he could only go down hill from there.

Everything happened in a flash after that. I felt cold strong arms wrap around my waist and being tossed to the ground with someone on top of me. I heard someone scream Edward name and the weight on top of me just got heavier crashing me into the ground.

"Don't breathe," I heard Alice voice yell to who ever was crashing me. "She bleeding." Oh great, now all I could think about was that I was bleeding and vampire was all around me.

"Let him up, Jacob before he bites you." Jasper hissed. I could tell he was angry but I didn't know that if it was toward Jacob or Edward. My bet was toward Edward.

"Get the fuck away," Edward snapped at Jasper, I'm guessing cause I believe it to be Emmett was still protecting/Smashing into the ground.

"If you EVER, put another hand on Bella, I will kill you Edward!" Even from under Emmett, I could hear the venom in his words. "Emmett let her up, I'm taking her home." I heard Edward let out a hiss.

"Don't you mean to your house so you can fuck her?" I winced at the words. I knew he was trying to get inside our minds to mess with us.

"Yes, she going to my house, but no I'm not fucking her. And even if I did, its none of your business, you son of a bitch." Emmett then let me up, pulling more like it and I cried out in pain.

"I'm sorry, Bella" He hugged me for less then a second and passed me over to Jacob who was some how in wolf form. I climbed up onto his back and sat in the middle of his massage shoulders, grabbing onto his fur with both hands knowing it wasn't going to hurt him.

"It's to my business, She my girlfriend!" I turned to look at him, and winced in pain.

"No anymore, go to hell Edward" I breathed out before Jacob wiped me away from there.


"Are you sure, your okay Bella?" Jacob asked me for the hundred time since he brought me to his house.

"Yes, and are you sure Billy won't mind me living here?" I asked.

"Yes, you know Billy will let you." I nodded, knowing it was true. Billy had made a promise to Charlie before he died last year that he would look after me like I was his own child. "He'll now feel like he's making good on his promise to Charlie." Jacob said echoing my thoughts. I nodded at Jacob and placed my head on his chest since we was on the floor watching T.V. Jacob sighed tighing his hold he already had on my waisted.

"Thank you, by the way."

"For what?" He asked me.

"For helping me get away from Edward. Alice told me I need to get away before something like that happened but I was so sure he would stop hitting me and fall back in love with me. I knew after he saved me from James he wasn't the same and he didn't love me. I was only a pet to him after that." Under my head, I felt Jacob start to shake.

"I'm just glad, I got you out alive Bells." He muttered to me. And I nodded in agreement. After we was silence for a while, Jacob broke it.

"Do you want to come to the bonfire tomorrow night? You haven't been to one and Sam dying to meet you."


"He our leader, you might know his girlfriend Leah." Oh I knew Leah alright. Love her brother Seth. Hated her.

" Say you'll come?" He begged me with puppy, or should I say wolf eyes.

"I'll come, could be fun." He smiled at me as the front door up and Billy wheeled himself in. Seeing me with the mark of Edward hand on my face he stopped.

"Edward again?" He asked and I nodded. "Then please stay here," Billy said and I nodded again. He smiled at me then started talking to Jacob about wolf stuff so I when back to watching T.V. Tomorrow could be fun.