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We were having a great time at the (awesome) pool when Ryan's eyes suddenly flashed crystal blue. We immediately became serious as that meant he was having a vision. Benjamin quickly connected our minds. I was annoyed, as I was about to push Ashley in, but I paid attention to his vision anyway.


A slender but plain brunette was standing in the middle of a mansion, shrieking at the one and only Alice Cullen. She looked suspiciously like me when I was a human. My eyes narrowed.

"What is your problem?! Why can't you just forget about that bitch?!" she screamed at Alice. Alice's eyes were pitch black.

"Because she was a hell lot better than you, Cassie! Hell, anyone would be better than you! You are nothing but a spoilt, arrogant, piece of filth, a disgrace to the Cullen family!" Alice yelled back.

"If you dare tell Edward, I will kill you, Mary," Cassie whispered darkly.

"Try and kill me, Cassie. I'm already dead. Go on, try. And if you insult Edward or Bella ONE MORE TME, I will personally shred you into pieces," Alice murmured, smiling threateningly.

"ISABELLA SWAN WAS A MOTHER FU-" she didn't even get to finish the sentence. Alice had twisted her hand and the bones in her hand had shattered. She shrieked.

"Now, if you don't shut the hell up, I won't take you to the hospital," Alice threatened. "Or will you prefer me to sew your mouth together? I will do it, you know."

Cassie's eyes were blazing, but she shut up. Alice led her to the car. "Don't get any blood on the car," She barked. "How dare you? I'm severely injured here, and you care about-" Alice whipped out a needle and a piece of black thread and Cassie fell silent.

"That stupid, disloyal bitch," Alice muttered. "Bella was a hell lot better then she was."

[End Vision]

"Well. The Cullens are in Canada, then?" I smiled darkly. "We're going to kill Cassie. Tonight. Sapphire, you can go and search. I'm lending you the coven's powers." I touched her hands and they glowed blue. "There. Don't you dare misuse them. Go now."

She disappeared, her pale blonde hair floating behind her. I smiled. Early weekend for me, then.

[Sapphire's POV]

I was MAD at this Cassie chick right now. I could be happily in my NEW ROOM. But no, she has to be a bitch. Idiotic little girl.

I may look only six, but I was, in fact, half a decade old. I had an eye for beauty, and always made my battlefield into a devastingly stunning field of ice. Then I would use the beauty of my invincible ice to slowly impale them. Then, with a little help from my borrowed powers, I would heat up the ice and they would die a slow, torturous death. The heat from the ice was just as bad as burning the bodies. I insisted that killing should be a beautiful, torturous process.

I was not an amazing fighter, but I had decent speed, due to my small size. It would appear to be teleportation to humans.

Finally, I reached the mansion. I froze the window and it shattered. Hopping in neatly, I looked around. As expected, the mansion was empty.

I looked for a gold room, which Bella told me was Edward's. It was a dull gold, with simply a number of rosewood shelves, a black sofa and a window. The floor was hard stone and the nearly empty rosewood shelves were gathering dust. A beautiful CD player was set in the middle of the room. A few CDs and books lined the shelves. A photo album stood out, as it was silver and pristine.

I grabbed it and flipped through it. It was filled with pages of Edward and Bella. Swiftly, I hid it in my bag. Then I grabbed the CDs off the shelves and stole the one in the CD player.

Then, I searched for the girl's room. I found it and it was sickeningly feminine. It was lilac, and there was a light pink canopy bed, a beautiful mahogany shelf and desk set and fashion magazines lined the shelves.

A closet was filled with clothes and a dartboard with Bella's face hung on the wall. I snatched it and took that, as well as a photo of her and Edward. Then, I saw a cracked silver CD on the floor and took that, as well.

I ransacked the rest of the house and stole an old blue dress with Bella's name on the hanger and a silver heart-shaped locket with Bella's and Edward's photos in it from Alice, a bottle of freesia perfume and a collection of classics from Carlisle and Esme, a collection of depressing songs from Jasper, a portrait of Edward and Cassie with arrows and paint thrown at Cassie from Rosalie and a mini gravestone reading, "MY LITTLE SISTER" from Emmett.

I figured that was enough and ran back home. Bella would be pleased.

[End Sapphire's POV]

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