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Spoilers: Woman in the Sand

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Brennan emerged from their hotel bathroom in a white tank top and yoga pants, her face free of the heavy make-up she had donned as her 'Roxie' persona and her wet hair falling loosely around her face. Her brow furrowed when she saw Booth on the floor with a pillow and a thin blanket, his eyes closed. His breathing was still irregular so she knew he was awake. She stood over him. "What are you doing?" She asked.

"Sleeping." He replied in a clipped tone.

"Why are you on the floor?" She asked.

"Because Bones, I'd rather not deal with you complaining all day tomorrow that I made you sleep on the floor. Now go to bed." He said, his voice still dripping with irritation.

"What's the matter with you?" She asked.

"Nothing." He said.

"Clearly something is bothering you." She said sitting on the edge of the bed.

In one fluid movement Booth stood up and faced her, his angry expression faltering for a second as his eyes drank in her appearance. He shook his head slightly before speaking.

"You volunteered me to fight!" He said.

Brennan rolled her eyes. "This is what you're angry about? I didn't volunteer you to fight Booth I volunteered you to lose a fight."

"Whatever, both result in me getting hit!" He said.

Brennan sighed. "Fine. I apologize for volunteering you to lose a fight, which you will be able to do easily." She said pulling her wet hair up into a ponytail.

"That wasn't exactly the apology I was looking for there Bones." Booth said, his voice not sounding nearly as angry as he would have liked, he was distracted by the creamy expanse of her neck that suddenly came into view.

"You know Booth if you're afraid to fight you can always back out. Anthropologically those who favored cowardice and self preservation survived much longer than those who favored heroism." She said, fighting the corners of her mouth as they threatened to turn upwards.

"Did you just call me a coward in squint-speak?" He asked.

"Being a coward is not necessarily a bad thing, in many situations it's the rational course of action." She said.

"Bones, I am not afraid to fight okay? I'm just annoyed that the fact that I could get hurt didn't worry you at all!" He said, the words escaping his mouth before he could stop them.

This thought had never occurred to Brennan, after seeing him fight today in the Nolan's gym Brennan had been eager to see him fight in a real setting. There was something arousing and animalistic about the whole institution of fighting. But the last thing she wanted was for Booth to be hurt.

"I'm sorry, Booth. I didn't mean to imply that I didn't care about your well being. I do, it's just that the fact that someone could actually hurt you in a fight didn't occur to me." She said.

Booth grinned. "Really?" He asked.

"Yes." Brennan said.

"Thanks, Bones." He said.

"Wh- how is that a compliment?" She asked.

You just admitted that you think I'm such a kickass fighter no one could touch me, that's how. Booth thought, his grin widening. But if she didn't realize that's what she was thinking he wasn't going to point it out only to have her burst his bubble and deny it.

"It just is Bones." He said laying back down on the floor.

"So will you get up off the floor now?" She asked.

"What?" He asked turning over his pillow and laying his head on it.

"I assumed the reason that you decided to sleep on the floor is because you were angry with me, now that you're not anymore you no longer have to sleep on the floor." She said.

"Bones I'm fine down here, really. You just enjoy the bed okay? Get comfy." He said, silently adding that he definitely wouldn't be.

"Why don't you want to sleep with me Booth?" She asked, irritably.

Booth froze. She had to know how that sounded right? Who was he kidding, this was Bones. Now he had to figure out a way to answer her that didn't reveal the fact that ever since she had come out of the bathroom in that black dress all he could think about is wanting to sleep with her. It didn't help that she was completely clueless about the effect she had over him.

"Hey, I'm trying to do the right thing here and be a gentleman and let you have the bed. Why do you always have to be so difficult?" He asked, half-telling the truth and half-lying. He was proud that his voice conveyed annoyance. That was what he was aiming for it was a good deflection from his true emotions that currently only consisted of desperation and desire.

"I'm being difficult? You're the one who is stubbornly refusing to get up off the floor." She said.

Booth sighed and stood up. He could control himself for one night, couldn't he? He wouldn't get any sleep that's for sure but at least she would. That would make his day marginally better tomorrow, there is nothing worse than dealing with a sleep-deprived Bones.

"Okay, Bones you win. I'll sleep with you." He said, wincing at his unfortunate phrasing. Luckily, for him she laughed. "I didn't mean that the way it sounded." He said running a hand through his hair.

"Yeah, right." She muttered under her breath, and pulled the comforter off the top of the bed and climbed under the sheets.

Booth hesitated by the bed for a second before deciding 'screw it' and climbed in next to her.


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