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"What kind of mattress do I have?"

Vanessa's voice lifted his head off the pillow and put a slight smile on his face. But he didn't quite understand what she had asked. It was six in the morning in Los Angeles after all and he hadn't planned to wake up until at least 11 that morning.

Still Zac put on his best 'happy to hear from you' voice just for his loving girlfriend. "Good morning to you too Sweetheart! What are you looking for?"

There was a three-hour time difference where Vanessa was located in Canada. She was anxious to find an apartment there where she could make herself comfortable and where she could find a little privacy over the next two months of shooting her movie. Her temporary home would also be the place for her and Zac to try and find a little cuddle time whenever he could get to her.

"The mattress, on our bed, in my bedroom, Baby…what kind is it? You helped me pick it out…well, sort of, remember? Does it have a name?" Vanessa's question still wasn't completely making sense to a sleepy Zac. He could hear the frustration in her voice but wasn't quite sure what he could do to ease it.

"Would you like me to strip the bed down and see if there's a label on it?" He asked rather sarcastically.

His sleepy, spitfire tone reminded Vanessa of the time difference. She looked anxiously at her watch. She had to be on the set at 10:30. It was now 9AM. She had hoped to come to the bedding shop at the mall, pick out a mattress to put on the bed she was purchasing and have it delivered that same day…and still make it to work on time.

She stopped for a moment and took a breath. "Wait, you're at my house? In my bedroom?" She smiled softly and her voice relinquished its frustrated tone.

"And I'm in our bed." Zac finished her thought. Now he was sitting up in that bed and beginning to realize what she was requesting. "Ness, you're supposed to be on set in ninety minutes. Please tell me you aren't trying to buy a mattress right this second."

"Well when else am I going to do it? And don't change the subject on me. You're at my house. I've only been gone three days. Do you miss me already?" Her smile grew as she turned the topic around again.

"Well…yeah…I do miss you. Of course I miss you. Why wouldn't I? Up till this week we've spent nearly every night together for the past month." Zac climbed off the bed and started pulling the fitted sheet off the deep corners of the bed. He knew she'd get back to asking about this eventually.

"But you miss me enough to spend the night alone at my house in our bed there." Her voice grew a bit softer. Zac could hear the change in her voice and knew she was getting emotional.

"Ness, don't do this. Yes, I'm here because I miss you. Being in our bed at your house reminds me of you and helps me sleep. I like the smell that your shampoo leaves on the pillowcases. Mine don't smell that good at my house." Zac knew his confession would only spur her onto tears, or she would start teasing him.

Either way it was the truth. He had tried to sleep in their bed at his house last night, but after rolling around aimlessly until one A.M. he knew where he needed to be. He had thrown on sweats and a t-shirt, picked up his keys, cell and wallet, and made his way to Vanessa's house. It took him less than five minutes to get there. By 1:30 his eyes were closed, he had Vanessa's pillow tucked in his arms and was sleeping like a baby.

"Well," Vanessa interrupted his thoughts, "that's because the only thing we do in our bed at your house is have pillow fights and have …" She paused for a moment and Zac heard her speaking to someone else. When she returned to the phone she whispered "…and have sex. That's probably why yours doesn't have the same smell." Still she was whispering.

"Dammit!" Zac laughed out loud. "Now I've gotta go back home and get in that bed. Maybe it would be better to sleep there!" He poked fun at Vanessa, knowing now that she certainly wasn't alone, wherever she was.

"You wouldn't end up sleeping. And you know the pillow fights and other stuff aren't as fun without me there." The smirk on her face almost reached through the phone line to Zac. He thought for a minute and nodded his head.

"You're very right about that." He admitted. "Nothing's as fun around here without you." Vanessa could tell he was being a bit more serious.

"Well Hot Stuff, just hang on for a couple more days. Remember, I'm coming home Saturday night so I can go to that charity event on Sunday. We'll at least get a few hours together." She wished she were there with him now to help cheer him up.

"Oh yeah!" Zac pretended to perk up. "I can't forget that!" he put excitement back in his voice. "What time do you think you'll be home Saturday night?"

"I'm booking the flight this afternoon. Looks like I should be back at my place between 11 and midnight Saturday night. You're coming over Sunday morning to cook breakfast, right?" She truly hoped he hadn't forgotten their plans.

"You got it Beautiful. I'll be there with pancakes, strawberries and whipped cream when you wake up. Promise." That was the truth. That was his plan. But the other part of his plan involved him being there the entire night on Saturday, not just arriving on Sunday morning.

He knew she wouldn't kick him out of the house, or even out of bed. Even if she just crawled into bed beside him and went to sleep, Zac didn't care. He just wanted to spend every moment with her that was possible. That's also why he had decided to cancel his Sunday plans and attend the charity event with her.

But, he kept all that to himself. It may not be much of a surpise, but he hoped his Nessa would appreciate it.

By this point Vanessa had sat down on one of the mattress sets in the store. She had completely forgotten where she was and why she was there. She held the phone for another minute. "I miss you." She finally said in a muffled voice. "I can't wait till Sunday."

"I know Baby, I know. But it's all gonna be fine. It has been in the past and it will be again. You'll see. We promised each other, remember!" Now Zac was working to cheer her up.

She lay backwards on the mattress and just stared up at the warehouse type ceiling. Vanessa closed her eyes for just a minute before she heard Zac again. "Hey V?"

"Yeah?" she questioned.

"It's a Vera Wang mattress, by Serta."

Vanessa sat up quickly and looked at the tags of the comfortable set she was sitting on. She ran her hands over the heart shapes that were sewn into the design and sighed. "A Sweetheart."

Zac smiled. "Yep, that's the one."


"Go back to sleep." Vanessa told him. It was about two in the morning, the first night in her new house and she couldn't sleep. She was a little scared of staying by herself the first night so she had asked Zac to stay with her. But it was more than fear that was keeping her awake. It was the awful air mattress that she was sleeping on.

Zac along with Vanessa's mom, Gina, had shaken his head at Vanessa's thought of staying in her house before moving any furniture in. "It'll be like camping. I'll rough it for a day or so. It'll be fine. The shower works, the stove and fridge are working properly. I'll get some groceries, take a few blankets and pillows. It'll be fine." Vanessa had argued.

Zac and Gina knew better. "When was the last time she went camping?" Zac asked Gina when Vanessa went in search of her father for support.

"I think she was twelve, maybe. She and the little girl next door decided to camp out. They were hoping the boys from up the street would come down and set up their tent too." Gina grinned at Zac's raised eyebrows and interested look.

"Do tell…please!" Zac urged Gina to continue.

"Oh, the boys came down alright but not till almost midnight. Scared the girls right back into the house but not before they screamed for ten minutes. Did I mention they were outside, in our back yard?" Gina shook her head.

"Continue." Zac could tell there was more to the story.

"One of the boy's moms heard the screaming. She called the cops to come check things out when she couldn't find her son." Now Gina rolled her eyes.

"And…" Zac wanted the whole story.

"And, they found him…and his buddy…in our back yard inside the girls' tent. The girls had come inside just as the police patrol went down the street with flashing lights. The boys were so scared they hid in the tent."

Zac couldn't help but laugh. "How long did it take to get things straightened out?"

Gina grabbed two bottles of water from the refrigerator and handed one to Zac. "Oh wow, it ended that well, huh?" Zac grinned at her as he opened the bottle.

"Well, Greg found the boys about fifteen minutes after the police stopped and knocked on our door. They had worked their way down the street talking to people who had heard screams coming from our yard. They questioned me and Greg, of course, and then they questioned the girls.

We had thought a raccoon or something had spooked the girls. Greg and I had NO idea that the boys were ever in the back yard. Vanessa didn't want to tell the police why they had screamed because she knew Greg would be furious. But she finally did tell when the police told us that anyone who had information about the boys and didn't share it would be arrested."

Zac watched as Gina took a long drink of her water. "Greg wasn't at all happy about that was he?"

Gina chuckled a little. "Was he happy the first time V told him she was spending the night at your apartment?"

"Yikes." Zac didn't need a reminder of that. "So how did things turn out?"

"Well, Greg found the boys in the tent and brought them to the officers. They took them home. Greg let Vanessa's friend spend the night but made them sleep in the tent out back just for good measure. He slept in a sleeping bag right beside their tent."

"Any other punishment?" Zac was curious.

Gina had to think. "I know there had to be something. Greg was ticked because of the whole mess and because his back was killing him from sleeping on the ground. Oh, Vanessa complained that her back was hurting too. She told him she would never go camping again and Greg assured her that she was correct. I think that's also when he banned her from seeing boys until she was 50."

"Ahh, there's the good fatherly punishment I would expect from Mr. H.!" Zac and Gina both smiled and laughed.


Zac had had no problem sleeping that night. He had spent weeks sleeping on an air mattress when he had first gotten his apartment. But Vanessa hadn't slept there until he got an actual bed. The mattress had been a cheap one, but it was still a real mattress.

After the first night at Vanessa's house she made a quick decision. When Zac finally did wake up the next morning she dragged him to the mall, determined to find a set that would suit her comfort level. They spent six agonizing hours going through stores, sitting and laying on mattresses and comparing costs. She was determined to have a mattress to sleep on that night.

And to complicate matters? She insisted that she would not take her bed from home. Gina and Greg had offered countless times to bring over her bed from her bedroom at their home. Vanessa had rejected their offer every time saying it was time for her to choose her own bed…and sleep in it.

Zac didn't care what mattress they had. Who on God's green earth was going to see her mattress besides the two of them. Okay, maybe Gina would see it, or Ashley…but who gives a flying fur-ball about what they see? You cover the item with sheets for a reason. As long as it's comfortable to sleep on, who cares?

Those were the thoughts that got him in trouble that day. Those were the words that had him sleeping again on the air mattress the second night in her new home. And those were the ideas that kept him waiting in the car at the store where they returned to actually make a purchase.

In the end, she had paid an insane amount to make sure the Vera Wang 'Sweetheart' mattress by Serta was delivered that night. She refused to sleep on the air mattress again. Even without a headboard, or footboard or a frame she pulled the fitted sheet onto the soft, white material that was adorned with heart shapes sewn into the fabric.

This current morning Zac worked to put the sheet back on the bed. He laughed a little realizing that they never talked about night one or night two. But then he smiled, grabbed one of Vanessa's pillows and breathed in her scent from the cushiony object. On night number three at her house a bed was fully intact, including the designer mattress and foundation. On night number three they had christened that piece of furniture and Vanessa had declared it 'their bed in her bedroom'.


Hundreds of miles away Vanessa was having the same thoughts. She ran her hand over the mattress gently. She would always remember night number three in her house. That's when she knew, even if she wouldn't admit it out loud yet, that it wasn't just her house. That's when she knew that she and Zac would someday share the bedroom in that house. That's when it became 'their' bed.

When a sales clerk approached her the woman noticed a bit of a sad look on Vanessa's face. "Everything ok Miss?" the clerk asked.

Vanessa nodded and then pointed to the mattress set. "This is the one I want please." She glanced at her watch. 9:30 already. She knew she had to get moving. She made her way to the counter, following the clerk who had the sales information.

She wouldn't be home until after six o'clock that night. Vanessa shook her head as she worked to make arrangements to have both the bed and mattress set delivered. Déjà vu. "I will pay an extra thousand dollars if you'll just make sure this gets to me tonight. I'll be at the apartment by 6:15. Anytime after that will be fine, please."

The clerk could see Vanessa's frustration and could tell she was in a hurry. "Ma'am, would you like a sheet set or a comforter? For what you're paying we'll throw those in for free."

Vanessa sighed. "Toss 'em in. I'm going to need them.


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