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It was a warm, breezy summer day. Outside, birds were chirping cheerfully, and bees were buzzing from flower to flower. The sun was up in the sky, but there were a few clouds scattered here and there, and the day was temperate instead of scorching.

Hermione Granger gazed at the stone floor below her. A warm breeze passed by through the big open windows, making her long white robes flap at her feet. Her usually wild, curly hair, which was tamed and smoothened at the moment, moved in the direction of the wind. She reached up to pat it and put it back in place.

She gazed forward and saw that the line in front of her had thinned. She could now see the aisle, and she could see all the people seated at the sides of it.

Then it was her turn. Slowly, she stepped forward and began to walk. She walked in time to the tune playing at the big pipe organ placed near the front.

She could feel her throat tighten, and she could feel her eyes brimming with tears.

All the years have gone by so quickly, she thought. And now we're here. It made her quite sad. She felt a tear drip onto her cheeks. She wiped it and smiled.

A certain Slytherin smiled, too, as he gazed at her.

* * *

He watched her walk slowly towards the front. She looked so beautiful in white. Her hair looked civilized today; Weaselette had done a good job fixing it. It was set in pretty brown waves, framing her face. The necklace he gave her a long time ago gleamed on her neck. She looked radiant in the summer light.

The best thing about it was that she was his. He, Draco Malfoy, felt like the luckiest guy in the world.

He couldn't wait for later, when he would be able to kiss her. He grinned at the thought.

"Mate," he heard Blaise Zabini say. "Stop grinning like a loon. You're almost up."

He sighed. Blaise was right. He turned his loony grin into a normal one and stood there, ready and waiting.

* * *

Hermione reached the front and smiled at the people facing her.

They smiled back.

She turned left and looked for her seat. She was to sit in between Tracey Davis and Daphne Greengrass.

She settled into her seat, smiling at Tracey, who was already seated, and Daphne, who had appeared behind her. They gave her taut smiles. That will do, she thought serenely.

She looked at the aisle again, and there was Draco, strutting in his long white robes. His hair was glossy and smartly in place. She smiled to herself; she had seen him spraying his hair again and again with mounds of Fairy's Breath Extra-Hold Hairspray (with Added Shine). Draco spotted her looking at him. He winked at her.

Hermione watched him as he strutted to his seat beside Ernie MacMillan. Theo Nott joined him afterwards.

She spotted Harry next. Unlike Draco, he hadn't made an effort to spruce up (He doesn't need to, Hermione thought fondly). His hair was as messy-looking as ever, and his glasses were bound with Spellotape; Ginny had broken them in one of their broom cupboard trysts sans Blaise, and Harry was too lazy to fix them. She saw him wave to Ginny, who was in the sidelines.

After Harry, she saw Ron. His robes barely reached the middle of his calves; he had inherited them from Bill. The embarrassing sight made his ears pink. But no one seemed to mind, not even his Slytherin fan girls.

Hermione couldn't help shaking her head at the thought. Slytherin fan girls. Ron had taken dating Slytherin girls into his liking; so far, he'd broken the hearts of Pansy Parkinson, Daphne Greengrass, and Tracey Davis. Hermione looked nervously at Millicent, who was a few seats away from her. Surely, Ron wouldn't go past Pansy…

Her thoughts were broken by the sight of Blaise. He was the last one to march down the aisle. His hair was tousled, his face and neck were pink, and his lips looked swollen. Hermione glanced at Ginny. She realized that Ginny looked similarly disheveled.

"Welcome everyone!" said a voice from the stage. "I now open the Commencement Exercises of the Hogwarts Class of 1998."

The whole Great Hall clapped at the Headmaster.

* * *

Draco yawned. Students were being called one by one into the stage to get their diplomas.

"Theo, how many more till they call us?" he mumbled at his seatmate.

"Draco… you aren't going to be called anytime soon. We're getting called by our class rank, remember?" Theo looked glumly at the stage. "In case you haven't noticed, Goyle's just been called."

"Whatever," Draco said. He sank back into his chair and pulled his toga hat over his eyes so he could sleep.

"Trying to get some beauty sleep for your big night?" Theo whispered.

"Shut up, Nott," hissed Draco. He didn't need to be reminded of the coming night's events.

* * *

Hermione sat still on her chair. She hadn't been called to the stage yet. Ron and most of the Gryffindors had already been called. There were only a few people left uncalled now.

"Potter, Harry," said Professor Dumbledore from the stage. "Two-time Gryffindor Quidditch Captain, led his team to win two Quidditch Cups; as Seeker, gained the most points for Gryffindor for a seven-time House Cup victory; Recipient of the Special Award for Services to the School with Mr. Ronald Weasley in 1993; Winner of the 1994 Triwizard Tournament; Fought in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries in 1996; Dux Ludorum; Seventh in class." He smiled at Harry, who had turned pink.

"The Boy who Lived!" piped someone from the sidelines.

"The Chosen One!" cried someone from the back rows.

Harry's face was nearly as red as Ron's hair as he took his diploma from Dumbledore. He trudged back to his seat as Padma was called next.

"Zabini, Blaise," Professor Dumbledore carried on after giving Padma her certificate. "Chaser for the Slytherin Quidditch team; Fifth in class." Blaise got up and strutted to the stage. He took his diploma, scanned the crowd for Ginny, and then winked at her. He walked back to his seat while Theo was called to the stage.

"MacMillan, Ernie," continued Professor Dumbledore after Theo went down. "Ravenclaw House; Third in class."

Hermione's eyes widened. She looked at Draco.

Draco raised an eyebrow at her.

They were head to head for the top spot.

"Malfoy, Draco," came Professor Dumbledore's voice, startling Hermione. "Head Boy, Prefect for Slytherin House; Slytherin Quidditch Captain; as Seeker, gained the most points for Slyhterin House; Proxime Accessit."

Draco grinned at Hermione before getting up and swaggering to the stage. He took his diploma smoothly from Dumbledore's hands and blew her a kiss.

Hermione turned red. She felt giddy because of his little display of affection, and relieved because he didn't seem to mind that he was second best next to her and second best next to Harry in Quidditch. Lastly, she felt extremely happy as her name got called.

"Last, but definitely not the least," said Professor Dumbledore. "Granger, Hermione. Head Girl; Prefect for Gryffindor House; Fought in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries in 1996; Dux Litterarum."

Everyone clapped as Hermione walked shakily to the stage.

When she went back down, the seventh-years roared and tossed their hats into the air. The sight of dozens of white hats looked pretty against the blue summer sky of the Great Hall ceiling. Hermione looked up at it before taking her cap off and flinging it above her.

* * *

It was a lovely summer night. Stars were twinkling dreamily in the sky, but they weren't the lights people looked at. All around the vast garden was an array of vividly bright fairy lights and blindingly bright magical spotlights. An altar made purely of silver was set at the end of the garden, and more than a hundred seats were placed in the two sides of the long, red-carpeted aisle.

People dressed stylishly in black began to take their seats, and a loud buzz of excitement filled the air.

Hermione smoothed down her black Chanel dress. It was a high-necked dress with a big skirt that was made up of black feathers. It barely reached her knees, and Draco had frowned at her, even as she tried to explain that it wasn't her who chose it.

Hermione looked around, and the woman behind smiled at her. She was another one of the most beautiful women that Hermione had ever seen. She was tall, slim, and elegant. Her hair was a long, silky brown that reached her waist and gleamed in the thousand lights. Her eyes were a warm brown. Her lips were pink and curved, and her nose was long and perfect. The dress she was wearing was just like Hermione's, except that her feathery skirt fell to the floor.

"Draco's so lucky to have you, dear," the woman said to her.

Hermione blushed and stammered her thanks. She turned to the front to save face. She saw Harry, Ginny and Blaise sitting in front. She waved at them, and they waved back at her. They were all wearing black Muggle designer clothes, like everyone else in the garden.

She glanced at the altar and she saw Draco. He was pouting, looking like a little boy again--- a really, really hot little boy. His hair was slightly gelled back (with Gellert Grindelwald's Gorgeous Guy Gel), but several locks had escaped, making him look like he had strategically styled bangs. He was wearing a smooth, jet black Armani tuxedo. He caught Hermione staring at him, and he pouted at her.

* * *

Draco growled when he saw the man beside him. He was wearing a hairy black tuxedo jacket, a small black bowtie, skin-tight leather pants, studded platform boots, and no shirt. His purple hair was as tousled and shiny as ever.

"Like what you see?" Heath Barbary asked him in his husky rock-star voice.

Draco inched away. "Dream on, Professor."

"Draco, you've just graduated hours ago," Barbary said. "As I've said a million times, I suggest you call me Heath or better yet, Da---"

Draco turned away so that he wouldn't be able to finish. Never, ever, ever in a million years will he call the git Dad.

He growled to himself as he thought about the six months that had passed since his mother had met Heathcote Barbary. They had gone on his stupid Christmas party together, set out to explore the Himalayas, spent Valentine's Day in Paris (where Barbary had proposed while standing on tip of the Eiffel Tower), gone on a holiday in Hawaii, and announced their engagement to the public in a Weird Sisters concert over the Easter break. After that, his mother would visit Hogwarts often and pop into DADA classes for "demonstrations" (Stupid demonstrations of love, Draco thought, as he had witnessed them snogging after class more than three times).

The wedding planning was even worse. His mother would take him to excruciating shopping trips. He often had to see Barbary after class; his mother would ask Barbary a million questions about cake flavors and napkin arrangements, and Bloody Barbary couldn't be bloody bothered to think about it. Then they had the nerve to ask him to be their ring bearer; Barbary already had seven best men, and Narcissa thought her "lovely boy" would look so cute in a little boy's outfit. Draco had threatened to run away and not attend the wedding, so he became the eight best man instead. As if that were any better, Draco thought bitterly.

Bitter thoughts flew from his mind when he saw Hermione walking down the aisle, carrying a small bouquet of black roses. The march had already started while he was reminiscing.

Hermione looked gorgeous in black. She gave him a pretty smile, and he could feel his insides melting like butter. He felt like he was the groom, and not Bloody Barbary.

Next came his Aunt Andromeda. She looked so happy to be at her sister's wedding. A year ago, they had not even been on glancing terms. Now, they were the best of friends. Draco was glad; he liked the woman, and he secretly liked her grandson, little Teddy Lupin (he'd met them on his first official Order meeting). Little Teddy was the ring bearer, and his mother, who everyone called Tonks, was the flower girl. Draco marveled at how a grown lady with a son could agree to be a flower girl. He shook his head at his mother's charms.

Then, the seven best men began to play the wedding march.

His mother stepped into the red carpet, wearing her long, white and puffy Vera Wang wedding gown. She was the only person who wasn't wearing black, and she was a sight to behold. Her skin was almost as white as the lilies she was holding and bright as the fairy lights perched on the crown of her head. Her long blonde hair was up, and her ears and her neck were decked with diamonds. Her face, free from make-up except for her red-lacquered lips, looked so beautiful that Draco forgave her for torturing him and marrying his crazy teacher.

He felt like crying when his mother reached the altar and took Barbary's hand. It had nothing to do with happiness, of course. But then he saw how happy his mother was.

She looked at him. He gulped.

Then he gave her a small smile. As long as she was happy, then he would try to be happy, too.

But I'm drawing the line at fishing trips with Barbary, was Draco's afterthought.

* * *

"And now, you may kiss the bride."

The crowd clapped and cheered as the bride and groom kissed.

"This is definitely the wedding of the year," a socialite from behind murmured.

"Yes, it beats that awful high-flying Ministry official's wedding anytime," whispered another.

Hermione and Ginny looked at each other and bit back laughs.

"It's reception time," Blaise said. "Open bar… 'Scuse me, ladies, I have better things to do than stare at my professor and my best friend's mum making out…Hey Pothead, wanna come with?"

"Sure thing, Zucchini," Harry muttered. They both walked away.

Hermione snorted with laughter. "Oh my God they have pet names."

"Oh you don't want to know," Ginny muttered.

"Probably not," Hermione agreed. "Come on, let's go to our table and eat."

"I'll catch up with you later," Ginny said. She gave Hermione a Look before stepping out.

Draco loomed into view. He gave her a small hug. "Hey gorgeous," he whispered into her ear.

"Hey gorgeous yourself," Hermione murmured.

Draco was about to kiss her when he felt someone tugging at his back.

It was Barbary. Draco gritted his teeth. "What the hell do you want?"

"Aren't you going to congratulate me?" Barbary replied, holding out his arms for a hug.

Draco inched away. "I'd rather eat dragon du--- Mother! Congratulations, Mother!"

Narcissa wrapped her arms around her son and kissed him on both cheeks. She didn't seem to have heard Draco's greetings to her new husband. Draco sighed in relief.

"Congratulations, Mi--- um… Narcissa," Hermione spluttered. She couldn't get used to saying it out loud.

"Very good, dear," Narcissa chimed, kissing Hermione on the cheek. "I'll just go greet some guests, excuse me." She glided off to the socialites from earlier.

"Congratulations, Professor," Hermione said to Barbary.

"Thanks," he said, moving closer to her and giving her a hug. Draco gritted his teeth again. "But you should call me Heath now." He looked at Draco. "Or better yet, Daddy." He pulled away from Hermione, excused himself, and followed his wife. Draco glared after him.

"Cool down, hothead," Hermione said, touching his forehead. Draco looked at her and found himself beginning to smile. He reached in…

"Drake! 'Mione!"

Draco growled.

Tonks was standing behind them with Teddy in tow. "Right, whoa, sorry to interrupt, but can you hold Teddy for me? I can't find Remus anywhere… I need to take a wee really badly…" She placed Teddy in Draco's arms and Draco glanced down, horrified. He had never held a child before. "Right, thanks, see you later." She ran off towards the loos.

Draco blinked down at Teddy.

Teddy blinked up at him. Then, his little pink lips curved into a smile, showing his tiny baby teeth.

Draco had to admit that the kid was adorable. His hair, which changed every few months, was wavy and white (Narcissa just had to color coordinate). He and Draco could've been brothers. His eyes were big and violet. He had chubby cheeks that Draco wanted to pinch (he couldn't; he was afraid of dropping the baby). Narcissa had dressed him in a little black Baby Gap suit, with a black-and-white polka dot bowtie.

All of a sudden, Teddy started to cry.

Draco gave a startled cry. "No, no, no," Draco stammered. "No, baby… no, no, no. No, don't cry!"

He didn't know what to do. He settled for lifting Teddy and hugging him to his chest. Teddy was still crying, so he stepped from side to side, having seen some mothers do it before. "Don't cry," he cooed. "Don't cry little Teddy Bear."

Teddy stopped crying.

Draco sighed in relief. Then he looked up.

Hermione, who hadn't spoken a word the whole time, was looking at him with a mixture of adoration, awe, and amusement.

"What?" he muttered.

"Who knew Draco Malfoy was good with babies?" she breathed out. "Teddy Bear…" Then she burst out laughing.

Draco frowned and turned away. "Let's leave the crazy girl by herself," he said to Teddy. "Let's go join Uncle Potter and Uncle Blaise in the open bar." He walked away.

"Don't you dare!" Hermione said, catching up with him.

"I was kidding, Hermione," he said, laughing. She swatted his arm.

He grinned at her and pulled her closer. She, Draco and Teddy looked like a little family, with the two of them as parents and Teddy as the baby.

Hermione closed her eyes and smiled. Draco tilted his head towards hers and closed his eyes.

Teddy started crying again.

Draco sighed.

* * *

Hermione sat at the bar, running her fingers through her empty glass. She had just finished her sparkling water.

Draco had disappeared a few minutes ago with a wailing Teddy in his arms, anxiously searching the crowd for the baby's mother.

"Have some of this Champ Pain," Blaise mumbled, sliding a glass of champagne toward her. "It's bubbly and ooh…"

"Isss Champlain," slurred Harry. "Campaign… Champagne."

Hermione sighed and stood up.

"Missed me?" a voice behind her said.

Hermione smiled and turned to face Draco. "Finally."

She reached up to kiss him.

Suddenly, Harry started barfing in front of them. They inched away just in time.

"Oops," Harry murmured.

Hermione tutted. "Evanesco!" she said, pointing her wand at the mess on the floor. It disappeared instantly. Harry thanked her feebly.

"That does it," Draco snapped. He strode away, pulling Hermione by the hand.

"Where are we go---"

She didn't even get to finish her sentence. Immediately, she felt herself getting sucked into an extremely tight tube.

* * *

Draco gazed at the sky above them. The moon was nowhere in sight, but it wasn't dark at all. The town below the cliff had so much light that Draco could see the details of Hermione's face clearly.

"Open your eyes," Draco said. "It's been about a minute."

"We're in Greece again, aren't we?" Hermione said with her eyes still closed.

"Merlin. We've been here three times," Draco drawled. They popped to Greece each Hogsmeade weekend, including the last one, which was also his birthday. They had spent the day eating his remaining stash of Honeydukes sweets, opening his presents (Hermione had given him a gold comb with red rubies on it, and a matching brush), and snogging. "The last time was, oh, I dunno, last week? And you still aren't used to it. Good grief."

Hermione laughed and opened her eyes.

They sat down at the edge of the cliff and stared at the black water below them.

"I have a feeling we should be kissing under the stars or something," Hermione said in a soft voice, "But I don't want to. That's what everyone else does…"

"As if," Draco drawled. "You would pass up a chance to snog me? I think not."

Hermione rolled her eyes. "No, I want to snog somewhere else. And," she looked at her dress and tugged at it, "without this."

Draco nodded, smirking. "I catch your drift, Granger." He took his jacket off.

"Oh, I don't think you do," Hermione said. She pulled the dress over her head, and then proceeded to take off her underwear and her shoes.

"Nice," Draco said, grinning. He walked over to her. He was going to grab her but she moved away from his grasp and out of his sight.

She had jumped off the cliff.

Draco froze. He had seen this scene before…


"Skinny dipping!" Hermione screamed from below. "I can't believe this! Come and jump!"

Draco sighed sharply and slapped his forehead with his hand. "It'll ruin my hair!"

"WHIMP!" Hermione yelled from below.

Draco frowned and started taking his shirt and trousers off. The things he did for Granger…

Stripped of all clothing, he stood on the edge and dived down.

He could feel the air sucking him down. He went through the water with a loud splash. It was colder and deeper than he'd thought.

* * *

Hermione looked around. There was no sign of Draco.

"Draco!" she yelled. She began to feel scared. She had left her wand at the cliff, so she couldn't make light to search for him. She swam around anxiously.

She felt something move below her. It was Draco. She swam down and pulled him out.

"Draco! Can you hear me?" she said frantically. He wasn't moving. His eyes were closed, and he didn't look like he was breathing.

She hugged Draco tightly and concentrated on the cliff.

Within seconds, they were there. Hermione laid Draco on top of his discarded clothes.

She was starting to panic. She tried to remember how to do CPR. She let out a frustrated cry and started thumping his chest. He wasn't moving, so she opened his mouth and bent down, pressing her mouth over it.

Draco's lips twitched. Hermione immediately felt relieved. She looked at him.

His eyes were open and he was smirking. "I've been waiting for that all day."

"AAAAAARGH!" Hermione screamed furiously.

Draco laughed. He got up, his laughs getting louder and louder. "Why… couldn't… you have used… magic?" he struggled, clutching his sides. "Not that… I didn't… like it…"

"I was panicking, okay?" Hermione yelled. "How could you do that to me?"

Draco stopped laughing, but he was still grinning. "I was just swimming around below the water, wondering if I could see without any light. Huh. Turns out I couldn't…" Then he looked at Hermione. "Now I can," he said, smirking.

Hermione snatched his jacket from the floor and covered herself. She glared at him.

"Oh come on," Draco drawled. "You didn't think I would drown, did you?" He rolled his eyes. "Let's face it… you just wanted to have an excuse to snog me."

Hermione continued to glare, but she could feel the corners of her lips twitching. His arrogance was cute and amusing.

Draco sighed. "FINE. I'm… sorry," he said slowly.

Hermione laughed. "Okay," she said, sitting beside him. "I was really scared, you know."

Draco smirked. "I know."

Hermione rolled her eyes.

* * *

"Where have you been? I've been looking for you for almost an hour," Ginny said to Hermione. "Your hair looks horrible."

"Oh, yeah," Hermione said, patting her head. Her hair was frizzy and damp.

Ginny pointed her wand at Hermione's hair. The frizz disappeared, replaced by soft, shiny waves. "I don't know what I would do without you," Hermione said.

"I know," Ginny said, nodding gravely. "Excuse me; I have to help the Booze Brothers find their way to the loos…" She walked off.

Soft music started to play. Hermione glanced at the dance floor. The bride and groom were about to have their first dance. She looked for Draco and found him standing by a pillar.

* * *

Draco looked at his mother. Her face was glowing with joy. He hadn't seen her look that happy in a long time.

Barbary took his mother in his arms and danced in the middle of the floor with her. His eyes were glued to her, and his arms were wrapped tightly around her.

"You're still jealous?" Hermione whispered.

"I'm not jealous," Draco muttered. Then he sighed. "As long as she's happy, then… I'll try to be happy, too."

"Good boy," Hermione said. "Let's drink to that." She wanted to dance, but she figured he wouldn't want to.

"Since when have you been an alcoholic?" Draco said as they walked to the bar. They sat as far as possible from Harry and Blaise, who were now taking shots of firewhiskey mixed with tequila.

"Just for tonight," Hermione said. "Two glasses of champagne, please!"

They sipped at their drinks, watching the dancers on the floor. Everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves.

"Look, Teddy's dancing with his Mummy and Daddy," Hermione said, pointing at the Lupin family. "So cute…" She sipped some champagne.

"Hey Hermione Granger, move in with me?"

Champagne came sputtering out of Hermione's mouth.

"You can say no," Draco said, wiping his cheek. "You don't have to spit your drink all over my face…"

"S-sorry," Hermione stuttered. "D-did I hear you correctly?"

"Yes, I told you that I'm gay and I have a life-long crush on Potter," Draco muttered, turning away.

"You really have a way with invites," Hermione muttered.

Draco didn't turn around.

Hermione wanted to say that they were too young, and her parents would freak. She thought for a while. "But you don't have a house," Hermione said instead. "No one lives at the Manor, remember…? Your mother's moving in with Professor Heath in his mansion…"

"I have money," Draco said. "We could go looking for a place."

Hermione glanced at Draco. She thought of what her parents would say. "Draco… We're too young," she finally blurted out.

Draco frowned. "We're of age. Even in the Muggle world."

She sighed.

"Stop making excuses," Draco mumbled. "You can say no if you don't want to." He looked dejected.

Hermione decided that she'd be willing to take in whatever her parents had to say. She laughed. "I've been living with you for the past ten months," she said. "What do you think?"

"That's a no, then," Draco mumbled, pouting.

"Don't play dumb," Hermione said, laughing. "Yes, Mr. Malfoy, I'll 'move in' with you." She turned his face in her direction. "Just… we'll need a place with a spare room for your hair products…"

Draco raised an eyebrow at her. "We'll need extra space for your hair…"

Hermione touched her hair and shook her head disbelievingly.

He grinned and looked into her eyes. "I love you, Frizzball."

"Love you, too, Barbie," Hermione whispered.

"Who the bloody hell is Barby?" Draco asked, ruining their sweet, cheesy little moment. "Or did you say Barbary? Barbary? What're you---"

Hermione shut him up by kissing him on the lips.

* * *

The End :( :| :)

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You know, I wanted the first scenes to look like a wedding. LOL.

Those Latin words Dumbledore says about Hermione, Draco and Harry.. they're just fancy schmancy words for Dux/Valedictorian, Second Best and Best in Sports. LOL. I had to do some research. Haha.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING. This fic is my first, and I LOVED writing it. Sadly, I have to stop. If I continue writing, I'm going to lose my study time. I BADLY NEED IT. So... goodybe for now :)