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Shiver Into the Wind


Her flaming hair consumes his world; easily burning down the heavy walls of his heart, the ones he thought would shield him forever.


He accidentally catches Alec shooting a withering glare at Clary, a glare with smallest tinge of heartbreak, and he suddenly feels as if his life just got a hell of a lot more complicated.


He aims to spend one whole week avoiding her but after five days it feels as if he's being burned alive from the inside out and he knows he will never be strong enough to let her go.


Her presence throws his life into a roar of chaos, but he finds himself pleasantly unsettled.


He asks her if it hurts when he uses his cold hands to pull out the tiny shards of glass shimmering in her palm, and her soft confession of Always forces him to look in her darkened eyes and see the heartbreak and pain he can never fix.


A sharp pang stabs through him as she shivers into the wind, but he simply averts his eyes and burrows his fingers into the cold lining of his pockets.


He runs far, far away from Isabelle's sad, sad eyes wishing that for once, he could stop displaying his heart for the entire goddamned world to see.


How can these faded marks, which defend him from all evils in the world, not guard him from the angel tearing his heart asunder?


He gets so tired of denying himself that one night he winds up at her door, but he can suddenly feel the regret and guilt and despair and ache, and he walks away before he twists this tangled web too far.


Her searing touch leaves a brand on his heart, permanently marking him as her own.


A jolt shoots up his spine when he finds himself staring into her eyes and realizes that all she sees is him.


Genuine fear pools at the pit of his stomach as he watches her wrap her delicate arms around the mundane and he wonders if she's already let him go.


She looks almost surprised when he shows up at the hospital one afternoon, almost surprised that every step he takes is readjusted to meet her every need, even if it means sacrificing his own.


The flutter of her eyes innocently tempts him to just press his lips to hers and succumb to this insatiable longing that rules them both.


Sometimes a tinge of desire leaks through her icy mask and he wishes it would be enough to melt all the pain away.


He wakes up in the middle of night feeling his stomach clench with so much wanting.


It physically hurts to ignore the cracks in her platonic façade, but he forces himself to avoid her wanting eyes and pretend like he saw nothing at all.


His head is full of to love is to destroy, to love is to destroy, to love is to destroy, but his heart is full of her.


He curses whatever higher power shifted the tilt of his world to revolve around a petite, impulsive, passionate red-head…And thanks it, for the exact same reason.


Sometimes it feels like he is drowning in her scent, but the second he escapes he knows he's suffocating without her.


He instinctively catches her fall, but her warm body pressed along his opens up an uncomfortable hunger, and he lets her go before she can send his carefully constructed walls tumbling down.


It's a game of pushing and pulling and tempting and wanting and though the stakes are high, he gambles his heart, because she's the only thing it would hurt to lose.


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