Author's Note: The third in my Reid based dialogue series. I'm having fun with these.

And with this one I have finally crossed off the last prompt on set #2. Yay! Yes, it's a rather pathetic thing to be proud of but, I still am :)

Thanks to Arc for her suggestion, it does read better that way :)

This takes place shortly after the kilt stories. Same universe.

Show: The Office

Title Challenge: Casual Friday

Ahoy Ye Maties!

"Now, what the hell are you wearing?"

"I'm going to a reading tonight Morgan!"

"A reading of what? Pirates of the Caribbean."

"Pirates of the . . . are you kidding me? That's not a BOOK Derek. It's a movie."

"Yeah kid, I know it's a movie. It's also a ride at Disneyland. But you know what I'm saying. What the hell are you wearing the bandana for?"

"It goes with my shirt."

"And the eye patch?"

"Obviously, that goes with my shirt as well. It's a reading of the works of Robert Louis Stevenson."

"There's no way you cleared this one with Hotch."

"Okay, well, no I didn't. But I just changed two minutes ago. I have to be ready to go at 5 on the . . . oh hey Hotch."


"I suppose you're wondering about my bandana?"

"Yes, yes I was wondering about your bandana. And I also don't believe that we have conducted target practice using that particular sidearm."

"Oh, you mean my sword."

"Yes, the sword is what caught my eye. Perhaps we could go up to my office to discuss it."


"Shut up Derek! Uh, Hotch, listen I can explain."

"Really? Because I'd love to hear it."

"Oh my GOD! You look ADORABLE! Is tonight your reading of Robert Louis Stevenson?"

"Uh, yes, Emily, actually it is tonight."

"Well, you look great! Aaron, are you ready to go? We're supposed to pick up Jack at 5:30."

"Actually Emily, Spencer and I were just going to . . ."

"Going to what?"

". . ."


"Uh, nothing, doesn't matter. Reid why don't you just leave for your thing, NOW."

"Yes sir. Thanks Hotch."

"Have a good time tonight hon!"

"Thanks Em."

"Good night Hotch."

"Good night Reid."

"You're so lucky Emily has him whipped."

"What was that Derek?"

"I didn't say anything Hotch."

"Actually Hotch, he said, it's so lucky that Emil . . ."


A/N 2: Now I'm trying to think of other outfits to put Reid into. It really could be a whole series. Rather than ending on Morgan's "shut up Spencer" I could just open with Morgan's "now what the hell are you wearing?" That might be kind of funny.