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Chapter 2: Disaster at breakfast

"Whew! It took me long to prepare this" stated by Sakura as she look at her finished task proudly

"now all I have to do is-" before she could even finish her sentence, she felt herself pinned down on the floor

"Ohayo Sakura-chan!" Sasuke said happily

'ugh my back hurts' she thought before answering "Good morning to you too Sasuke, I was about to call you for breakfast, but since you're here already…umm would you mind…"

"ugh?" he thought first before he realize that his weight is already crashing her "uh-oh gomen nasai Sakura-chan!" he managed to say as he stand up

"ughh atlast…" she murmured as she stand up too "Oh don't worry 'bout it anymore, let's just eat okay?!"

At first he hesitated but when he saw what's on the table…"Hai Sakura-chan!!"

There in front him was no other than…..tomatoes!

"It took me a while to think of something to cook, since I want to celebrate your first day in here, but then I remember you like tomato so came up with tomato omelet!" she stated proudly "it's just a simple meal but I hope you'll like it"

By the time she finish her speech, she saw Sasuke is already digging-up the said meal. And a proud smile made its way to her lips

"Hey did you wash your hands before you eat….!" with that Sasuke abruptly stop eating and look up at Sakura slowly, guilt evident on his pretty face

"..*gulp*..uh…is that really necessary….?" He asked innocently

"well what do you think…." She said sternly as she look at him angrily. If there's something Sakura hates the most, well it's about being unhygienic

He gulp again as he made a run towards the washroom.

After that they eat their breakfast properly, of course with Sakura lecturing about being unhygienic

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