Careful now, they're everywhere
Their twisted plots try to ensnare
I just know their watching me
Scrutinized and analyzed I'll never be free
See that man? That one right here?
See look he's hidden in the mirror
See their eyes, they follow you
I know, just know they're in this too
Others pass them everyday
Ignoring them and what I say
I'll show them all, the ones on this side
I'll prove just what the others hide
But how to do it? I just don't know
The other is a deadly foe
His acting is of flawless design
You'd almost think his actions were mine
Or are they mine? It can't be true
What if I'm the one copying you!
A marionette, a puppet, a shell
This silent life is now my hell
I see you smirking in gleeful joy
As I realize that I am but a toy
I try to run but my legs stand fast
He's got me now, I might not last!
He walks me forward until we touch
My body's trembling, the fears to much!
Wait! I see it! That is the key
Just one quick move and then I'm free!
I pick up the lonely silver shard
And bring it down quick and hard
The blood pours out, but my works not done
I'll leave a message and tell them to run
Now it's finished, my warning to all
I smile as into darkness I fall