The Captive: Her father was in a lot of debt, so she did the one thing she could; she sold herself to repay the debt. And now she was the captive of the richest, hottest, horniest, most sadistic man in Tokyo. She will go through hell and back all for the sake of her father, but does she realise just how much hell she has to endure before the man is happy?


People say I am beautiful, sure, people say I am selfless, people say I am nice, and people say I am brave, but no one has ever said I was stupid. But I am. I mean, what kind of person lets themselves be bought off by a man who made their father run a lot of debt in gambling? A stupid one!

It all began one day when I came home from my waitressing job at the small café down the street 'La Petite Cherise'. When I entered our small house I heard my dad pleading to someone I couldn't see. I remember it clearly, I dropped to the ground and listened from around the corner against the wall. It broke my heart listening to the way my father, my hero, pleaded so pathetically to the unknown person.

"Please, I – I can pay it back. Please, don't take me to jail. My daughter, pl – please think about my daughter. I can't leave her. She's the only thing I have left! Please!" I felt my heart constrict in my chest as I heard his voice break and felt the ground shake under my legs as he dropped to the ground. I felt a sob catch in my throat as I looked around the corner and saw my father bowing to the ground in front of a tall young man that looked about my age wearing a long dark blue cloak that was touching my fathers head.

"You should have thought about her before you borrowed so much money. You obviously can't pay it back so now you will have to pay. Take him away," and just like that I saw the man turn his back on my teary eyes father and begin to walk away. Seeing my dad being treated like that made something inside of me snap because the next thing I knew I was barrelling past the man in the coat and straight into the guy who was manhandling my dad. I saw the look of shock pass over the mysterious mans' face as I went past but I didn't care as I rammed into one of his lackeys with as much power as I could and I felt something shift under him and then heard his cry of pain as he crumpled to the ground.

I grabbed my dad by the arm and pulled him to his feet. I felt tears well in my eyes as I saw the pain behind his now dull green eyes and put his arm around my neck as I led him to the closest arm chair before I spun around in my short waitress dress and black thick pumps. My short hair stuck to my lipgloss as I narrowed my eyes at the 3 men left excluding the man who had his dark onyx eyes trained on me. He was tall I could see that and I knew he was muscular as his shoulders were wide and his cheekbones structured, but at that moment I didn't particularly care that he was incredibly good looking. My eyes were only on the three men who had began to circle me.

"Stay back!" I cried as I grabbed the poker just left of me and waved it in front of me.

"Put it down girl, before you injure yourself," I heard the man to my right say as he chuckled at my antics. I sharp swipe at his face wiped the smirk off his face and for that I was smug… for about a second before the man behind me grabbed my hand and slapped me. Jesus it hurt but I just kicked out and went crazy.

"Get your disgusting hands off of me you pig!" I heard myself scream as my leg connected with something hard. My rampage didn't last long as me arms were yanked behind me and I was pulled into a hard chest. I looked up to see deep onyx eyes before his face was obscured from view as my head was drawn into his neck junction.
"Don't touch the woman, boys," I heard his deep voice and felt shivers up and down my spine. I was too shocked to even move from the position as he held my arms behind my back. "I have a proposition for you Kenji," I felt him shift above me as he turned his attention to my father. "All your debts will be paid if you give me your daughter."

"Wha–!? NO! She's my daughter! You can't take her! She's the only thing I have left!" I hardly heard my father as the words 'all your debts will be paid' were spinning around in my head.

"…I'll do it," I heard myself say as I stepped back from the dark haired mans arms and looked up at his smouldering gaze and smirking lips.

"NO! SAKURA DON'T!!" I spun around with angry eyes at my father and shouted right back to him,

"YOU GOT INTO THIS! AND NOW I WILL GET YOU OUT OF IT. LIKE USUAL!" I know it wasn't fair, but I had to say something to get him to let me go. Whether it be in anger and pain or in his right mind I had to do this, otherwise tomorrow I would be talking to my dad through prison bars.

"Sak –" I cut my father off as I spun on my heel and walked out the door with a quick comment over my shoulder,

"Come on dark tall and handsome, you own me." If only I knew then but I was getting myself into. Maybe then I wouldn't have felt what I did in that time we spent together. Maybe then I could still be normal.