A/N: I've been entertaining this idea for a while and the YunJae videos milkyxduckie from LJ showed me gave me the final push to write it down. Unbetaed because I just have to get this out of my head and write something else.

Disclaimer: sadly my OTPs aren't mine.


Sometimes it was easy to forget that he loves him. Sometimes it took a gentle caress, or a kiss, or a love confession, but most of the time it took much more to remind him.

He would bury himself in assignments and books, losing himself in the world he would not live just because. He would nod and hum and grunt but not look because every second of peace should be celebrated by living in fantasy. Sometimes he would be reminded kindly that he is in love. Other times he would be left alone in silence until the time for comfort ceased.

It was easy to forget how much he loves him. It was easy to just think of himself. It was easy to think that silence meant peace and contentment.

He has forgotten how it feels to be warm. He could not remember happiness. He only knows of loneliness.

Tezuka stares out of the window to the grey sky outside and the softly falling rain, embraced by melancholy that will never cease. The silver ring feels cold in his hand as the finality in the single word on the letter he places in front of him stabs his heart with the iciest cruelty ever known.


He remembers now how much he loves Fuji.


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