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Summary: This is going to be the sequel to the Gate Way. Which will take place following the end of the Gate Way. It will cover Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts in the same AU fashion that the Gate Way covered his summer between his fifth and sixth year. So don't expect it to be like HBP, because I am warning everyone now it is AU.

A/N: I have rated it M because there will be violence, adult themes, and strong language. If you have not read the Gate Way then this story will make no sense to you most likely. So I advise you to go read that story before attempting this one or you will be really, really confused.

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Chapter One: Meetings

August 30, 1996 7:30 PM

Severus Snape sat behind his desk in his office, waiting. He was waiting to be summoned, which he knew very well that he would be. He knew that now that the Dark Lord and his followers had left Hogwarts he would be called to his masters' side. Though he wasn't sure why the dark forces had pulled out so quickly. Something must have happened for the Dark Lord to withdraw the attack. Especially when it seemed like they were on the verge of winning the attack. Well at least they were until those strange people dressed in black robes showed up. Once they arrived it didn't take them long to mow down what resistance there was on the grounds. It was as if they were trained for combat, and not in just a magical training sense. Theses people were far better trained for combat than any that Severus had ever seen or heard of in the past.

Severus was brought out of his musing over the battle by a sharp pain in his forearm. As he looked at his arm he could clearly see the dark mark radiating in a way that it only did when he was being summoned to the Dark Lord. Severus stood up and quickly left his dungeon office, and headed out towards the Hogwarts' grounds where he would be able to Apparate to meet the Dark Lord.

A short time later Severus arrived at the location that he had been summoned to, and was not surprised when he saw it. It was a small place outside of a small town that Voldemort used as his temporary base of operations. Severus made his way up to the building and could hear some sort of commotion going on inside though he feared what it might be.

He made his way into the house and found that what he had heard were not screams of agony from being under any curse. Instead they were squeals of joy over something, though Severus didn't know what exactly.

Severus made his way forward and knelt before his lord as he sat upon his throne. He kissed the hems of his robes then looked up at him. "You have called for me milord?"

"Yes Severus I have" Voldemort hissed as he looked down upon his servant. "I have because today is the day that I have done what I set out so many years ago to do. Today is a day to celebrate Severus for I have killed Harry Potter!"

The Great Hall

August 30, 1996 8:00 PM

Dumbledore paced back and forth at the front of the Great Hall, where he had assembled the order members for a meeting following the battle they had been in. Before this point he hadn't called for the meeting and in truth he had thought about holding off until morning to have it. The battle of Hogwarts had been rough on all those involved, and had it not been for the added help they probably would not have survived at all.

Dumbledore looked at each of those seated there in turn. He was thankful that no more of his friends had died in this latest battle. He had lost Dedalus Diggle and Hestia Jones in the ambush days before, and he knew that before this war ended that more of his friends would probably be killed. The attacks leading up to the Battle of Hogwarts claimed the lives of many, almost all the Aurors that the ministry had were dead.

This was just one of the many issues that Dumbledore knew could not wait till morning to be discussed. That was one reason that he pushed the meeting up, another being that he wanted to get it over with as soon as possible. Especially now since he knew that no one was safe, muggle and wizard alike, not now that the Second Dark War had officially escalated to a full out war.

"Thank you all for coming for this meeting, I know there are some who are missing do to injuries they have received in the fight here tonight. We are all tired and could really use a rest after the battle, and so I will try to keep this as brief as possible." Dumbledore said, as he once again looked at the order members that were there.

Emmeline Vance was one of the members that were missing from the meeting. She had been hit by a bone-breaking curse sent by a Death Eater. Luckily it had only hit her legs, so the damage was minimal. She had just barely managed to dodge the attack, which would have probably killed her if she hadn't reacted so quickly.

"The first thing I would like to tell all of you, which will surely lift all of your spirits is that young Mr. Potter has returned." Dumbledore said as he looked away from a few of the stares directed at him.

"When? Where is he now?" Came questions from several of the order members.

"Quiet down please" Dumbledore said trying to regain order. "Mr. Potter's exact arrival time is unknown at this time. However he is currently sleeping in the hospital wing of the school. I am assured by Madam Pomfrey that Mr. Potter is in good health, and I will be speaking with him when he has awoken."

"Do you know where he was or how he returned" came more questions from the members of the order.

"Again please bear with me" Dumbledore said as he once again called for order among the members. They were acting more like reporters than Order of the Phoenix members, but it was understandable after Harry's long absence. "At this time I have not personally spoke with Mr. Potter, but as I said when he wakes I plan to sit down and have a long talk with him. I will then have more answers for everyone, but until then we have other matters that we really need to discuss."

"Albus do you know how the Death Eaters were able to Apparate from the school grounds when they abruptly quit fighting us?" Moody asked as he looked at Dumbledore.

Albus Dumbledore thought back to moments right before the attack occurred. He had felt a strange force of magic, and then he felt the wards surrounding the grounds and school fall around him. He had no idea what had caused the wards to fall, but he knew that they had. "I do not know how it happened, but somehow Voldemort managed to lower the wards surrounding the school. I plan on looking into as soon as possible."

The doors to the Great Hall flew open as Blade and Tonks made their way into the Great Hall. Dumbledore looked at both of them for a moment as they made their way into the Great Hall.

"Miss Tonks, how nice of you to come, but Mr. Wolf this is a private meeting, so I will have to ask that you wait outside." Dumbledore said as he looked at Blade and Tonks. Secretly he wished that Blade would consider joining his Order, but so far all attempts to get the man to join had failed.

"That is not a problem Dumbledore, though I had expected you would want to know that Minister Weasley is no longer under the protection of the Ministry." Blade said in a cryptic way as he turned to leave.

"Wait! What do you mean he is no longer under their protection? I just came from the ministry where I was told that him and his family were being protected in a ministry safe house." Kingsley said as he looked at Blade.

Blade paused and turned to look at Kingsley. "As Albus said this is a private meeting, so I will wait until you are done to fill you in Mr. Shacklebolt."

"Blade stay, I may have been a bit hasty in my judgment. After all if it were not for you and the support of those people who came with you, we would have lost the Battle of Hogwarts. Please continue telling us what you know about the Minister."

Blade hid his grin as he walked over to stand by Albus Dumbledore. "Minister Weasley was found not to be in safe hands since a reliable source revealed that Voldemort knew where he was being hidden. So now his wife and him have been placed under the protection of the Dragon Lord."

The Great Hall fell into silence as each of the members stared at Blade. Many if not all of them had heard of the Dragon Lord, they knew that this lord was the top of the totem pole of power. This person stood above all that was magical in the world. This person out ranked all those that were below him. The Ministry of Magic had to even answer to the Dragon Lord, though few really knew who the person was. No one had actually seen the Dragon Lord in years, but this was due to the fact that the Dragon Lord never left the realm of Charter Earth.

Albus looked at Blade in shocked disbelief, "how do you know this?"

"I have my sources, but I assure you headmaster that the Minister is in very capable hands."

"Yes I have heard that the mages of Charter Earth are great protectors, but I am shocked that they would protect a wizard." Dumbledore said as he looked at Blade.

"As long as the war continues it is the goal of all of us on the light side to see to it that Voldemort is brought down. I do not know everything about why they have done what they have, but I do know that I would trust the Dragon Lord with my life, for he is the protector of all magic is he not?"

"Alas you are correct Blade, the Dragon Lord is the ultimate ruler of the magical world. I have faith in his judgment and if he feels as though it is his duty to watch over our minister than I know that he is in safe hands. Thank you for bringing this to the Order's attention."

"As I said Albus I may not stand as a member of your Order, but I do stand on your side. Now I shall make my exit, but first I ask for a quick word alone with you."

Albus nodded and then followed Blade out into the hallway after excusing himself from the meeting for a short recess. Dumbledore looked at Blade as soon as they were both standing in the hallway away from the order members, "what can I do for you?"

"It isn't so much what you can do for me Albus, as what I am willing to do for you." Blade said in a cryptic tone.

"Blade I already know enough about you to know that you are a busy man, as am I, so if we could forgo the double talk it would be appreciated."

"You're absolutely right Albus, and I am sorry. I will cut right to the point, I know that you have not yet acquired a Defense the Dark Arts teacher for this year, and so I am offering to fill that position if you wish it."

"You are correct Blade with all the matters that have come up this summer my search for a teacher has been inadequate. However I am not sure that you would really want the position given the fact that you are so busy with other matters."

"Albus cut the shit for one minute! You know that I am qualified to teach that class, you know better than anyone in this school. If you don't want me to do it that's fine, but do not stand there and try to make it come off as my fault that I couldn't hold that position."

"I am sorry, you are right. You are more than qualified to teach that class, I was just looking out for your interest. If you seriously want the position then by all means it is yours."

"Thank you Albus, I have already cleared it with the people whom I work for. They feel that right now my services would be best used at the school, so they have given me leave for the school year."

"That is good to hear I would hate for you to be running off when you are needed here. Now if you will excuse me I should get back to my meeting." Albus said as he turned to leave.

"Albus there is just one more thing you should be aware of."

Albus paused and turned to look at Blade, "what would that be?"

"You can decide if you wish to relay this information on to your order members or not, but I thought it was best for you to know. The friends I brought to aid you here when you were fighting have been loaned to the Ministry to aid them until they are able to speed up the training of new Aurors to replace those killed. They are well trained as you saw, so there should be no fear about the ministry being under protected."

"Thank you for that insight, now if you will excuse me I really should get back in there and I believe you have a class to plan for." Dumbledore said as he made his way back into the Great Hall.

Blade watched as Dumbledore made his way into the great hall and grinned. 'Phase one complete,' Blade thought as he turned to go set up his office and check out his quarters. As he took one step though there was a loud scream of no, and then an even louder booming sound that echoed throughout the halls. "Shit forgot about that," Blade said as he quickly turned to make his way towards the boom.