I walked into the Cullen's living room on tiptoe, being ever-so-quiet not to disturb the gigantic vampire on the coach, I really didn't want to talk to him. My weekend was already bad. Edward was gone, and my period started. Great. But no such luck, his head flashed to mine so fast it was blurred.

"Bella! I'm so bored! Play with me!" I imagined him as a big dog, holding the stick he wanted me to throw for him.

"Emmett, Emmett!" His bouncing shaking the floor, the windows vibrating, "I'm just here to pick up something from Edward I forgot yesterday." Emmett's eyes fell to the floor, fake-sniffling his nose. Yesterday I was her hanging out with Edward and Alice. I forgot my book bag, and Edward and the rest of the family; except Emmett, had gone hunting. They had left too early that Edward couldn't drop it off this morning.

"I just wan-wanted to play, Bella."

"Emmett, I don't have time, I have to get to work." I groaned, turning for the door, forget the backpack.

"I have an idea! Call in sick Bella, please, I'm so bored! I broke the game controller, so I have nothing to do! Please, please, please, please!" It was true, a destroyed game controller laid on the ground, smashed.

"Fine, but you do it for me." Handing him the cordless phone off the hook.

"Woo! I get to call Mike!"

"Don't be mean."

"That's a laugh Bella! Be-nice-to-Mike?!?!?!" He had fallen onto the floor, rolling with laughter.

"Just do what's necessary." Looking away from the monstrosity about to happen.

Emmett dialed the number, putting it on speaker so I could hear.




"Hello, Newton Outfitter's, how may I help you." Mike's nasally voice said

"Mike, this is Edward Cullen, Bella's not coming in today. We're going to be tied up today, if you know what I mean." Putting on a perfect impression of Edward, and adding a sultry tone.

"Emmett!" I hissed, hitting him in the chest.

"He'll hear you!" Emmett whispered, but I guess he didn't know the meaning of that, because Mike spoke up:

"Cullen! Stop prank calling me, and tell Bella if she doesn't come in today, she's fired." He yelled, a little too loud, because his mother came in from the background:

"Michael Eugene Newton, stop yelling at customers!"

Our eyes widened, Eugene?

"Well got to go, Eugene." Emmett chuckled, before slamming the phone down a little too hard, because the holder broke in two.

"Remind me to buy Esme a new one."

"Emmett! Did you forget what just happened? I'm going to get fired you idiot! What are we going to do?!" Rubbing my temples, I slumped into the sofa.

"Bella, what's my name?"

"Emmett-" I groaned before he cut me off

"Bella, what is my name?"

"It's Emmett."

"What's that?" Cupping his ear, of course he didn't need it.

"It's Emmett! Dear God, are you so stupid you don't know your own name?" I yelled, getting in his face. His face formed into a grimace.

"I know my own name Bella, I was just trying to make you feel better." He whimpered

"I'm sorry Emmett, I just want to ring Newton's neck so bad! Do you have any ideas?"

"Bella, never doubt my evilness." He grinned, a scary; frightening grin, forcing me to think I wasn't studying today…

I waited on the stairs, Emmett was upstairs gathering things for this prank. A few booms and slams later he was at my side.

"Ready to go?" Slipping the backpack onto my back, the weight hitting me like a sack of bricks.

"What the hell?!?!? What did you put in here?" I dropped it, a echo was heard around the house from the weight of it.

"A video camera, some tools, that's all I think." Shrugging his shoulders, "I guess your just weak."

"Sorry I'm not a super strong vampire." I sarcastically said, punching his stomach; which was rock hard. "Shit! That hurt!" Rubbing my swollen hand, a light purple bruise was making it's first appearance.

"What! I didn't make you punch me!"

"You taunted me!"

"Did not!" I screamed"Did too!" Emmett boomed

"Did not!""Did too!" By this time, I was so annoyed I threw a book at his face, my mistake. It ricocheted off the morons forehead and hit me square in the face. That's when I blacked out.


Crap! Bella, blacked out! Crap, crap, crap! I don't remember how to revive a person after they black out!

"Bella, Bella, Bella! Wake up, please! Edward's going to snap my head off!" Shaking her small body vigorously. Her eyelids fluttered opened.

"Why do I have a throbbing pain on my forehead?" She asked, feeling around on her head, before feeling the large knot forming. "Ouch!" Touching it again, "Ouch!"

"Why are you touching it if your hurt, jeez, you humans have to know everything."

"Shut up! Just get me off the floor please." She giggled, at least I was on her happy side now.

"Ready to see Mike cry, Bella?" I grinned, grabbing the backpack, so she wouldn't freak out having to carry it.

"Damn right I am!" Oh this will be fun…

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