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It was an unusually sweltering hot day. The blaring sun dominated the cloudless sky. Hermione Granger looked up at it through the sunglasses that she decided to wear to King's Cross Station, where she would be boarding the Hogwarts Express in a short while.

Once she reached Platform 9 ¾, she looked around cautiously. No one that she knew was around, and she was thankful for it. Quickly, she took the sunglasses off, opened her trunk, and shoved it inside. She quickly re-did the first three buttons of her school uniform, but opened the first one almost immediately. It was way too hot. She was also planning to unroll her sleeves but she decided against it. She looked around again, and when she was sure that no one was looking, she clutched her trolley, pushed it forward, and broke into a run.

* * *

He looked over at her, shaking his head. She didn't think that anyone had seen her. But then, he had.

He noticed that she was alone this year. For the past few years, she had come with the Weasleys, and for the first two, she'd been with her parents.

He also noticed that she'd gotten even hotter over the summer. Her wild brown locks had been pulled up into a messy bun, probably because of the heat. He'd seen her state before she thought of fixing herself. She had some of her shirt buttons open, and her skirt had probably been unknowingly hitched up; it was shorter than usual. This allowed him to check out her slim, slightly tanned legs. They looked even longer and more toned than usual. He wondered what she'd been doing. She had also been wearing some sexy oversized sunglasses. When she took those off, she looked even sexier. Her hazel eyes had always been sexy and beautiful at the same time.

He realized what he just thought. He wanted to shove himself for knowing all those bits of information.

He shook the thoughts off and was brought back to earth. She had started to run. He couldn't help staring, and he appreciated the way her bum bounced. He watched it until it disappeared.

Sighing, he pushed his own cart forward. He was alone, too. His father was in Azkaban and his mother had been feeling "under the weather". Normally, she would never let him go alone, but this time she was content to fuss over him and kiss him away at the privacy of their home, where no one would be whispering or glaring.

He made his way to the barrier calmly, unlike the girl who had just passed through.

* * *

Hermione looked around, looking for any sign of her friends. As she did so, she noticed that several people were looking at her. She had taken off her sunglasses, hadn't she? She wondered if it was the buttons. Dean Thomas passed by, and she waved at him. He waved at her, or rather, at her legs. She glanced down and realized that her skirt was shorter than usual. She hastened to pull it down before her Harry and Ron---


Too late.

Shocked, Hermione forgot all about her skirt and looked around for Ron's voice. She saw him running towards her, with Harry in tow. Ginny was following close behind. Hermione noticed that Ron got even taller over the summer. He was probably a six-footer now. Ginny, however, was still her short self. All three of them had their sleeves rolled up because of the heat. All three of them had muscled arms (Ginny's were less muscled, of course), probably acquired from playing Quidditch in the Burrow's backyard. Hermione knew that Harry had been at the Burrow ever since he turned seventeen.

"Hey you guys!" Hermione said. Ron gave her a small hug, but he quickly pulled back, grinning awkwardly. His eyes wandered off to her legs, staring for a moment. He grasped what he'd done and quickly looked at his feet. Harry's eyes did the same. He quickly looked away, though. After a while, Ginny elbowed them aside and hugged Hermione properly.

"How was Italy?" Harry asked, his face containing a faint trace of pink. He subtly gave Ron's back a slap.

"It was great, actually," she said, smiling.

"Were there any hot guys?" Ginny said with a laugh.

Hermione smiled. "Maybe." Ron looked up.

Ginny tutted. "Tsk, tsk, Hermione. We would've loved to have you in the Burrow, but it turns out you were busy hooking up with hot Italian guys. Too bad Ron---"

"Er, so, 'Mione, do you know who's Head Boy yet?" Ron interrupted. His ears were red.

"Um, no," Hermione said. She was a bit red herself. She glanced at Ron. She had to admit that she knew he wouldn't be made Head Boy. She glanced hopefully at Harry.

"Nope, sorry," Harry said with a smile. "Just Quidditch Captain again. "

"You'll know soon enough," said Ginny. "In the meantime, help us find a compartment."

* * *

He watched her and her friends as they heaved their trunks into the trunk compartment. He had heard their conversation. A lot of things were obvious. Her tan was obviously acquired in Italy. Weasley obviously had a thing for her. His sister was obviously close with her, but she was a liiittle bit jealous about Potter's quick (but obvious) little check-out.

Actually, he was jealous, too. He knew the thing about Weasley, but Potter? He was her best friend; why'd he have to look at her like that? Heck, why did every single guy in Platform 9 and 3 ¼ have to look at her like that? And when asked about the existence of attractive Italian boys, she had said, "Maybe". What did that mean? Did she have a fling back there?

He calmed himself down. He wasn't supposed to be thinking these thoughts, anyway. After all, he would be spending quite a lot of time with her.

He saw them step into the train. After some time, he made his way inside. He entered the compartment marked "Heads'".

* * *

"Hey, guys, um," Hermione muttered, "I have to go to the Heads' Compartment now." They had reached a free compartment where Harry and Ginny could stay.

"I'll walk with you," Ron said. He had to go to the Prefects' Compartment. They left Harry and Ginny alone. "Oy, don't snog too much!" Ron managed to tease before they were completely out of ear-shot. Hermione laughed.

They walked towards the head of the train together. By now, Hermione had hitched her skirt down. Fewer people were staring, thank God. They reached the Prefects' Compartment. "Good luck, Hermione," he said, patting her back.

"Thanks," Hermione said, managing to give him a small smile. She wondered why his pat on her back had failed to send small butterflies into her stomach as she walked further along. Finally, she reached the Heads' Compartment.

Taking a deep breath, she touched the compartment door and put a big smile on her face.

* * *

The compartment door slid open, and Hermione Granger stood there, smiling stupidly.

He thought he she looked stupid and cute at the same time. He smirked.

She saw who was standing in front of her. The smile was immediately wiped off her face.


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