Gibson Street, Broker,

Liberty City,


Jermaine Andrews walked down Gibson Street, having just dropped his Sultan RS off to be resprayed. "Shit, dawg, motherfucking three hours to get a car resprayed? Better call Roman." He muttered to himself.

He pulled out a Whiz Wireless and called Roman Bellic. "Hey, hello… hic?" said an inebriated man on the other end. "Yo, Roman, what's up? Could you send a cab my way? I'm just off Gibson Street, near the Pay N' Spray. "Oh, uh, Jermaine, sure thing. Uh…" There was a loud discharge, which Jermaine took to be a burp.

Jermaine sighed, gave his farewell to Roman, and hung up. Minutes later, a flat, long, black Esperanto pulled up to the curb where Jermaine was standing.

A Middle Eastern taxi driver rolled down the window, smiling. "Hello, Jermaine, my stinky, old, crusty friend." He said in his accent. After a pause, he laughed. "I am only kidding, my friend. Come in, I'll let you get a free ride."

Jermaine chuckled, getting in. "Where to?" Mohammad asked. "Can you take me to Savannah Avenue in front of the Monoglobe?" Jermaine asked, and Mohammad stepped on it, getting there within minutes.

Jermaine thanked Mohammad, and Mohammad promised that he would not let Jermaine have any more free rides, and that this was just a one-time thing. Jermaine nodded, and once Mohammad was gone he walked in front of the second house from the left.

A man sat on the porch of the house, sleeping. Jermaine looked to the Comet that was parked in front, and he went over to it. He pulled on the door but it wouldn't budge. He sighed, kicking the window in. The alarm went off but Jermaine was in there and hotwiring the car within seconds.

Just as he pulled out of the driveway, three guys, plus the one who was sleeping on the porch, zoomed out of the house and down the driveway with pistols, one even had a shotgun.

They shot at the car, and Jermaine ducked. "Shit, this is just petty theft! Although, on a pretty vehicle…" he muttered, just as the passenger seat window, along with the front right tire, were smashed by a shotgun pellet. Jermaine aimed his 9mm pistol out of the driver window, which he broke before.

He fired at the Voodoo that was hauling ass behind him, and got a hit on the tire, causing the car to crash into a wall. All the occupants staggered out, the four of them firing off a few more shots before giving up and slinking back to their house.

The rest of the ride was easy, and Jermaine got the Comet to a lockup in Broker, where a large, African-American man walked out, shaking Jermaine's hand and giving him $250 for the condition of the car.