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Tony pushed his chair back slightly in order to prop his feet up on the desk. It had been a long day, and he was just waiting for the go ahead from Gibbs to go home - a place he hadn't been for about 2 days now. He had his toothbrush, deodorant and clean shirts, but it wasn't the same as his big, soft bed. He closed his eyes as he imagined how it would feel to finally fall onto it, his head hitting the silk cushions that were his pillows. Grinning happily as he ran through what he would do that evening, including getting a huge pizza with one of his favourite Magnum episodes, he failed to see Gibbs walk into the office.

"DiNozzo!" The man jumped up from his desk as quickly as you could say his name and looked over at his Boss,

"Yeah Boss?" Gibbs reviewed him with a critical eye as he heard how happy his agent sounded,

"You done your report?" Tony's eyes suddenly dulled. He knew he'd forgotten to do something, dammit! He started to pout as much as possible, before whining,

"Can't I do it tomorrow? I haven't been home in ages!" Gibbs wasn't sure what caused him to say it, but Tony's puppy-dog look softened some part of him and he rolled his eyes, growling,

"It had better be on my desk first thing tomorrow." Tony beamed and replied,

"I love you Boss!" Before running to the elevator, whooping loudly at the fact he had managed to get out of some work for a while.

Ziva gazed at the scene in outrage. Okay, she didn't really care that she still needed to give in her report tonight, as she'd been planning to do it anyway, but it hardly seemed fair that Tony got out of it,

"Gibbs, I really don't think it fair that both I and McGee have to stay here and finish our reports whilst Tony gets to go home, simply because he did the kitten-cat eyes."

"Puppy-dog, Ziva." McGee quietly corrected her, hoping he wasn't going to get dragged into an argument between Ziva and Gibbs - especially over Tony. McGee gave a small wince. He knew who would win.

"Agent DiNozzo," Gibbs started frostily, glaring at Ziva, "Is perfectly capable of finishing his paperwork when asked."

"McGee and myself..." Ziva began, before being cut off by the older man,

"Are junior agents in retrospect with DiNozzo. I gave him so leeway as he has more experience with what might happen if it doesn't get done."

"So are you saying we wouldn't be able to cope like Tony can?" Ziva asked, anger radiating from her body, almost spitting flames. Gibbs growled, but simply didn't answer and looked down at his own paperwork, almost head-slapping himself.

You should never show favouritism between agents. Never.


"Good morning world." Tony grinned at both Ziva and McGee as he bounced into the bullpen, giving Abby a run for her money. Both looked up at him with stony looks on their faces. They had stayed late last night to finish their reports, and no doubt Tony would have stayed as long as them doing his if he hadn't asked to go home.

So neither replied to his cheerful greeting, which he frowned at, but went over to Gibbs's desk and laid several sheets of paper on it. At this, Ziva stopped the cold shoulder and asked, incredulous,

"When did you find time to do that?!" He winked at her, not telling her that he only wanted to go home so he could finish his work without being disturbed (And so he could lie on his luxury bed and do it),

"Work smarter, not harder Zee-Vah," He sing-songed, getting a slap on the head, "Thankyou Boss." Gibbs strode past him, nodding as he saw the report on his desk. Giving Tony a quick glance which meant, 'I'll go through it fully later' he reached for his phone as it started ringing. A few seconds later, he barked,

"Grab your gear!"

"What've we got Boss?" Tony asked, grinning happily as he reached for his bag,

"Dead marine, name of Lt. William King, found in his home in Norfolk. Gas the truck."

"On it Boss!" He yelled and grabbed the keys out of the air as Gibbs threw them. As Tony passed Ziva (Who was calling Ducky) he gave her a wink; which she replied to with a snarl.


"It's a real bad one Boss." Tony said to him, looking rather queasy as he stepped out of the house to grab the camera. Gibbs nodded and gave him a small pat on the back as he waited outside for Ducky. When Tony walked back in, he wasn't surprised to find that Ziva was the only one not an odd shade of green. McGee was continually putting a tissue to his face as if about to throw up in it, and was gingerly peering through various drawers in the house.

"My my Jethro, this is a nasty one." Ducky said from the doorway. Tony nodded from where he was stood with the camera, hands shaking slightly as he took pictures. He was used to all sorts. After being a cop, and then moving on to NCIS there wasn't a lot he hadn't seen. But this...

The body was lying on the floor, completely naked. It looked like he had been disemboweled; his guts and blood all over the place. His testicles had been removed and all of his toes and fingers brutally ripped off, lying next to them. They looked as though they had been put down to form some sort of message,

"What's it say DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked, not being able to see from where he was stood,

"Doesn't look like it was finished Boss, so far it says 'Rose W'."

"Rose double-yew? Sounds like someone's name." Ziva said, from where she was stood by the body,

"No, 'Rosewuh'," Tony explained, "As in, it could go on to say the name of a place or something, like 'Rosewell'." Ziva nodded and started to pick through his drawers, sheafing through various leaflets and official looking pieces of paper.

"Ducky, he ok to be moved?" The ME nodded, but looked off. Crouching down, Gibbs said, "You ok?"

"I hope you find whoever did this quickly Jethro." Ducky muttered, sounding dark.

"Why?" Tony asked, glancing away from the pictures long enough to look at Ducky's face,

"Because from what I can tell here," He said, "His extremities were ripped off. By hand."


"Maybe a county?" Ziva offered, from where they had been brain storming 'Rosew'. McGee shook his head,

"There aren't any that I know of beginning with 'Rose'." Tony typed at his keyboard for a few seconds before saying,

"It could be some kind of hotel."

"What makes you say that DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked, from where he'd been sat at his desk, adding his input every so often but wanting to know what his team came up with.

"I er... I googled it Boss." Gibbs raised his eyebrows and said,

"You mean you just typed in our only piece of evidence into the Internet, hoping you'll get a match near here?"


"Good work," Gibbs praised, leading Tony to look shell-shocked, "Using your initiative." Tony grinned at Ziva and McGee who rolled their eyes at him.

"Put it up on the plasma." Gibbs told him, standing up from his chair. Tony quickly grabbed the remote for it and pressed a button. Instantly, a picture of a large, Victorian looking house appeared, with a huge garden by the side of it.

"Why is everyone wearing white gowns?" Tony wondered out loud, leaning closer to it, as if that would explain why.

"Because Tony," McGee said in a patronizing voice, "It isn't a hotel."

"It's not?" Tony replied, and felt himself dragged back by his shoulders,

"'Rosewood Institute: A delightful range of various physicians, psychologists and councillors make this the ideal place to take your loved ones for a rest...'" Gibbs quoted from the screen, "It's a mental asylum genius."

"Oh, a funny farm," Tony chuckled, before getting his expected slap, "Shutting up Boss..."

"You know, this fits," McGee said, drawing all attention to him, "According to this file, Lt. King spent about 5 months there for depression before being honourably discharged two weeks ago."

"Why didn't we hear about this sooner McGee?" Gibbs snarled, causing McGee to go quite pale and stutter out,

"Sorry Boss... won't... won't happen again."

"Maybe whoever did it knew him from Rosewood?" Ziva questioned, intervening. She looked over at Gibbs for affirmation. He shrugged and said,

"It's a possibility. DiNozzo, take David and go interview some of the nurses, inmates..." He paused, seeing the look on Tony's face, "Something in my tone of voice make that seem like a suggestion?"

"Well, no Boss... but I don't think any of the nuts..." Gibbs glared at him, "Any of the inmates would talk to us. I mean, maybe if we sent in someone non threatening, or asked the nurses to talk to them..."

"Are you suggesting putting in a woman Tony?" Ziva asked him, her voice low,

"Well they are non threatening... I mean..." He hastily amended, as Ziva glared at him, obviously about to say, 'And do you think I'm non-threatening Tony?', "Maybe just get someone in there undercover. Like, being an inmate. They'll talk to them." He glanced up at his Boss for approval, who was looking stern.

Gibbs didn't think it was a good idea to put any of his people into an asylum undercover. Even though he knew all of them were up to it. Ziva could definitely survive there, but would she be able to act the part of a crazy person? Tony was more than capable of acting crazy, and he could probably get the inmates to talk; but Gibbs wondered whether he'd be able to last there so long. And McGee - even though he wasn't the Probie anymore, and Gibbs was sure he'd be just as capable as Ziva and Tony, something inside him told him that it wasn't a good idea. So now he just had to choose between his other two agents.

"I think you should go Probie, you fit the look of a crazy person." Tony told McGee, grinning as McGee glared back at him.

"Why, I thought you would volunteer for this Tony," Ziva said, acting surprised, "You could easily act crazy - it wouldn't take much effort." Tony stuck his tongue out before asking,

"So who's going to go Boss?" Gibbs glanced up at his waiting agents. Tony was bouncing about, looking nervous and excited. Ziva was stood there silently, looking much too calm. And McGee looked rather nervous too, but without Tony's enthusiasm.

"DiNozzo, you go. Go down to Abby for a full background."

"Yes!" He yelled, bunched his hand into a fist and punching the air. McGee simply looked like he was glad it wasn't him, whereas Ziva said to Gibbs,

"Is there a reason you chose him?"

"'Cause he can pull off crazy." Was all he replied with, but kept staring at the elevator Tony had entered. Something in his gut was screaming at him that this wasn't right.

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