A fanfic that takes place in the Naruto world.

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Tsume stood on the top of a massive mountain. A mountain most called the Hokage's mountain. It was rumored that their souls protected Konoha from the very site she was standing on. As a cool wind blew on her face, she hoped not. The view from the rocky hill was amazing, but it got plain after a while.

After four hours of the same view all day, it was boring. But watching it all day would kill her.

In fact, she wouldn't even be standing there if it wasn't for her pregnancy. The Hokage had told her to take a break off of missions, making the already usually-mad Tsume more angry. But she couldn't stay completely off work, so she did guard duty.

Even if it was unpaid work, it was still something to do.

Hana, her medic-nin daughter, advised her not to. "It will bother the child" she had said, pointing to her mother's swollen stomach. Tsume laughed at the idea. Hana didn't know( for if she did, she'd go nuts) but Tsume had more than her fair share of sake when she was pregnant with Hana.

They argued a lot, but they still loved each other.

Hana didn't know who the father of her brother or sister was, which of course angered the spunky twelve year old, and Tsume was going to keep it that way. Besides ,it was better that way. Hana would throw a fit if she knew who she had slept with.

All of Konoha would throw a fit if they knew who the father was.

As Tsume stood on the highest pearch on the mountain, leaning on the metal handrail, she failed to notice a certain person walking up behind her. A certain person who knew the secret of who the father was as good as he knew his own name.

"Tsume-chan," said Shibi ",How's it going?"

"Good." She said turning around to face the mysterious man.

"That's good to hear." The anxiousness in his voice was clearly evident. "You're not mad about it or anything, are you? I can pay for the hospital bill if you are. I'll just say that..." Tsume silenced her lover by reaching up and kissing him on the check. The smooch was slowly, but surely, brought to his rose red lips.

"I'm not mad" She whispered into his ear. "I'm glad I'm having this child with you. I couldn't imagine it any other way."

Yes, Shibi would be the only person who knew whp the father was about as well as his own name.