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(Nabiki's P.O.V.)

On a bright sunny Friday afternoon, Akane, Ranma, Mathew and I were hanging out at the beach. Ranma was in his girl form and wearing her yellow and blue bathing suit with the word "Boy" inscribed along the chest area. Akane, who had now learned how to swim, was in her same bathing suit she wore at the bathhouse, which was striped pink and white. Mathew was in his swimshorts that were blue and black in color and was wearing yet another one of his motocross shirts, which was with black and white checkered flag designs on them with the last name "Villopoto" on the back and the number 2 underneath. On the other hand, I was in my usual purple one-piece swimsuit with the choker around my neck. The four of us came to the beach right after school; Mathew was with us because after breakfast, we had invited Mathew to the beach after it was done, and he accepted. Mathew had brought along a portable DVD player and was watching an American motorcycle race.

"Is that the racing you're going to be doing here?" I asked after I got a look at the race myself.

"Yep," Mathew answered.

I looked forward again at the ocean. The weather report said that the weather was going to be great today, and it was… the sun was really shining brightly today.

"Gee, isn't it a super nice day today?" Akane asked us.

"You can say that again," Ranma replied.

I could tell that she was agreeing with her.

"Hey, Mathew," Ranma spoke up again.

He looked at her.

"You happen to do that 'martial arts' Mario stuff, right?" Ranma asked.

"Yeah, why, what do you have in mind?" Mathew asked after answering her.

"Well, do you use that 'martial arts' for pleasure at times?" Ranma asked again.

"Very rarely," Mathew answered. "Why? You want me to bust out a leaf and fly you guys to a high distance in the sky and drop you guys in the drink?"

"Yeah, exactly," Ranma answered.

"It'd be a nice way to cool off," I said to Mathew, supporting Ranma's idea. "Cliff jumping is already getting old."

The three of us all looked at Akane for her answer.

"What?!! Are you crazy?" She said to us. "We could fall on one of the rocks and seriously get a concussion!"

"Come on, Akane," I said to her with a small amount of pressure in my voice. "Mathew's going to take us where there aren't any rocks around."

"But still," Akane said, being a little afraid of sharks being nearby.

"Akane, this is the time of year where the waters are shark-free, it'll be fine," I said.

"So, is it a go then?" Mathew asked us. "Because I'm going to do it if you and Ranma want to, Nabiki." He continued.

"I'm in," I said.

"Me too," Ranma said.

We all looked at Akane with me and Ranma having hopes of it being unanimous, even though the two of us had outvoted her.

"Well, Akane, it seems that you've been outvoted," Mathew said to her.

Akane looked skyward.

"Okay okay, I guess I'm in, too," She said to us, already realizing that we had outvoted her decision.

"Okay then," Mathew said, clapping his hands once. "Sounds like it's a go to me… stand clear!!"

The three of us stood back while Mathew did his thing. After 30 seconds and a breeze passed by, he jumped up in the air, revealing a hidden block, and a brown leaf came dancing out of it. Mathew leaped into the air and grabbed it. He now had a tail and ears on his head like a raccoon. I almost felt like laughing, before he spoke up again.

"I know this looks kind of goofy, but this is what Mario looks like when he grabs a Super Leaf," Mathew said to us.

"I see…" I said, finally containing my laughter.

Akane suddenly twitched.

"Isn't that the same result when you touched that flower and took off to stop Happosai when I took you to meet Yuka and Saiyuri not that long ago?" She asked Mathew.

She turned to us.

"He touched a flower and his outfit turned from normal colors to completely orange," Akane explained.

"Yep," Mathew answered. "But it was a different story – the Fire Flower (what Akane was referring to) allows me to shoot fireballs that bounce until it hits something; the Super Leaf I just grabbed allows me to go to high distances for a certain amount of time. It's only natural that I develop a style of 'martial arts' if you want to call it that… or a nice set of powers that I taught myself from one of my childhood video game heroes."

The three of us seemed very surprised on that.

"Well, who am I taking up to the skies first?" Mathew asked us.

I thought about it for a moment, but before I could answer, I looked at Akane and Ranma and they were both pointing their fingers at me… probably because they knew Mathew had a crush on me… and we were "engaged" in a way.

"Looks like it's my turn to be outvoted," I said after a sigh.

I was really hoping that either Ranma or Akane would be voted first to go, but instead, it turned out to be me.

"Are you ready for liftoff, Nabiki?" Mathew asked me.

"Yeah," I answered.

I watched as Mathew got a running start, spread out his arms to his full wingspan, jumped, and took to the sky. I jumped up and held on to his ankles while his raccoon tail flapped in the breeze. After a few minutes, when I looked down, all I could see was the crystal blue water, while I saw Mathew still flying in an oval.

"Whenever you're ready, Nabiki," Mathew said to me. "Lucky for me, I took a P-wing with me – it allows me to stay flying in the sky until I'm finished or hit something myself. In other words, I don't have to get a running start everytime I take somebody up to the skies like how I just took you up a minute ago."

"Nice way to teach yourself these things," I commented.

"Thanks," Mathew said. "And I'm sure Ranma and Akane are waiting for their turns, so, you might want to let go and take a splash down below, and swim back to shore."

"I'd say you're right," I said and finally released my grip on Mathew's ankles.

I began dropping like a rock to the ocean. I landed in there with a big splash. After I resurfaced, I watched as Mathew flew back to the others. I started swimming back to shore after Mathew started flying back there. After a couple minutes of just swimming, my legs were long enough for me to walk back to shore, even with the water level above my stomach. After reaching the end, I walked back to the others, water dripping from my suit and the rest of my body.

"Well, how was it?" Akane asked.

"Thrilling," I answered. "Who's next?" I asked.

"Well, if you said it was thrilling, I'm up then," Ranma answered.

While Mathew took Ranma out to sea, I walked over and stood next to Akane. She still looked a little nervous about trying this.

"I don't know why you're nervous, little sister," I said to her. "The only thing I hit was the water."

"Give me a break," Akane said. "I don't want to get hurt or anything."

"Where's your sense of fun, Akane?" I asked. "There's absolutely NOTHING to worry about."

I looked forward and saw that Ranma had let go of Mathew and dropped into the sea. He was already flying back for Akane's turn.

"Get going, girl, you're up," I said, gently pushing Akane ahead of me.

(Kasumi's P.O.V.)

While Akane and the others were having fun at the beach, I had just made some noodles and tea and had offered some to Father and Mr. Saotome.

"Sure is quiet around here without the others," Father said.

"Yeah, especially when not one but TWO guys are interrupting your raids," I heard Grandfather Happosai speak up.

He had two lumps on his head – one on each side.

"M-M-Master," Father stuttered, looking pretty agitated about what just happened to him.

"Yeah, that new guy Kasumi let stay with us has teamed up with Ranma to put my raids in the garbage!!" Grandfather said.

That's when we heard a knock at the door.

"Coming," I called.

When I looked to see who was at the door, it turned out to be a little girl.

"Well, hello there," I said. "What business do you have here?"

"I'm looking for my father," The little girl said. "I have a picture."

I took a look at the picture and it looked exactly like Mr. Saotome.

"Mr. Saotome, I think you have a guest," I called.

That's when I saw the little girl run up to give Mr. Saotome a hug.

"Daddy, am I glad I found you!!" She said.

"S-S-Saotome, what is the meaning of this?" Father said.

"Give me a minute, Tendo," Mr. Saotome responded.

While Mr. Saotome began searching his memory on whoever the girl was, I couldn't bear to imagine how Ranma would react when he found out Mr. Saotome was responsible for yet another one of his selfish deeds that involved poor Ranma.

"Mr. Saotome, I don't mean to interrupt, but what if Ranma finds out about this?" I said to him. "He'll be absolutely furious."

"Yes, that's right," Father agreed.

"It won't be pretty," I added.

(Akane's P.O.V.)

Back at the beach, I was swimming back to shore because I was the last one to drop from the "flying" Mathew to the ocean.

"You were right, Nabiki," I said after I reached the shoreline. "Dropping from the sky and into the water after holding on to Mathew IS fun!"

"I never said it wasn't going to be fun," Nabiki said to me, not looking surprised.

"You never know what you're missing if you don't try it," Ranma said to me.

"I guess you're right," I said, feeling better that I tried it.

"How about one more go at it and we'll head home?" Nabiki said.

"Shoot and I was having a lot of fun dropping you guys into the drink," Mathew said.

"You were?" Ranma asked.

"Yeah, just watching you guys splashing into the water makes it so much fun to me," Mathew answered.

"I don't see how it does," Nabiki said.

"It's hard to explain," Mathew said to her.

"Well, do you want to continue allowing us to drop into the water a little longer?" I asked.

"Yeah, because my P-wing is good for about another half-an-hour or so," Mathew said.

"Is there any way that you can stop it?" I asked.

"Trust me, Akane," Mathew said to me. "I've been trying to stop it for months… and I'm still not successful in doing so… but I'm working on it."

"Why not try making that flower appear," I suggested.

"I'll try that," Mathew responded. "Even if I do have an endless supply of all that stuff…"

"Well why didn't you do that from the start?" I asked.

"I wasn't sure if my work included an endless supply of my powers," Mathew answered. "And after about 3 years, I began to believe that I DID have an endless supply from the start after all."

"Gee, I've been having a lot of fun with that, I feel that we should've brought Kasumi with us," Nabiki said.

"Next time, for sure," I said.

In the meantime, Ranma had volunteered to be flown out before Nabiki could say so. As soon as Mathew started flying airborne, Ranma leaped on and grabbed his knees again. As soon as the two were out to sea, Mathew was working on making a U-turn back to where we were, and after he had completed the turn, Ranma released her grip and dropped down into the sea. We could see her figure, albeit being small, and when she dropped into the sea, we could see how big Ranma's splash was. She started swimming back to shore after Mathew had started flying back to us.

"Guess I'll go next," Nabiki said.

I didn't argue with that. While she was waiting for her turn, I dried my hands off so I wouldn't lose grip on Mathew and cause him to turn around over and over again. After Nabiki had her turn, I got ready to leap onto the "flying" Mathew again. After he was almost directly above me, I leaped into the air and grasped onto his knees. I held on tightly as he flew out to sea.

"You alright down there?" Mathew asked me.

"A-ok," I said.

Mathew was still flying across with ease. After he got ready to make his U-turn, I began to get ready to release my grip on his knees. A minute after he completed the turn-around, I released my grip and landed in the ocean with a big splash. Of course, with me now knowing how to swim, I began to swim back to shore again. After everyone had gone a few more times, and Mathew's P-wing or whatever wore off, we began packing up and headed for home.

End chapter.

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