Author's Note: This is an offshoot of Universe A of Falling in Love with a Girl. You don't need to read any of that to read these. I just decided to break out these two Reid'centric chapters from my H/P story Life & Such and make them their own separate story. I thought more people might end up reading them as Reid pieces. So again, if you've read Life & Such, these two chapters will sound very familiar because you probably already read them :)

And I picked the story title so that I can continue to add to it if more Reid ideas come to me.

Prompt Set #1

Show: Sabrina, The Teenage Witch

Title Challenge: The Pom Pom Incident

The Highlander

"Reid, what the hell are you wearing?"

Hearing Morgan's obvious disdain for his outfit, Spencer looked over at him indignantly.

"I cleared it with Hotch."

Dumbfounded, Derek dropped his bag on his desk and walked over to Reid's area.

"I didn't ask if you cleared it with Hotch," he said as he motioned for him to stand up, "I asked what the HELL you were wearing?"

Huffing in annoyance, Spencer rose to his feet.

"It's William Wallace Day, and because I'm just doing paperwork, AND, I brought a change of clothes if we have to go anywhere, Hotch told me that it was all right if I wore the traditional Scottish garb."

Derek just stared at him. "And the pom poms?"

Spencer frowned as he reached down to finger them, "what about them? They're part of the kilt."

Throwing his hands up in the air, Morgan blew out a huff of air, "okay man, your funeral."

Sometimes, he had no idea what planet that kid was born on.

Reid scowled indignantly as he put his hands on his hips. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"It MEANS," Derek said as he crossed back over to his desk and sat down, "you're walking around the freaking FBI in a freaking skirt. You're asking to get your ass kicked."

Then Derek snorted as he started up his computer, "you should go down to the gym and see if anyone wants to spar."

Then the horrifying thought came to him that he didn't know what Reid was wearing under the kilt.

His head snapped back as he shook his head violently.

"On second thought don't, don't do that."

Reid rolled his eyes, but before he could respond verbally, he froze.

"Oh baby nice legs!"

He spun around to find Emily walking up behind him with a huge grin on her face.

"Do you know how many years I've been waiting to throw that line back in a guy's face?"

For a second, Reid started to glare at her, but then she came closer. And with a soft smile she patted his arm.

"I'm just joking hon, you look great."

Reid shot Derek a look as he responded, "thank you EMILY." Then he turned back to her, "you know some people think I look ridiculous."

Emily's mouth twitched as she raised her eyebrow at Morgan.

"Well obviously some people just aren't secure enough in their masculinity to wear traditional Scottish garb on William Wallace Day."

Morgan rolled his eyes back at her as Reid's face lit up, "you know what day it is?"

She started digging in her bag, "of course, and I bought you a present in honor of your heritage."

A split second later . . . with a flourish . . . she pulled out a red box of butter cookies from the depths of her purse.

"Here you go." She quirked her lip up, "I figured it would travel better than haggis."

Reid accepted the cookies with a grin, "thanks Em." He looked up, "I was just going to go get some coffee, you want me to get you a cup and we can break open the cookies for breakfast."

Emily started to chuckle as she went over to her desk. "That sounds great Spencer," she said as she pulled out her chair, "thanks."

And still laughing to herself, she watched Reid walk out with his pom poms flopping in the breeze. Then she looked up to see Morgan eyeing her suspiciously. Her eyebrow went up.


He furrowed his brow, "did you really know it was William Wallace Day?"

"Of course," she huffed indignantly. Then she grinned, "well, I did after Hotch got the call from Reid last night asking if he could wear his kilt to work."

Shaking his head at her, Morgan turned back to his paperwork.

Emily scowled as she looked down at her desk to find something to throw at Derek's head. There . . . that elastic will do nicely. She shot it over the partition hitting him on the forehead.

"You be nice to him today," she commanded as his head snapped back, "he looks adorable."

With one hand rubbing the sore spot on his forehead Morgan, looked over at Emily in exasperation.

"I JUST got the boy out of those damn sweater vests and you want to go dress him up in a skirt."

The woman was NO help to him at all!

"It's not a skirt Morgan," Emily rolled her eyes, "it's a kilt. For God's sake men have fought BATTLES in them for centuries!" Then she scowled, "and besides there's nothing wrong with wearing skirts either. I once tackled a perp out in Chicago wearing a lovely A line."

Derek knew better than to comment on that one, so he turned his attention back to his paperwork.

A few minutes later, he looked up as he heard Reid come back to their desks. First he put a coffee cup down on Emily's desk, and then one on his own. And then . . . holding a third cup . . . he looked over at Morgan.

As Derek reached his hand out to take it, Reid pulled it back triumphantly.

"No, it's not for you. I bought it for Hotch as a thank you. So there."

Emily started laughing and Derek snapped his jaw shut.

"Yeah," he replied in a monotone, "good one. you really nailed me there kid."

Reid just shot Derek a look of satisfaction. He knew he'd caused him some momentary annoyance, and that was enough for him. So with that, he turned to head up the stairs to Hotch's office, pausing at the top to knock on the open door.


Hotch looked up, and quickly had to school his features as he saw Reid standing in his doorway. He was wearing the kilt that he'd called last night for permission to wear to the office. He had to hand it to the kid, he didn't know too many guys who'd have the balls to wear something like that to work.

Especially their work.

He tipped is head in admiration. "That is a very traditional outfit Spencer."

"Thanks sir," Reid said with a little smile as he walked closer. Then he put the Styrofoam cup down on his desk.

"I bought you a coffee as a thanks for letting me wear it."

Hotch's expression softened as he looked down at the cup and then back up to Reid's happy face.

"You're welcome." Then his expression hardened, "is Derek giving you a hard time?"

As he thought for a second, Reid tilted his head to the side. "A little bit but not too bad. Emily gave him some crap and he hasn't really said anything to me since."

Hotch's eyes crinkled slightly . . . that's my girl. Then he nodded. "Well you let me know if you have any trouble with anyone else."

Reid's lips twitched as he nodded back, "thanks Hotch."

He couldn't really go running to his boss if people were mean to him, he'd kind of deserve to get his ass kicked if he did, but it was nice of him to offer.

He turned to go, but then paused as he heard Hotch clear his throat.

"Oh and Reid, you might want to stay out of the quad today. I heard it's supposed to be quite windy."

Reid turned back with his lip quirked up.

"Thanks for the heads up sir."

A/N 2: There really is a William Wallace day in late August.