The Hidden Artist

Part Thirty-One: Names

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While sitting on Kanda's couch, staring at the ceiling, waiting for Kanda to return from his bedroom, Allen's cell phone went off, startling the British teen. He pulled it out of his pocket, searching the lit screen for a recognizable number (Lavi's, he hoped). Instead, it was Miranda Lotto's home number.

"Hello?" Allen answered politely. He glanced at the bedroom door, which was still closed and locked.

"Hello, Mr. Allen? This is Mr. Allen, right?"

"Yes, it's Allen, Miss Lotto. How are you doing today?" Allen asked, smiling a little at the timid note in Miranda's voice. He adored the woman sometimes, in spite of her extremely self-depreciating and paranoid (among many other things) nature.

"Oh, I'm fine. I am having some rearranging going on at my house. I hired a team from town to help me out so that I don't mess anything up. OH-! But shame on me, Mr. Allen! I forgot that I got a call earlier today from Miss Lenalee that made me so worried, I made a mess of breakfast again! The water over-boiled and I burnt the toast, so much that Chaoji had to take over and then clean the kitchen for me-!"

Allen was sure that Miranda would have gone on forever about the massacre of breakfast, so he broke in politely.

"A call from Miss Lee?" he inquired.

"Ah, yes. Miss Lenalee called me earlier this morning to tell me the worst thing! She told me that you had been injured in an accident recently! I just wanted to check in to see if you were okay, as long as you don't mind!" Miranda spoke fast, almost losing the Brit a few times.

"Yes, there was an accident, but I am fine, I assure you." Allen insisted. However, it did not seem to placate Miranda.

"Are you sure? I could send my personal physician, Fo, over to take a look at your injuries. She really is great at what she does."

"No, I will be fine, Miss Lotto. No need to worry."

"Oh-! I'm so sorry! I never thought that you might be doing something right now! -"

"No, it's fine. I'm not really doing anything, anyway."

"-I'm sorry for my arrogance! I never meant to intrude on your personal life!-"

"Really, Miss Lotto, it's fine, I promise. You were just being kind."

"-It was so rude and so stupid of me! I can never do anything right! I wouldn't blame you if you disowned me from being your friend! -"

"Miss Lotto."

"-Forgive me, Allen! I am such a rude and inconsiderate and terrible person!-"

Allen sighed away from the phone. Yes, he did adore this woman. Somehow.

"-OH! And I just used your first name so casually! Mr. Allen...Mr. Walker...I'm so sorry!"

"Miss Lotto!"

Something squeaked in surprise on the other side before the line went utterly silent.

"Miss Lotto, please, calm yourself. You didn't do anything wrong."

Something squeaked again, only quieter and more questioning.

"I would be honored if you sent your personal physician over. Thank you very much."

"Really?" Miranda queried.

"Yes. It's fine."

"Are you sure?"

"Quite sure, Miss Lotto. I'm really not doing anything important now, anyway." Allen said, arching an eyebrow to look over at Kanda's bedroom door again, which showed no signs of opening any time soon.

"Okay...?" Miranda questioned more than stated.

"You know where I live right?" the Brit asked, shuffling his phone a little as he leaned forward, his legs uncrossing themselves as he did.

"Yes...I believe so."

Allen rattled off the address of his and Kanda's apartment complex, then the floor that his and Kanda's apartments were on, and finally his own apartment number, making sure to go slow enough for Miranda to write.

"Is half an hour okay? Is it long enough for you to be ready?" Miranda asked, and Allen could faintly hear someone in the background complaining. It could have been something else, Allen wasn't exactly sure, but it sounded very much like complaining.

"Yes, half an hour is fine. Thank you very much, Miss Lotto."

"I am very happy to be able to help you, Mr. Allen."

"Please, Miss Lotto, call me Allen." the Brit insisted. It was just too weird for someone to refer to him as 'Mr.' anything.

"Oh...well, yes, okay. Thank you for the honor."

"The pleasure is mine, Miss Lotto."

Allen gave his polite goodbyes before hanging up the phone. Once more, he glanced at the bedroom door, wondering briefly why Kanda had locked himself up in the room an hour before. The Japanese man hadn't said much to Allen, just took a few papers into his room and closed the door.

It rather annoyed him, but Allen knew that he should tell Kanda that he was going back to his own apartment. With that in mind, he stood up and walked to Kanda's bedroom door, lifting his hand to knock. Before he could knock, the door opened to reveal the Japanese man, who had an odd expression of amusement.

"Agreed to see another doctor, Moyashi?" he asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Yes, Miss Lotto insisted on sending her personal physician over to check on me. I was about to inform you that I intend to go back to my own apartment for this, but it would seem you were listening in." Allen replied.

"It can't be considered listening in if you talk so damned loud." Kanda shot back with slight irritation.

"Never mind. Anyway, I don't need you to escort me to next door, do I?"

"Che, just don't trip, Moyashi."

"Piss off. As if I would."

Kanda didn't even bother to shrug as he turned away, leaving the door open. Allen watched him for a moment before following after. Kanda sat down on the edge of his bed and stared at the papers on his night stand.

"Figure anything out?" the Brit asked, fussing with his shirt, trying to button it back up. Kanda glanced up at him, at his fumbling hands and then back at the papers.

"Not really. You have a ridiculous amount of money waiting for you in six different bank accounts of six different banks around the world. I have calculated the amount for three of those bank accounts and it seems to be around sixteen million euros. Or twenty-three million U.S. dollars, based on up-to-date currency rates."

"E-Excuse me?" Allen stammered, his eyes wide, the shirt-buttoning process forgotten.

"You heard me, brat." Kanda sniffed. The Japanese man picked up a piece of paper from the pile and looked at it carefully. "The conversion may be a little off, because these three banks are of different countries; France, Hungary and Saudi Arabia. The other three banks are in Egypt, Norway and Brazil."

Allen stood there, frozen, processing Kanda's words. Sixteen million euros. There was no way that that could be right.

"The bank accounts...who did they belong to? Whose name were they in?" the Brit demanded, leaning close to the paper that Kanda held.

"The bank in Saudi Arabia was under the name of...Hassim al Rajiid. The Hungarian and Norwegian accounts don't give names, just account numbers. The French one was under the name Mana Walker..." Kanda paused as he scanned over the words on the French account paper. Allen shifted his weight from foot to foot unconsciously. Kanda briefly glanced up at the nervous action before he continued speaking.

"The history of the French account states that the account was once a joint account between two parties, but the second party had their access restricted and then finally removed altogether. The name was completely deleted from the history... So the only name on the account was your Mana Walker." Kanda said, glancing up at Allen again. When the Brit remained silent, Kanda just shrugged and looked back down at the papers.

"Egypt and Brazil are also just account numbers, no contact information available. For the accounts with available contact names, all the information has been transferred to your information, courtesy of that bastard Cross and his team of lawyers." Kanda fell silent again as he read more from the documents in front of him. Allen was a little amazed at how quickly Kanda picked up all this information and just how calmly he was taking the situation. The Japanese man seemed determined to figure out all he could about the will.

"But how does this all tie into that...Earl guy wanting me dead?" Allen asked after a few minutes. Kanda looked up at the Brit and thought for a moment.

"It has to be something in the will, idiot Moyashi. There is more to these wills than just the money. There are storage houses in various places around Europe and Asia that belonged to this uncle of yours. There may be something in one of those houses that the fucker wants." Kanda explained.

"I don't fucking know what that thing might be though, so don't ask."

"I wasn't intending to, you wanker!" Allen shot back, glaring. There was a tense silence for a short while, but Kanda made no signs of response.

"Did...Mana...leave me anything other than the money?"

Kanda was quiet still as he searched through the papers, trying to locate something. After a few minutes, he seemed to find what he was looking for and set down the other documents he had been holding. What he had in his hands was an old-looking, sealed envelop. Kanda handed it over to Allen.

"It has your name hand-written on the front, dated the seventh of April, ten years ago."

Allen stared at the front of the battered envelop, feeling his heart ache at the sight of the print before him. He knew the penmanship all too well, as he had always loved watching the way Mana Walker wrote. And the date...

"Just before Mana died..." he said softly, heart pounding against his chest.

With extreme caution, Allen opened the envelop, being very careful to preserve the paper. He pushed the flap up and delicately pulled out the papers that had been sealed inside. Ignoring the shaking of his hands, he unfolded the papers and began reverently reading them.

It was no letter from Mana, as Allen had expected.

"My adoption papers..? How is this possible? I was never officially adopted...Mana would have told me if I had b-been –" Allen stopped, his legs weakening under him. He sat down next to Kanda, his eyes fixated on a spot near the bottom of the page, unseeing.

Allen! Move, my son!

Mana, no!


Mana had always said that they were just as good as father and son, but Allen had never thought that it would be possible for that to actually happen. The Brit had no memories of any parents at all. All he could remember was the harsh environment of a ghetto of some small city in England. For a brief time, Allen had stayed with a few other orphaned children, trying to beg for scraps and money, or stealing from open markets and stores when possible. When that had become unfeasible, the young foundling had moved on to a bigger city.

Allen shook those thoughts away and continued reading.

"The official date of my adoption was well over three months before Mana died. And there are..two people named as my next of kin... Master Cross and..." he trailed off, unable to read the next name. It had been inked out enough as to be made illegible.

There was no way to tell what the name actually was, as the ink covered any curves of a letter that may have stuck out. It was as good as if there were no name at all. Could it have been Mana's brother? Had Mana decided to write down his uncle's name as next of kin, but then changed his mind?

Allen remembered what Cross had told him about the family issues between Mana and his brother. Allen's uncle had joined some sort of group and due to Mana's dislike of the choice, the distance between them grew. Cross had played the reluctant (and drunk, and arrogant, and moody) messenger boy between them.

Allen shook his head, not understanding. If he had ever had a brother, he would not have let anything get in his way of maintaining a strong relationship with said brother. Political, marriage or business decisions aside, brothers were brothers and there was nothing that could break such a bond. Well, that was how Allen felt.

"Kanda...hypothetically, if Daisya were to do something that you disapproved of...something that went against your very beliefs, would you denounce him as your brother?" Allen asked quietly, carefully folding up the adoption papers and slipping them back into the envelope. He glanced over at Kanda, who looked somewhat irritated.

"That idiot isn't my brother, baka Moyashi. He doesn't do anything I approve of anyway, so nothing he can do will surprise me enough to 'denounce' him." Kanda replied, setting the papers on his nightstand and looking over at Allen.

"Oh...Okay." So in Kanda-speak, that means that brothers are brothers, no matter what.

"What is going on in that brain of yours to make you ask such a stupid question?" the Japanese man asked.

"Cross told me that Mana and my uncle had a difference in opinions about my uncle's choice to join a group, I'm assuming it's that Noah group, which is why the Earl of the Millennium wants something from the will. But because of that..difference in opinions, Mana and my uncle didn't communicate at all for years..." Allen trailed off. He twitched his fingers and brought them over to Kanda's hand. Kanda slipped his fingers in between Allen's and they both tightened their grips. It was silent in the apartment for a few minutes as Allen just looked at the entwined fingers, occasionally squeezing Kanda's hand and releasing, his heart jumping when he felt Kanda squeeze back.

"I just don't understand what could make brothers come to odds like that. I..I always thought that the bond between brothers was strong...the bond of family." he emphasized, sighing ever-so-slightly.

"Che, it's the past, Moyashi. Get over it. There isn't anything that can be done about their choices. They are both dead, anyway. They made their choices to live their lives like this...and this is the result." Kanda sniffed indifferently. Allen frowned, not liking the disrespectful way Kanda had announced them dead, but said nothing. It wasn't as though it really mattered to Kanda, and it showed. Kanda hadn't known either of them...Allen had barely known Mana, as much as he was loathe to admit it, and he certainly had never known his own uncle.

"At the very least," Kanda murmured finally, after Allen had been silent for a while, "They both sought to make things better for you... That's something, right?"

Allen glanced up at Kanda, who had an almost forced look of annoyance..or aloofness, Allen really couldn't tell, on his face. His eyes didn't seek to meet Allen's, focused on some part of his room that Allen didn't bother to look at. Whatever Kanda was looking at wasn't nearly as interesting to the Brit as Kanda's expression.

"Yeah...It's something." Allen agreed quietly. Kanda's eyes flicked over to the Brit's face briefly before going back to the seemingly fascinating article of...whatever.

"I suppose I had better get back over to my apartment and wait for Miss Miranda." the Brit said, standing up from the bed and letting his fingers slip away from Kanda's. The Japanese man stood up as well, grabbing Allen's elbow and pulling him close very suddenly. Allen stumbled and nearly face-planted into Kanda's firm chest. His face was tilted up unceremoniously by a hand under his chin and a fierce kiss was delivered. Allen gasped, his first reaction shock, and then pushed back, sighing so deeply that a moan resonated in his throat. Kanda tugged at his white hair, turning his head at a different angle for better, freer access to his Moyashi's mouth.

A tongue brushed against his bottom lip briefly before pushing its way into Allen's mouth, finding next to no resistance. The envelope in Allen's hand fell to the bed as he brought his hands up to wrap around Kanda's neck, pushing himself up at little on the balls of his feet.

When they finally parted, Allen was breathing heavily against Kanda's reddened, moist lips, their foreheads touching. He could feel Kanda's fast heart beat and finally noticed that Kanda was breathing heavily too. That thought put a grin on Allen's lips.

"I like you, Kanda...Did'ja know that?" Allen asked, mimicking Lavi's terrible American accent with a wink of a grey eye.

"Che. Baka." Kanda hissed, placing one last kiss on Allen's lips, swiping his tongue greedily across them once more.

"Get your ass out of here and try not to hurt yourself." came the sarcastic remark as Allen was pushed towards the door.

"Wanker." Allen muttered sourly as he wandered out of the bedroom, over to the front door and out of the apartment.

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