HEY GUYS! I finally finished it! Thanks for being so patient and understanding. Thanks again to my wonderful beta/co-author Tallonfoot321 a.k.a Hannah. And so without further ado… on with the story!


Booth smiled and took her hand, leading them out of the building

Unnoticed by ether of them, the small, red light of a camera hidden in the upper corner of the closet shut off.

Booth and Brennan walked hand-in-hand into the Jeffersonian the next morning and we met with….. silence. It was quiet, too quiet. Ange hadn't ambushed them as soon as they walked in the door, deafening them with her screaming. Zach could not be seen on the platform, working on a Limbo case. Cam wasn't in her office, or anywhere else to be seen and Hodgins was… nowhere to be found either.

"I can guess where they all are," Brennan murmured to Booth.

"Me too," he muttered back.

The looked at each other.

"Ange's office," they said together.

They walked over to Angela's office, quietly but it turned out they needn't have bothered with quiet, they doubted anyone in the room would have noticed if they'd burst in screaming at each other. All the squints, Sweets, Cullen ("Why is Cullen, of all people here," Booth wondered to himself) and Charlie were gathered around Angela's computer screen, watching whatever it was with avid attention.

All of a sudden, they all "ooooohed" at whatever had just happened in what they were watching.

Brennan decided that then was a good time to announce their presence.

"Good morning everyone. What is so fascinating that you all decided that whatever it was, was more important than our work?"

Zach stood up so abruptly he knocked over his chair. "Sorry, Dr. Brennan, it won't happen again Dr. Brennan."

"Why is that kid still acting like your grad student?" Booth asked Brennan under his breath.

"I have no idea," she murmured back.

Everyone else all of a sudden found their shoes, the floor and the ceiling much more interesting than what they had just been watching.

"Well?" she asked impatiently.

"Um… well… you see… the thing is…" Hodgins couldn't seem to get the words out fast enough.

"Thank-you Dr. Hodgins, that was most informative," she said sarcastically.

"Nice Bones, nice," Booth said.

She glared at him.

"OK, shutting up now."

"Anyway, is anyone going to answer my question?"

Booth decided it was time to step in and addressed his next question to Cullen.

"How about you tell us sir?" he asked cheerfully.

Cullen looked like he suddenly wished he could be anywhere but in that room.

"Ah… Booth, I'm sure Charlie would be happy to answer all of your questions," he passed it off to the younger Agent (AN: is Charlie an Agent? I can't remember) very fast.

Booth turned expectantly to Charlie.

Charlie looked like he wished the floor would open up and swallow him.

"Um… ah… well Ms Montenegro called us all over here this morning to view some very, educational footage of, well, um," he gulped.

"Shall we just take pity on them?" Brennan asked Booth.

"Hmmm," he pretended to think. "I kinda like seeing them sitting there shaking in their shoes, but…"

"Did you really think that one of us wouldn't notice that camera you had rigged up Ange?" Booth asked the artist.

"Well, yes actually," she seemed the only calm one of the lot.

"Ok, you've had your fun, now give me the tape!"

"Ok, ok, don't get your knickers in a knot, I was going to give it too you anyway," she stated looking a little put out.

"But, I was hoping for a little bit longer with it actually…"

"Too bad, hand it over."

She sighed and obliged.

"Well, now that's out of the way…" he looked at Brennan, who grinned back. "Shall we give 'em something to make up for it?"

She looked confused, then comprehension dawned. "I guess we could…"

So he bent her backwards, like in the story books and gave her the best kiss of her life.


WOW! I finished it, please don't kill me if you don't like the ending, it kinda sucks I know but it WAS put together in about half-an-hour at like 1:00am. I just wanted to get it finished. Feel free to flame me, cause even I don't particularly like it, I might re-write it one of these days. Thanks again for being so patient!