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The Story Not Told
Chapter 12 Goodbye Inner World, Hello Earth

Staying on Earth had proved to be difficult, and a challenge for Buguese. Aqune was slowly getting used to everything, but both seemed to be a little nervous around the television. It made Corona giggle, because she liked watching it sometimes, they had some pretty interesting stuff on there.

Every once in a while, they would go down to the beach to let their spiders out, or even in the back yard. They had no neighbors except for across the street, and they couldn't see unless they happened to walk right over.

Hunter was happy, too. Corona hadn't seen him this happy since before they left. Buguese was trying his best to be a father, and things were working out great. Aqune was staying with them too, so they now had a family of four, plus the spiders, currently living there.

On this particular day, they were at the beach again. Buguese was just out watching and keeping an eye on them, while Corona, Aqune, and Hunter were all having a good time swimming. At first, he had thought it would of been awkward between the three of them, considering that there had been a time when Hunter thought he liked Aqune, too. But it was more fun than he could have imagined, and the two sisters were getting along fine.

Hunter's green eyes suddenly widened when they saw a wihte light on the beach, near where Buguese was standing. Said invectid jumped out of the way, but got ready for battle...just in case.

But he stood there, completely still as Sparkle, Lumen, Igneous, and Magma all fell out of the portal and onto the ground in a rough landing, Hotarla landing near Sparkle.

"Ugh....that's the last time we all go together on something," Lumen groaned from his spot on the ground.

Hunter, Aqune, and Corona looked at each other, wondering if they were seeing/hearing things, before getting out of the water.

"Uh...Prince Lumen...?" Hunter asked, leaning over the fallen prince of arachna.

"Hmm?" he asked, eyes half-lidded and staring up towards Hunter. "Oh, hello Hunter. It appears that the portal to your world has opened up again, and we wanted to drop by and say hello..."

"Not literally, though," Igneous groaned as he stood back up, Magma soon following.

A wide grin suddenly spread across Hunter's face, and it made Corona smile too. Her Hunter was back.

"So, you guys are here for a while then, huh?" Hunter asked, pointing to the spot where they had come through. The portal was gone.

"Uh oh..." They had left Arachna unprotected! What a stupid thing to do.

Lumen slapped himself on the forehead. "Well, at least...we...Ummm....Hunter?"


"Mind telling us why Buguese is here?" Igneous asked for the prince, pointing at Buguese. They all sighed.

This was going to be a long day...

"So..." Lumen began after Hunter, Aqune, Corona and Buguese took turns at telling the story. "Hunter's mother was once in arachna, and she meet Buguese. Then, when she went back to earth, she had you, Hunter Steele...then you arrived in arachna..." he began, trailing off.

"I guess it's not an accident or omen after all that you landed in arachna," Magma commented as he watched everyone. They were now all back at Hunter's house. I might need to do some renovating if everyone's going to be staying.... he thought.

"What?" Hunter asked, turning to Magma. Igneous spoke next.

"Magma's right. I mean, your grandfather was there before her, and then your mother before you...it's like it was your destiny to come to arachna."

Hunter looked at each and every one of them. These were the friends, and at one point enemies, that he had made on his adventures. They had stuck with him through everything, and he knew they would, until the very end. It was because of them that he was as strong as he was now, not because of Oracle's Keys.

He grinned at them all.

"It wasn't just my destiny, Igneous," Hunter told him, confusing him.

"Then...what else?"

"Arachna Power."


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