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Chapter 1: New mission!

She is looking at herself in front of the mirror. Her pink hair is still wet from the shower she just took awhile ago. For the past few days everything seemed to be normal, she takes shifts from the hospital, clears missions, even eating ramen with her friends, not to mention Naruto. Well speaking of him he hadn't forgotten about his goal yet, to become a hokage, and is still currently pursuing it, we'll talk about patience. The others are the rest of team Kakashi and that includes Sasuke, after almost four years everything is back to normal. But everything changed just that afternoon.


Knock! Knock!

"Come in!" shouted a women with blonde hair, that is tied in two loose ponytails.

"Tsunade-shishou I've heard that you've called for me." Sakura said as she march inside the office. Unaware of the stare she's getting from the person at the dark corner of the room

"Ah Sakura you're already here" she said as she grin sheepishly

"H-hai" she stuttered 'uh…she looks suspicious, and I don't feel too good about it' Sakura thought as she raised an eyebrow

"Uh hey what's with that look!" she protested "It's not like I look suspicious or something!"

'Shannaro! You got it right!' inner Sakura yelled, but Sakura tried her best to keep it to herself, instead she just sweatdrop

"Well anyway...never mind 'bout that now back to business"

"Huh…uh yeah I almost forgot, why'd you call me shishou "

"Well Sakura I have a very important mission for you, and I don't accept no for an answer." She said it with a stern voice

'Based on her reaction it seems like this is really an important mission' she thought for a while before answering, "You can count on me shishou!"

"Well if that's the case you're mission is to take care of someone-"

"You mean like baby-sitting?" Sakura asked

"You can say something like that, but let me finish first" Tsunade replied "As for the meantime there's still no exact duration on how long you're going to babysit him-as you call it- so you'll be the one in charge to him until further notice will be sent to you"

"Based on what you say shishou, 'there's still no exact duration on how long I'm going to take care of this someone', what do you mean by that?" she asked as she analyzed her 'mission'

"To tell you this 'someone' was actually a shinobi and unfortunately he was able to inhale some toxin, that until now we still don't know what, that made him so…"


She don't know how to state it but she still answer nonetheless "so…….out of character, but don't worry I assure you that this 'person' is completely harmless"

Sakura raised a confuse eyebrow "uhm….I think I have to accept this mission to know why? And also you said awhile ago that I can't say no to this"

"Can I have your word Sakura?" she asks in verification

"Hai!" well unfortunately she was just about to know that that's the biggest mistake in her life

Then she saw her smirk, 'huh am I seeing things? Did I just saw shishou smirk?', then slowly it grew into a big grin, this time she's already convince and confuse at the same time, 'I think I just made a wrong decision' she thought as sweats gracefully run into her face.

"Ok you can come out now!" Tsunade shouted directing it to the person at the corner of the room, which made Sakura snap out in her thoughts

When she was about to turned around, to see who Tsunade called, without any prior warning she was knock down on the floor.

"ughh…what the-" she was cut off by the person she saw

There laying in front her-on top(to be specific)-and wait!, is HE hugging her?!-was no other than….

"S-sasuke!!?" so shocked that all she was able to do was stare at him with wide disbelieving eyes, and wait a sec is HE smiling

"So you're the one who's gonna save me!" he said excitedly

"huh?...ugh s-save y-you?..anou Sasuke-kun are you alright?!"

Instead of answering her question he just smile at her

Really confuse right now she averted her gaze to the hokage "Tsu-tsunade-shishou…" she trailed off not really sure on what to say

While on the other hand Tsunade is enjoying the scene before her, Sasuke on top of her beloved apprentice, but seeing Sakura's mixed expression she tried her best not to laugh. Clearing her throat, "Well Sasuke…you may stand now "

Hearing her voice Sasuke stand up immediately, followed by the still shock-confuse Sakura

"Sakura as you can see….." she trialed off

Then realization hit her like lightning "Tsunade-shishou don't tell me that THAT 'person' is.." then hesitantly she look at Sasuke, who at that moment is oblivious of what the two are talking about

"Unfortunately Sakura you're right, even I can't believe at the sudden turn of events!" she answered honestly as she sighed

"Not that I don't want it demo…why me.." she asked

"Well Sakura if you haven't noticed all members in your team are in separate missions, so…" she trailed off

"so what?" she asked as she raised an eyebrow

"so that leaves you! " she answered lively

"But that doesn't mean I should be the one that should take care of him, you know I'm no babysitter!"

Then they both heard a gasp. Then she just realized what she had said.

"N-no Sasuke-kun that's not what I meant" she tried to convince him, but unfortunately..

"So Sakura-chan doesn't want me either…" he said as his bangs covered his eyes

"No! I mean no you've got it all wrong, I'm-" but before she could even finish her sentence

"Sakura-chan I hate you!" and with that he run away

"Sasuke-kun!" she cried but hesitated to follow

"Go!" Tsunade ordered

"Demo Tsunade-shishou?!"

"No more buts Sakura, I told you I won't accept no for this and besides you're the one who made him run away" Tsunade explain "Now go already, unless you want him wonder in the streets of Konoha, Who knows what will his fangirls do considering his current condition now"

And with that, as if on one cue, she went after him.

Unbeknownst to them Tsunade is smiling evily 'hehe…this will be interesting'


It's already late afternoon and still no trace of Sasuke

"Ughh..I wonder where he is my feet already aches" she whined

Then when she glance at the dark corner of an alley she spot something…or should I say someone

'hmm I wonder who's this?' she thought as she walk at the said alley

"Sasuke-kun? Is that you?"

She heard him gasp then without warning he jump at her, making her lose her balance, so they both stumble on the floor. Hmm déjà vu any one?!

"Sa-sasuke-kun I'm glad your alright but will you please stand up already" she tried not to stutter but failed miserably

"They're scary…" he whispered at her shoulder blade, still not moving from his position

"Scary?! Sasuke-kun tell me who scare you and what did they do to you?!" she said with an obvious tone of worry

"Girls….everywhere….saw….run…..me" he muttered

She thought 'Girls..everywhere…maybe he's pertaining to his fangirls'. Then she realize he's trembling 'Huh? Is he that scared?'

"Don't worry" she said in a gentle yet assuring tone as she return his hug while soothing his hair "I'm already here, and as long as I'm here they won't harm you nor lay a hand at you, ok?"

She felt him nod

"Oh and about earlier…I'm sorry I didn't really mean to say those things, I'm just confused at that time, so I'm sorry…."

Then this time she felt him shook his head

"What you don't forgive me?!" she said as she panicked

He raised his head so he can see her eye to eye

"I should be the one who should apologize because I said something bad at you"

She smiled gently "No I deserved it besides I'm the one who started it"

Seeing her smile he blushed "Arigatou" then he smiled at her

They stayed like that for a moment then…

"Uhmm….Sasuke-kun I think you should stand now your quite heavy y'know" she said as she laughed nervously

"ah go-gomen!" he said as he stand up abruptly and held his hand to help her

"Thanks, uhmm…hey before we go home do you wanna eat some ice cream?" she offered as she smiled at him

Then he nod while smiling

"Great! Now let's go!"

Then they walk away not realizing that their hands were still linked, or should I say they don't really mind at all

.End of Flashback

Thinking about the things that had happened make her feel tired. So she decided to cook diner hastily so she can sleep already.

"Sasuke-kun what do you want to eat for dinner!" she called out from the bathroom

When she heard no response she tried again

"Sasuke-kun did you hear me?!"

No response


Still no response

So she give up. She look at him at the kitchen, thinking that he might already be hungry, but got surprised when she found no one. So she move to the living room. And what she saw made her heart melt.

There laying on the couch was no other than Sasuke. He seems to sleep peacefully for he is smiling.

"ugh…Sakura-chan don't leave me ok" he mumbled in his dreams

She smiled at the scene before her and thought 'Maybe babysitting Sasuke is not really a bad idea after all…..

….I think it's worth it!'

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