Despite Dom's melodrama, they weren't really going to crash a prom, as he put it. Scott would go to school, take out the Edward and evacuate Bella for debriefing, while Dom and Lori would hit the werewolves. After the business at the school was done, Scott would move to the Cullen's house to help Jennifer, after which they would all pack up and go home.

If they were still alive, which seemed like a very big "if" now. Up against an absurd number of supernatural enemies, each who could probably kill all four of them in a straight up fight.

Dominic tossed the keys to Scott.

"Drive. Don't crash. About the mind reader and the precog... Nothing we can do about the mind reader, but the precog's power should be worked around be doing things on instinct. As in, don't have a plan. Just do things."

Scott nodded, sensing the logic behind it.

If the precog can tell the future anyway, that means our futures are solid and unchangable. If they are, that means we're all gonna die, since the Cullens haven't left Forks. Which means they're confident of surviving our attack.

He bundled into the car, throwing the thirty thousand dollar Hammerhead rifle into the back seat. Jennifer got in beside him. He clipped the pistol and a knife to his body, as Jennifer loaded her SMG. Since she'd be attacking the Cullens, it'd be better to go in fully prepared. Scott, on the other hand, would be in a civilian-rich environment, so he needed to use his discretion.

He eyed Dom and Lori getting into the other car. They would just do an all-out assault, so Lori had an assault rifle while Dom would cover her with sniper fire.

He stepped on the gas.

Alice was feeling more and more squemish. The visions hadn't changed, yet Carlisle insisted on staying put. She figured that her family could handle themselves, but still...

She put the thought out of her head. If anyone needed protection, it was Bella. Vampire hunters would go after Edward, of course, and a small part of her was sick with worry that Bella would do something stupid and get herself killed. She really did care for the girl, yummy as she might be. Alice shrugged on her prom dress and got into Edward's Volvo.

Ten minutes later

Scott stepped on the brakes. Jennifer got out of the car, checked her weapons and ammo for the thousandth time, then slammed the door shut. The plan was simple. Get to the school, quietly take Edward out, then take Bella to a safehouse. He would then move to the Cullen estate to help Jennifer out, since one human with a gun against a couple of super-fast, super-strong vampires who might be bulletproof weren't good odds. He gave her a slight smile, which she returned, then drove off. The fake suit he wore was itchy, but the liquid body armour he wore underneath might just save his sorry butt. The experimental armour was made of a liquid that would harden on impact, protecting him from not only bullet impacts like a normal vest, but also knives and blunt attacks. Even better, the liquid was contained in carbon nanofibre material. All in all, his armour would cost over six times his actual suit had it been real. He eyed the bustling carpark with worry. It was a lot more people than expected. He turned to the back seat, unclipping his seat belt in the process, and threw a black cloth over the hammerhead rifle.

Shame I can't use it. It's like a stake gun, except awesome.

He checked that his gun was loaded (it was beginning to get uncomfortable, the suit was so damn hot) and plasma knife, then got out of the car, locked the door, and walked nonchalently into the building. He welcomed the cool air on his brow as he stepped through the door, keeping a lookout for Edward and Bella.

Lori and Dom were in rather uncomfortable positions, the latter taking up a post that made his neck ache like a bitch, the former crouching behind a rock was so rough it seemed to want to tear a hole in her clothes. She leaned on it, keeping an eye out for the Indians. Part of her felt guilty at shooting the people who recently welcomed her when she went to see them, but shit happened. She had a job to do.

Dom counted the targets as they walked about, going through their daily activities. One was obviously missing, having been shot by Jen. He was currently rotting in the bathtub. They didn't even bother cleaning up the blood. There was the usual suspects, Emily and the rest of them. He frowned. Then he tried counting them again. Wait, that can't be right...

Someone was missing. One Jacob Black.

Edward Cullen was not comfortable either. In addition to that question he was going to ask Bella later, he didn't like the thoughts of the numerous people in the building. He was wary to watch his actions, knowing that he might accidentally break something without thinking. He envied Alice, actually. His adoptive sister seemed so at ease here... The tight knot in his chest loosened when he saw Bella, beautiful as always, in her dress walking up to him, drink in hand.

"You look gorgeous." He smiled

And delic- Wait, no, stop thinking that.

She smiled back.

"You too. I saw Jake back there..." Edward's pulse would have skyrocketed if he had one. Instead, he hissed.

"I told you, don't talk to-"

"It's okay, Edward. We just talked a bit. No big deal."

It was a big deal, at least to the vampire, who didn't feel comfortable at all with the dog in the same building as Bella. But he just sighed and murmured, "Okay" He had enough on his mind already.

That surprised Bella. He usually went ape shit at the mere thought of her with Jacob... She decided to let it slide.

Scott's heart skipped a beat.

There. He walked up to them, careful to keep his thoughts focused on what he was saying and nothing else. He could feel the tension the moment Edward saw him. The bloodsucker fixed him with a steely glare that made him want to squirm under his suit and armour. He kept a blank outward expression. He was face to face with Edward now.

"Hello, Ed."

A hiss escaped Edward's lips.

"Watchu want?"

"Can we talk? Alone?"

Bella spoke up.

"I... I'd rather, I go with him, if you two w-want to talk. It'll be better."

Scott narrowly avoided thinking Good, easier to take down

He pictured a cat frolicking in a field instead, and fought down a laugh when he saw Edward's face.

Edward nodded, then the three of them walked quietly to a back exit.

Jennifer lay on her stomach, sights aimed at the Cullens. She'd already spotted the absence of Alice, but that didn't worry her. The female vampire would probably be at the prom with Eddie and Bella. She just hoped Scott could take them...

She'd already laid a few improvised mines around the area, grenades that she'd tampered with so they'd detonate as soon as the pin was pulled. She then tied string through the pins, making an improvised trip mine. 4 of these mines were scattered around the area. Her HUD glasses flickered, and a picture on Dom, military buzzcut and all, appeared. His voice whispered in her ear.

"All units, be advised, one Jacob Black is not at La Push. Repeat, Jacob is not at La Push."

That got her worried. The wolf boy was also probably at prom. Scott's situation was looking a lot harder now.

She exhaled, replied an acknowledgement, then continued to watch the Cullens

Jacob didn't know what to think. First, of course, he's spoken to Bella. But he couldn't get the words out of his mouth, and she smiled her angel's smile and walked away to Edward. His heart nearly broke at that sight. He had summoned up the courage to ask her, in front of that cocksucker Edward no less! Then the retard Scott came and fucked his plan up. He watched as the three left the building. He spent a moment deciding what to do, then followed them. Too late to go back now, after going this far. He took a deep breath, smoothed his clothes out, then opened the exit door.

Scott, Bella and Edward were in an alley, five minutes walk from the prom. Edward's eyes narrowed. He didn't like not knowing what anyone was thinking, except Bella of course. But this bastard had retarded images floating in his mind, a chair, a wall, and a freakin' cat. If he knew about vampires, as Edward suspected, he was doing it on purpose, to keep Edward guessing about what he planned to do. Edward doubted he'd actually attack them; though Bella would go down fast, only an idiot would take on a vampire in close combat. So he stood between Bella and Scott, and they stared at each other. Edward was the first to speak.

"Well? You were the one who wanted to talk."

"Eh... I wanted to apologise. For my sister, hitting your girlfri-" Scott broke off, knowing that Edward would be focused on listening to him and not on his actions. He pulled out his pistol and shot the vampire twice in the chest at close range, then as the marble bastard fell, he shot him in the head once more for good measure.

The whole thing took less than a second; after his trance-like slomo state wore off, he realised Bella was screaming. He clubbed her on the head, then began to drag her to the car when Jacob bounded across the fence and punched him in the face. He flew three metres back, stunned. It felt like a car just hit him. He blinked, then he realised that there was a wolf looking down at him. Bella was screaming at Edward to get up, his head hurt like hell, and a wolf was trying to kill him. It clawed at his chest, ripping his shirt apart, stopped by the liquid body armour. Jacob paused, surprised. He hadn't expected them to be this well equipped...

Scott took advantage of the surprise, pulling his knife out and sinking it into the wolf's belly. It let out a deafening roar, then fell back. Scott kept his hands gripping the knife, and it made a squelching sound as it left the wolf's body. He eyed the damage. Burns and a huge hole. Not bad at all. He dove for his pistol, then a half-human, half-wolf hand snatched his leg and threw him through the window of the building opposite the road. At this time it was deserted on the road, so he was grateful to not get run over by a car. He winced at the gashes the glass made in his skin as he picked up his knife and lept over the broken window back onto the road. He held the knife tightly, well aware of how slippery blood can be.

"Come on, ya bitch. Show me watcha got." The wounded wolf roared even louder, then dashed straight at him. He waited till the very last second, then dove to the side and began running for his gun. The wolf had gotten up and was halfway across the road when he managed to snatch his gun up from the alley. He aimed at it's head, as the familiar adrenaline rush that precipitated his slomo came. Then Bella smashed a bottle of wine on his head. He fell to the side as Jacob came, claws tearing up the floor as he landed. But the gun was in his hand already, and he aimed and fired a shot at Jacob. The bullet hit the wolf in the right shoulder, and it flinched. Bella was still trying to get Edward up, and Jacob was winded, so Scott was about to pull the trigger again when the vampire grabbed his leg and pulled. The shot missed, and he switched his aim to Edward. Then Jacob recovered, raked his claws across Scott's back and arm, then hurled him back onto the road.

Winded, Scott got up. He raised his pistol - the HUD said he had seven more shots - and fired all of them into the huge wolf charging at him. Three missed, four hit. One round tore a wolf claw off, while the rest impacted the beast in the leg and body. Jacob morphed back into human form as he reached Scott, then threw another punch. Scott blocked it this time, noting that the boy was injured badly and couldn't hit as hard. His gun was empty, so he pulled out his knife again, breathing heavily through the red mist that obscured his vision.

Shit. My arm... can't aim, can't reload that fast.

Jacob looked just as bad as he did. He regarded Scott's shuddering, bleeding figure with contempt, then reached down and picked up his blown off wolf claw.

He grinned manically.

Scott yelled "BRING IT, YOU BITCH!" as Jacob charged at him screaming incoherently. Jacob aimed a blow at his throat that he barely managed to duck. He slammed his head into Jacob's stomach, then winced as the wolf-boy stabbed down onto his back with the claw with all his might. Good thing the armour held. He pushed Jacob back, then raised his knife to stab him in the gut. Jacob blocked it, then headbutted him right in the face. His world blacked out for a second. Then he woke, and realised that his HUD glasses were shattered and Jacob was straddling him, punching him in the face over and over again. He couldn't feel his arms, but knew his knife was still in his hand. He raised it, took a stunning blow to the chin from a bleeding Jacob and sank it into Jacob's throat from the side. The knife sank in all the way to the handle. Then he activated the plasma edge, and was rewarded with a sizzling sound. Jacob's eyed bugged out as he fell slowly to the side. Scott's whole world turned black.

Bella knew, she knew Jake was fighting that guy, knew he needed help. But some part of her refused to leave Edward. Her love was dying, she was sure of it. The gold in his eyes, the spark, it was fading. He didn't have much longer. He tapped her leg.


"Bella... I'm not gonna live."

No... Don't you fucking dare say that.

She numbly shook her head.

"Y-y-you have to avenge me, right?"

She nodded.

He sighed.

"Good. I want you... to... bend down. Let me reach your neck."

No... was he? About to condemn her to an eternity of life?

Some part of him told him not to, that he should love her, not damn her like this. He should be wishing her to live a good life, free from the supernatural, nice human boyfriend that wouldn't put her in danger all the time... But some part of him was angry. He shouldn't die like this, life spilling out into the ground because some random guy shot him with special bullets. He wanted the bastard to pay, he wanted to see his murderer in hell. And since he couldn't do it himself...

"Bella. I'm going to turn you." Before she could open her mouth, he bit her.

Scott woke. He tasted blood, and realised it was from his nose. He looked at his body. Bloody everywhere, a horrible gash on his arms and legs. But his torso was fine, bruised perhaps, but fine. He spent a moment thanking whoever made the armour, then slowly, painfully, got up. Jacob's body was sprawled over him, and it took him the better part of an hour pushing the body off. Too weak to hide the body, he slowly crawled to the alley, looking to take Bella to the safehouse. All he saw was Edward's dead body, and no Bella.


Ten minutes later, he had staggered over to the car, reloaded his gun and cleaned his knife. He pulled a syringe from the glove compartment and filled it with a red liquid. Then he pressed it to his throat and pushed the plunger. Within ten seconds, his head was clear, and his wounds weren't bleeding as much anymore, nor did they hurt at all. With shaking hands, he started the engine and began the drive to the Cullen estate.

Alice stood, stock still, looking at the dead body of her brother. Fury she'd never known hit her. She began smelling out the numerous scents in the area, and sorted them out. One of them led to the nearby carpark. She broke into a run, not caring about exposing her supernatural speed. The car was long gone by now, but she could smell it's occupant. Hurt, dizzy probably, and exhausted. She started running, first at a normal human speed, then rapidly increasing to over 70 kilometres per hour. Within minutes, she saw the car. Black jeep, tinted windows. Sure looked like the shady government agent kind. She leapt onto the roof, tore the roof open, eyes blazing with hellfire for the guy who killed her brother. She fell in, landing on the back seat. With supernatural speed, she reached forward to tear his head off.


Then he shot her straight in the head with the hammerhead rifle.

"I know."

She died instantly, the last thought in her brain before a 14mm depleted uranium spike travelling at 300 metres per second tore it apart being the image of Scott Grayson's hammerhead rifle in her face.

Scott wondered how he was going to explain a vampire nailed to his back seat when he arrived.