I do not know which to prefer,
The beauty of inflections
Or the beauty of innuendoes,
The blackbird whistling
Or just after.


WARNING! This chapter contains very strongly implied depictions of maternal loss.
WARNING! This chapter contains very strongly implied impressions of the "innocence" of an immortal child.


Mommy! Where's Mommy?

Hear a singing voice. "What's the boy's name?"

Mommy's voice, "Don't hurt Vasilii! Don't hurt him!"

"Hurt him?" the voice sings.

Mommy screams.

Mommy quiet.

Crying. Want Mommy.

Cold arms.

"It's okay, Vasilii," the voice sings to me, "it's okay."

Hut flying away. Hut orange and bright and red and smoky.

I'm scared.

Cold kiss on the head.

"It's okay, Vasilii," she sings.


It hurts. It burns.


Ah! Thirsty. So thirsty.


Is she Mommy?

Don't remember.

Don't remember.

She holds me. She kisses my head.

"I love you, Vasilii," she sings.

Mommy loves me.

She loves me.

Mommy. She's Mommy.


Playing with Mommy.

I jump. I jump high.

Mommy laughs.

I run to her. Fast. I hug her.

"Love you, Mommy."

"Oh, God, Vasilii, I love you so much!" She kisses my head.

Playing with Mommy. So much fun!



Mommy says wait. Mommy says quiet.

Trying. So thirsty.

Blood. There. Right there.

Mommy holds me tightly.

"Now," she whispers, and lets me go.

I leap; girl screams.

Blood. I drink.

Oh, so, so good!

"Vasilii, you are such a messy eater!" Mommy scolds me as she wipes my face.

Hug her. "Love you, Mommy."

She hugs me, hard. "Oh, my little Vasilii!" She kisses me.

I feel so good, so full, so warm, so yummy.

Mommy puts the girl underneath a tree.

I watch. It's funny watching Mommy lift up a tree. I laugh. Mommy smiles at me.


Mommy says wait here.



Run and play.

Where's Mommy?

Run. Fast. Hear birds. Wow! I climb tree.

Birds fly away. I leap. Grab one. It's still in my hand. Quiet.



See Mommy. She grabs me.

"Oh, God, Vasilii, you scared me! Why did you run away?"

Show her the bird.

"Fix it?" I ask.

"No, sweetie, I can't fix it. It's dead. I can't fix it. Do you understand?"

I smile. Drop bird.

Hug Mommy. She's warm. Smells nice. Eyes ruby red. Cheeks flushed.

"Play with me?"

Mommy sighs. "Yes, sweetheart, yes, but just stay in the area next time, okay?"

"Okay." I smile.


Mommy dressed funny. All covered up.

Mommy says I have to stay in her arms.

Mommy says I can't drink.

Mommy scared.


Mommy walking so slowly.


"Okay, Vasilii," she whispers, "no drinking, no looking."

Mommy eyes so black. Mommy hurting. Mommy thirsty.

I touch her cheek.

"Love you," I whisper.

"Shhhhhh. Sh-sh-sh," says Mommy.

Oh! Blood!

"Excuse me, miss ... oh, I mean, ma'am ..."

His voice is so rough. The scent of his blood is just seeping out of his pores.

Mommy holds me so tightly.

"Mommy ..." I whisper.

"You're not thirsty, Vasilii," Mommy whispers so fiercely to me. Mommy angry.

But it smells so good!

"... is there anything I can help you with? You should be out here alone, it's not safe for a young woman and her child being out like this at night, you know. Vagabonds, murderers, and the creatures of the night ..."

"Thank you, sir, and you're so kind," Mommy's voice so nice to the food. "Might there be a weaver or spinner in town? I need to buy some bolts of fabric to clothe me and my son."

"That would be the Andropov house, ma'am, but it's much too late to be seeing them tonight ..."

His scent is hurting me, it is so good.

"Mommy, please ..." I beg.

Mommy holds me tighter. "Shhhh," she whispers angrily.

"... do you have a place to stay? I can't offer much, but there's a little room in my house ..."

"That's quite all right, sir." I can hear the panic in Mommy's voice, but I don't think he can. Why doesn't she eat him? "If you would just point out the Andropov house, I'll come back another time, but I do have to get home to my husband, as I'm sure you understand he'd be quite concerned by now ..."

"Their house is the third on the left there, see that shingle on their door, well, you could see it in more light, but I really should escort you to ... ma'am? Ma'am?"

His voice faded away into nothing.

"Vasilii, you did so well!" Mommy's voice cooed, "so, so well! I'm so proud of you, honey!"

She kissed my head. I smile. Happy when Mommy happy.


"Vasilii, run! RUN!" Mommy screams. Mommy scared.

I run toward her. "NO! Run away! Run away!"

No. Want Mommy. Run to her.


Mans holding Mommy. Why doesn't she kill them?

I will.

Grabs me. Holds me? How?

"Immortal child," says a man.

"He didn't do anything!" Mommy screaming. "He didn't break the Rule!"

Mans laugh. One says: "His existence breaks the Rule ... and so, now, does yours."

Struggling. Bite hard. Stone in my mouth.

"Hey!" man shouts. Goes to bite back.

"NO!" Mommy pleads. "He wants me! Just let me hold him! Please!"

Struggling. Biting on air. Man holds me at arm's length. Brings me to Mommy.


Mommy holds me. "It's okay, honey; it's okay," voice scared.

It's not okay.

"Love you, Mommy." Hate mans.

Mommy cooing at me. Holding me tightly.


Forest. Clearing. Large clearing.

Many, many mans.

Man talking.

Three womans screaming. "Mother!" Looking at Mommy. Old as Mommy.

My sisters?

"I'm sorry," Mommy says to them. "I'm so, so sorry."

One woman touches mans. They fall down. Runs toward us screaming. Big man knocks her down from behind. Mans jumps on them. Stone pieces flying everywhere.

Other two screaming "No!" over and over, held by mans.

Man points at us.

Mommy holds me tightly.

"Vasilii, I lov-..."

A/N 1:

One Rule. No exceptions.

It didn't matter if Sasha, the mother of the Denali coven, was able to watch Vasilii up to this point. To the Volturi, there was the strong possibility that he may expose their kind, and that is more than enough to exercise justice.

All immortal children are to be incinerated, and any vampire that harbors such is equally guilty and must share the same end.

One Rule. No exceptions.

A/N 2: A child at two years of age, weighing less than thirty pounds and with a heart rate elevated to above that of an adult's, would be turned into an immortal child in less than one day, instead of the usual three days it takes for an adult to be turned into a vampire or succubus.