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Chapter One

It had started off as just another day at the Jeffersonian; cases to see to, bones to identify and Zach to keep an eye on. If Brennan had had the slightest hint of what the day would bring then she would seriously have considered not coming in to work today. On the other hand… if she had known that what happened would be this… interesting then no force on earth would have been able to stop her.

*4 hours earlier*

Brennan had just got back from lunch with Booth at the Diner when her best friend Angela Montenegro burst into her office and announced without preamble that she had "had enough of you two tiptoeing around each other! I am doing something about it right now! Oh and sweetie, don't go anywhere!" and with that slightly threatening last statement had flown back out again and then did not reappear for several minutes. When she did it was with Special Agent Seely Booth in tow and a look on her face that meant business.

"… are you doing?" were the first words Brennan heard her partner say as he was thrust unceremoniously into her office.

" You," she said pointing at Brennan, "and you," too Booth "are coming with me right now. No arguing," she forestalled Brennan's half-formed protest.

"Ange, where are you taking us?" Brennan had inquired as she was dragged bodily out of her office and towards the stairs.

"You'll see sweetie," was the only thing Angela would say.

"But Angela, I have cases to finish!" Booth was protesting.

"Not anymore you don't," she shot back," I asked Cullen if I could borrow you for the rest of the day."

"And he agreed to that?"

"After I told him what I was going to do with you, yeah he did."

"And what are you doing with us?" Brennan chimed in.

"Just wait sweetie, you'll like it, trust me." The last comment was made with a suggestive eye-roll in Booth's direction.

They had apparently arrived where Angela was dragging them while the conversation was taking place.

"Uh… Ange?" "We are standing in front of a broom closet."

"Yes, I know," was her suspiciously cheerful reply.

And on that note they were shoved none-to- gently inside.