I have no excuses for my INCREDIBLY late update. I just haven't had any motivation to write for a long time. I think my juju is coming back. So enjoy.

Chapter Two

The next morning I woke to the feel of very fluffy and comfortable blankets wrapped around my body. I felt disorientated, like there was something creeping at my memories, lying just under the surface that I wasn't remembering. I reached up to wipe my eyes from sleep when I felt a breeze on my body. I looked down to reveal why and saw I wasn't wearing any clothes and that's when it all came rushing back to me.

The debt, the bargain… and the sex. I looked around noticing I was back in the blue plush room I had seen when he had… but I had no recollection of getting back to bed. The last thing I remember was the shower and all the blood from where I had scrubbed my skin dry. Looking down I noticed my hands and other parts of my body where I had furiously scratched were bandaged and felt numb. It was soothing.

I got up, the sheet wrapped around my body and walked on shaking legs to the bathroom. Memories were beginning to flow back; touches, kisses, caresses. I fell to the ground as once again I began to sob. This was a nightmare I could not awake from.

So enthralled was I in my own misery that I never heard as the door opened behind. It wasn't until I was thrown over a hard muscled shoulder did I even know there was someone else in the room with me. Stifling a scream, I wrapped the sheet tighter around me only for it to be ripped from my body and my body thrown through the air to land amongst the many cushions on the bed.

Skittering back until I hit the headboard, I curled into myself, my eyes wide and frightened as I took in my captor in front of me. His eyes were expressionless as he gripped my legs and yanked me forward with my legs spread across his thighs.

"What were you trying to do Kitten? Ruin your pretty body for me? Naught naughty." His voice was teasing as he ran his hands up and down my thighs. I didn't respond, didn't even look at him. I hoped that he would just leave and I could pretend that this was all just a bad dream. "Answer me, Kitten!" His voice was commanding as he grabbed my hips and pulled me flush against his body, his fingers digging into my cheeks.

"Please..." I didn't really know what I was begging for. Freedom, Dignity, Pride. It could have been any of them. All of them. I hardly knew up from down at that moment.

I heard a scoff, before the sound of a zipper being pulled down and I was pulled down onto his cock with a gasp. Apparently I was lubricated enough already for him to enter easily, and go straight in to the hilt. I scratched at his back for a moment, trying to breathe again and get my bearings.

My head fell to his shoulder as I heard him whisper the two words in my ear that could break me. "Ride me."


I couldn't remember the last time I had eaten. I couldn't remember my last meal. Sitting at the table with my father became a fuzzy memory as I sat in a plush chair, at a plush table in a plush room that in itself was twice the size of my old apartment.

Looking down at the exquisite food in front of me I felt nothing. No stabbing feeling of hunger, no awe at all the different colours, nothing. It wasn't until I felt my body being physically moved onto a solid lap that I stirred from my emotionless state. Startled I looked behind me at my captor as he settled me comfortably on his lap with an arm around my waist. Quickly I looked forward again as something soft was pressed to my mouth and I felt a hot breath against my neck. "Open wide."

Opening on instinct, he pushed something into my mouth. Starting to chew, I tasted eggs. Another bite, bacon. Another bite, tomato. Another bite, mushroom and then all over again. I don't know how long he fed me for until he stopped. Looking down I saw that my plate was empty and so were half of the other bowls and plates scattered on the table.

Soon silence settled over the room. He wasn't talking and I didn't know what to say, if anything, or what to do. Was I allowed to get up? To remove myself from his presence? To go somewhere where he wasn't able to humiliate me? Where he couldn't degrade me more than he already had?

"You never answered my question, Kitten." He baritone voice pulled me from my thoughts. Confused I looked back at him, only for him to move me around on his lap until I was straddling him, which meant our faces were in very close proximity.

I pulled away, trying not to be so close to him that I was able to smell his aftershave. He stopped my movements with a hand closed tightly around my jaw. "Answer me!"

"I – I don't know. W – What are you talking about?" I loathed my stammering in his presence, but I couldn't help it. It was instinctual; I had no control over it.

He didn't seem to like my answer because the next thing I knew he was growling at me from where I lay sprawled out on the floor. "On your knees!" I merely looked at him, hoping to the god's he wasn't asking what I thought he was asking of me. "Don't make me repeat myself, Kitten; you won't like what I'll do to you." His voice became more menacing by the word until he was practically spitting acid at me.

Whimpering I got onto my knees in front of him, my head bowed in front of me so I wouldn't have to see his smirk. Though, that didn't last long as my head was forced upwards until he was looking into my eyes. I knew my eyes were shining with unshed tears, but I couldn't stop them from falling as he said the words I was dreading to hear come from his mouth: "Now, suck me."