Love Your Way

Emily blinked.

This was definitely going to be awkward.

It had taken her all of half a second to recognize the blond woman at Aaron Hotchner's side. The blond woman that, not six weeks ago, Emily had attempted to seduce.

She'd said her name was Haley, but shit. Haley Hotchner? That was embarrassment Emily would never live down. There wasn't enough booze in the world to wash away the feeling that she was about to get outed in the worst way possible.

The rest of the team was already there. Early into the evening, they were all still confined to the one corner of the bar. As night progressed, with spirits high in the post-Superbowl atmosphere, and blood alcohol rising, the group was sure to scatter. It was just her luck that this was going to happen here, with everybody watching.

She watched the other woman's eyes as Hotch introduced them. Haley already knew the rest of the team, and that made Emily feel even more uncomfortable. That was the problem with being the new kid. Not only were you forever being introduced, but you had a whole 'nother group of people to hide your secrets from.

Emily almost sighed in relief when Haley simply gave her a smile, shook her hand, and said, 'Pleased to meet you.' It seemed obvious in retrospect. She was married to Hotch; of course she was nice. In a way, it kind of made it harder.

It was late when Emily found herself sitting alone at the table with Haley. Reid was off spouting Star Trek trivia, Morgan and Garcia was dancing, and JJ was whooping some guy's ass at darts. It was Hotch's turn to buy drinks. And apprehensive though she was, the first thing Emily did was ask why.

'It's not my place to tell them,' Haley replied simply, and Emily looked into her eyes.

Oh yeah. This was definitely going to be hard.