2257: Spring Leave

The pain had hit Spock harder than he had ever felt. This was supposed to have been a routine shuttle exercise but as he felt his own shuttle plummet from space he knew that there was a high probability for his own death.

Two cadets had perished before his own shuttle had started its descent towards Earth. Cadet Jones had misread a flight maneuver and it had cost him and the other cadet their lives. Spock had tried to avoid impact as much as he could but the debris from the other shuttlecrafts tore into his own, smashing the side of his craft and impacting his movement.

Before he hit the ocean he thought of his mother. And his father. And surprisingly, of Cadet Uhura.

"Fascinating." Was Spock's last thought before he hit the water.


They told him it was a minor miracle that he had survived. He had been lucky that space pods had detected his fall from space and contacted the Earth water patrol guards to his rescue. He had went into a healing trance for seven days, but his body was still bandaged with derma-strips and his senses were not quite all there. His doctors had told him he would be fully functional in a month if he followed their instructions and let his broken bones heal.

It was to his surprise when his father came into his medical room and said he would care for him at the Vulcan Embassy in Paris. He had not objected to his father's request and a few days later found himself overlooking the sights and hearing the sounds of Paris.

"Your mother is on her way from Vulcan now." Sarek commented as a personal nurse changed Spock's bandages. "She wanted to come as soon as she heard but I delayed her out of thoughts of your own convalescence. I assumed you wished for your privacy."

"Indeed, father. That was a wise course of action."

Spock looked from the window into his father's impassive brown eyes. "I wish to thank you…"

"There is no need for thanks." Sarek cut him off and turned away from his son and out the room. Spock turned his head back to the streets of Paris as if nothing had happened.


His thoughts, as it were, drifted often to Nyota Uhura. She, before his accident, was on leave for three weeks back to her home. Before she had left, she sounded excited to see her parents and her grandmother for the first time in months. Coming towards her fourth year, she knew she would soon be assigned on a spaceship and be gone from her family for a long period of time, so it was prudent to spend as much time with her family as she could.

They had spent many hours together, he as her teacher, and she as his student intern. They had often shared dinner together over papers or made music together, he on his harp, she with her voice. Spock had become…used to her presence. He was even more surprised to find himself wanting her nearby to sing or tell a human joke to see if he would laugh. But most of all he was finding he missed her touch.

She had become much more open with her touch since he held her after the death of her grandfather. Small brushes of his hands, easy touches on his collar, gentle hugs as greeting or goodbye. There was one time where she has held his face in her hands, jokingly, to show him how greetings in her family went.

These touches inflamed him every time. Part of him wanted to tell her it was inappropriate to touch him in such ways, but another part welcomed it. Her touch felt…good. It felt right. It made him feel less lonely and reminded him of the soothing touch his mother used to give him. He was sure Uhura would be very flattered to know she was the only human, other than his mother, that got to touch him in such ways.

He wondered if she had heard of his accident? Whether she cared he was injured?

Spock took in a sigh and turned in his bed. It was all irrelevant. He would recover and go back to the Academy. He would tell Cadet Uhura that her touches were inappropriate. He would not think on her again. He had crossed a line with Nyota and had to stop it at once.

He closed his eyes and had the unfortunate luck of dreaming of her.



"Mother, I assure you I am fine."

He hated to see her cry. Hated the fact that she was seeing him like this. Amanda wiped the tears from her face as she looked upon his broken form.

"His injuries aren't life threatening, Amanda. He is fine."

"Sarek, you know I do not like to see him hurt."

"He is fine. You do not need to coddle him."

"Yes, because we both know abandoning him is just fine!"

Sarek seemed struck by her last sentence but then his face returned to normal. Spock felt Amanda take his hand and kiss it.

"I'm going to be here until you get better. I'm not going to leave you."

"Mother, I will be fine. The doctors have said I am already healing nicely."

"I know. And we will be following Doctor's orders until you are 100%"


"Captain Pike." Spock knew he was unable to stand at attention so he tried his best to simple look attentive.

"Commander Spock, I heard you had a rough accident."

"I shall live."

The captain took a small seat next to him in a chair. "Nice view."

"It is indeed, captain."

"I heard that you have been cleared of all wrong doing in your inquiry. Cadet Jones tried to hotshot his thrusters and misaimed. "

"Yes, I regret his loss of life."

Captain Pike gave a small smile. "I know you've been trained to be diplomatic, Spock, but you don't have to pretend to be emotional with me."

Spock arched an eyebrow. He had not known he was so obvious.

"Then I regret to inform you that I have no emotion in regards to his passing."

"I like that you are truthful. It is something I believe I'll admire in you as a first officer."

Spock sat up and gazed at the captain. Was this one of those human practical jokes?

"I do not know what to…"

"Spock, I've looked at your record. You are one of the most decorated officers in Starfleet. You have an uncanny intellect and a superior grasp of knowledge. Even though you have never been assigned a permanent ship, you have been instrumental in a number of discoveries onboard different Starfleet vessels. When the Enterprise is commissioned I want you to join me."


His was healing very well and for the first time went on a run. His mother had been slightly worried at his exertion but he had soothed those worries by pointing out his doctor advice to return to mobility after his latest check up.

She had been very much like his mother of old by making sure his laundry was clean and his food ready when he was during his recovery. Which is why he was surprised to find that Amanda did not have his breakfast for him when he returned from his run. He heard a small moan in the upper part of the house and tipped his head.

"Mother?" He walked up the stairs in the private part of the embassy and towards his father's room. Another moan echoed.

He pushed the chime on the side of the door and heard movement in the room stop.

"Yesss!" He heard.

"Mother, are you and father inside?"

"Spock…uh…come back later."

Spock raised his eyebrow. "Mother? Are you feeling well?"

"Spock, I said come back later! I'm fine."

"You do not sound…"

"Spock. Your mother says she's fine. Leave us."

Another sharp moan pierced the air and Spock suddenly blushed.

"I am sorry for the interruption."

A moan answered him as he retreated downstairs.


"Spock, there is a young lady here to see you."

Spock turned from his work to see his mother at the door and another face that made him stand up.

"Commander Spock…I'm glad you are okay."

"I am fine, Cadet Uhura."

Amanda cleared her throat and Spock noticed her nervousness.

"I'll give you some time alone."

Spock returned his gaze to Uhura and barely noticed his mother take leave. The panel swished behind her, leaving Spock and Uhura alone.

"I wanted to visit you sooner but your father advised me not to."

"It was wise of him. " Spock said, not really meaning it.

"I…I uh…I heard that you'll be back to the Academy in a couple of weeks."

"Yes, my recovery is taking a little longer than I expected."

Uhura kept her hands behind her back and Spock did the same. She was jittery and Spock felt an overwhelming need to go to her. But he had to stay still. He could not give into base desires.

"Did you have a good vacation with your family?"

She gave a smile as her eyes watered. "Yes. It was a very good visit."

Spock was unsure who moved first but soon her hands were around his neck and his arms enveloped her waist. She put her head on his chest and he could feel the hot tears through his thin black tunic.

"When I heard I thought they were going to tell me you died."

"I am fine, Cadet Uhura."

She lifted her head and moved her hands to his face. "Don't ever do that to me again!"

"This is irration--"

Her kiss cut him off. He felt her move her hands through is his hair and he backed her up against his cabinet. He felt on fire. Out of control. His erection strained through his pants he moved her closer to his bed.

"Spock…" She gasped as he felt her bottom. "Spock…I…"

"Nyota." His whispered and he lowered her to the bed. He kissed her this time and lifted her arms above her head. She had plagued his thoughts for months. His dreams. He could not be logical about her.

"Spock!" His mother's voice cut through the lust of his mind. "Spock? Is everything okay in there?"

"Yes, mother." Spock leaned up as Uhura pushed him away. "Everything is fine."

"Dinner will be ready in a minute." He heard his mother's footsteps walk away.

"Oh my god!" Nyota straighten her dress. "This shouldn't have happened."

"But it did, Cadet Uhura."

"I'm…your career…I've got to go."

She ran out of the room without even a goodbye.