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"Yeah, looks like you learned how," We heard Ranma reply to Akane from the bushes.

"Hey, since when did Akane know how to swim?" Yuka asked.

"When Mathew first arrived and Akane and I showed him around," Nabiki responded.

"She's probably the first person I've met who didn't know how to swim," I added.

We looked forward at the two… until I heard a familiar, but faint… cackling noise.

"Aw, geez," I groaned. "It's that cunt again!!"

We looked forward and noticed that Ranma had taken off. I looked to my right and saw that he had already stood on Happosai's head.

"You never give up on this stuff for once, do you?" I heard him say.

"He stole our underwear!!" A lady protested.

"Here you are," Ranma simply said. "And take your anger out on him for me please?"

He tossed an unconscious Happosai into the crowd of angry females and walked away.

"Nice work," I said to myself.

While the ladies pummeled Happosai, Akane started walking back. I assumed she wanted to change. Minutes later, she came out in regular clothes.

"Oh, I wish Saotome could've seen this," Mr. Tendo cried out.

"Don't go too far, Daddy," Nabiki replied.

"Mm-hmm," I agreed.

At the end of it all, we had followed the two undercover to the tennis courts, the ice cream shop (in his girl form), and finally, a local beach. Now, the rest of us were all back home, and happy that Akane didn't bring up him disowning Mr. Saotome and Happosai.

"Well, after all the hubbub going on, you did great, Akane," I said to her.

"Thanks," She replied.

"So… what's next?" Mr. Tendo asked.

"We end for the day and finish up tomorrow," I answered.

"Something tells me you forgot to tell us something from your evaluation, Mathew-baby," Nabiki said to me.

"Yes, you're right," I said. "And that is… that Ranma blames his dad for TONS of things… which doesn't come as a surprise to me."

"Why's that?" Saiyuri asked.

"Put yourself in Ranma's shoes," I explained. "You're on a decade-long journey and your dad's one of the most cold-hearted idiots on the planet, who steals your food, sells you for one little fish, and just the other day… adopts a little girl without your consent… etc. etc.; after I heard of all the things Ranma's dad does to him, I felt for the guy. That—that ate at him so bad, he disowned him."

"I would agree," Yuka replied. "If I had a father who was that heartless, I'd have done the same thing."

"Not to mention Akane constantly bashing him in the head," Nabiki added.

"Are you saying that I played a role in Ranma disowning Mr. Saotome?!" Akane shouted.

"We never said anything like that," I mentioned.

"So what the hell does my bashing on Ranma's head so many times have to do with this?" She asked.

"Other than the fact that Ranma had nobody to turn to before I came along… nothing," I responded.

"Akane's been like that before," Kasumi spoke up. "She did knock out Father because of something Ranma said to her."

"And another thing… too many hits to the head could give Ranma a concussion… or even worse… permanent brain damage. If he has to see a doctor, and he tells them about the hits he's taken to his head, courtesy of Akane, they could tell him, 'Son, if you take another hit to the head… like that again… in the next six months, another battle could be the least of your problems,'" I added.

"How's that so?" Yuka asked.

"I know someone back home in the states with a similar situation in the sport of motocross," I said. "Annapolis, Maryland's Travis Pastrana, the 2000 125cc Outdoor National Champion and 2001 125cc East Supercross Champion… he was leading the 2001 125cc Outdoor National Championship before he had a terrible wreck on the last lap at the Unadilla National in New York in 2001, smacking his head on the ground… which resulted in a concussion. And then, two weeks later at the Washougal National in Washington, in the 2nd 125cc moto, he hits his head AGAIN… and he had to forfeit his season the very next race."

"Wow," Kasumi said, horrified about Pastrana's situation in 2001.

"Before we get too deviated from the current topic," I spoke up. "Ranma's psychologically depressed and upset. He wanted some peace and sanity in his life… and he was getting tired of having to put up with his Dad's stupid things and Happosai's panty raids."

"What do we do now?" Soun asked.

"We end for now and try to convince him to get back with Mr. Saotome tomorrow," I told him.

"Do you think it'll work?" Kasumi asked.

"It has to," Nabiki replied.

"We'll have to involve Ukyo and Shampoo," I pointed out. "Saiyuri, Yuka, I think your help will be needed, too."

"Okay, we'll help," Yuka said in determination.

"Count me in," Saiyuri added.

"Would you girls care to stay for dinner?" Kasumi asked them.

"I'll stay," Yuka spoke up.

"Guess I will as well," Saiyuri agreed.

After we all ate, Saiyuri and Yuka left for home. On the other hand, the rest of us cleaned up, showered, and went off to sleep.


(Akane's P.O.V.)

As soon as I woke up and ate my breakfast of some quick Ramen, I headed out the door. Surprisingly, Ranma made his way out not too long after I stepped out.

"Well, this is a surprise," I said to him. "I thought you'd stay home for another day – to make it 5 days you've been out of school."

"Oh, just can it!!" Ranma said, making it look like it was nothing.

"Ranma, are you sure you think you're doing the right thing?" I asked.

"I'm positive, okay, Akane?" Ranma assured.

"Okay," I said, knowing that he might choke on his martial arts.

Ranma hadn't done a battle since disowning his dad and Happosai… I was sure. He had only been out with Kasumi, Nabiki, and me these last three days – one with each Tendo sister.

"Ranma!!" We heard a female voice call out.

That someone was Ukyo. She was wearing her usual Okonomiyaki outfit.

"Oh, hey, Ukyo," I said.

"Looks like Ranma's going back to school for the first time in quite a while," Ukyo assumed.

"Let's just hope that this day doesn't go terrible in a hurry," Ranma said.

"Don't you worry about a thing, Ranma-honey," Ukyo announced. "I'm not gonna let anyone make you think about what's happened."

The three of us reached the school campus in no time. Unexpectedly, Kuno was walking down the concrete path that led to the front door.

"Oh gosh," Uyko replied. "Didn't count on this."

"Let us pass, Kuno," I demanded.

"Akane Tendo, for once, you are not the subject that I am after," Kuno spoke in his irritating tone that I've hated for quite some time.

"Why doesn't that surprise me?" I said with crossed arms, a frown, and almost-closed eyes.

"So, the rumors are true," Kuno said to Ranma.

"What rumors?" Ranma replied, getting defensive with himself.

"Ranma Saotome," Kuno began. "Is it true that you are without a legal guardian?" He said.

"That's not your business, Kuno," Ranma snapped.

"It might be… a simple yes or no will do," Kuno insisted.

"That's not for you to know!!" Ranma screamed.

With that, he balled his fist, and punched Kuno high into the sky like a button flying up to the top on those mallet hitting games at a fair. Kuno had landed back on the dirt, head first.

"Ranma Saotome, I've had quite enough of your foolish and rude attitude," Kuno said after getting up. "I'll leave you two options – you either get back together with your old legal guardian… but surrender Akane to me, or let me and my sister be your new legal guardians. If I am not informed of your decision by tomorrow, I assume you'll want me and Kodachi as your new legal guardian."

"Wow," Ukyo said with crossed arms.

"How dare he involve me in Ranma's issues!!" I shouted.

"Oh grow up, you big girl-failure," Ranma snapped, punching him in the nose and walking inside the school building.

"And don't involve me in any of his issues!" I added to Kuno.

In reaction to his stupid decision game with Ranma, I intentionally stepped on Kuno's chest with both feet.

"Gee, you seem really eaten up with this as much as Ranma," Ukyo said to me.

After lunch had come, I was heading to the café to find Ranma. As usual, there was a whole crowd of rowdy boys trying to get their hands on some bread. That's when Hiroshi noticed me.

"Akane, are you looking for Ranma?" He asked me.

"Yeah, did you see him?" I asked.

"I think after what happened with Kuno, he excused himself back home," Hiroshi explained.

"Thought so," I said, as I turned my back.

I ignored the ruckus over my shoulder and looked for Ukyo. She was sitting outside in the field with her usual okonomiyaki. I went over to where she was and sat down.

"Hey, Akane," Ukyo greeted again. "Didn't Ranma head home again after this morning?" She asked me.

"Yeah, that's what Hiroshi said," I said, before getting down to business. "Ukyo, I think Mathew might need your help in getting Ranma back together."

"What's going on, Akane?" She asked me.

"Well, Mathew had this idea of having me, Nabiki, and Kasumi spend some time with Ranma while the rest of us went undercover," I started to explain. "We're close to getting him back together, and Mathew told us last night that we might have to involve you and Shampoo, as well as Yuka and Saiyuri… to try to get Ranma to get back together with his Dad."

"Anything to get Ranma-honey back to normal," Ukyo replied.

"Alright… meet up at my place after school," I replied. "Now I have to get Shampoo." I added under my breath.

After school had ended, Yuka and Saiyuri met up with me and we were on our way back to my place.

"Gee, that Kuno never gets any stupider," I said to the girls.

"What happened?" Yuka asked.

"Kuno demanded that he either have him and his dumb sister be Ranma's new legal guardians, or he get back together with his dad and surrender me over to him," I replied.

"Gee, I wonder what's going through Ranma's mind," Saiyuri replied.

That's when my phone rang.

"Hello?" I said into the speaker.

"Akane, we've got a serious problem," I heard Nabiki's voice say.

"What?!!" I said in horror.

After I heard what Nabiki said to me, I responded with a "I'll be right there!" before hanging up.

"What's going on?" Yuka asked.

"That was Nabiki," I said in agony. "Ranma just attempted suicide!!!" I finished, running ahead.

The girls followed suit.

End chapter.

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