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AN: Ok this story is an AU where Gohan is a girl Gohanna, I know not very original but can you really blame me, I didn't want to change his name too much because his name does have meaning. He was named after Goku's adopted grandfather so I thought the name was important enough not to change that much. So in a nutshell, I came up with this idea because its summer and I have nothing to do but think about all the fanfiction I've read and I was thinking that whenever Gohan is turned into a girl she always ends up with someone different whether it's Piccolo, or Vegeta, it's always someone other than Videl and I personally think that their relationship is more that just because he's the guy and she's the girl in their romance, I think they're soulmates or something like that and should always end up together even when Gohan is a girl so here it is. Gohanna is the girl version of Gohan and everything that has happened up to entering high school had happened only with Gohanna being a girl this time, girls can be super saiyans although many people will disagree with this, it's not a fact it is just something I added so that the story flows well. Both Gohanna and Videl are interested in guys, they like them they think they're cute, but when they meet in high school there is something about the other one that they can't say no to; it is something that drives them together that ignores gender, and as Vegeta will eventually tell us, it's a saiyan thing.

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It Was Meant to Be

Chapter 1: At least it's looking up

The sun was just over the horizon, yellow beams of light burning across the sky reflecting off the cloud filled heavens. It was like any other day, as the sun rose to shine down on the lone figure flashing in and out of existence, moving through complex forms, fighting an imaginary opponent so fiercely that there was no doubt who would have won the match had the opponent been solid flesh and bone. And just like any other day, the girl moving fluidly below had been up for hours, training nonstop because without these early morning training sessions, she would never find time to train. Not with an overbearing mother who hated the very thought of any of her children training to be fighters, to protect the world they lived in just like their father had. He was a man that had died to protect his home and family. No, her mother would never allow her only daughter to train in order to protect what her husband had left behind.

So the morning hours were spent training, and she, like any other day, would get up far before the sun had a chance to reach this side of the world and train. While moving fiercely across her favorite clearing Gohanna couldn't stop her mind from wondering, dreading the inevitable. She was finally being forced to go to school, high school. Even though she had a genus level I.Q. and was already studying subjects that would be learned at a doctorate level her mother thought it was absolutely necessary for her to go to high school and meet kids her own age. She was to make friends and learn to socialize and her mother's not so hidden hope was that Gohanna would meet the man of her dreams, marry him and have lots of grandchildren for her mother to coddle.

So instead of being able to train until eight o'clock Gohanna was going to have to stop at about five thirty so she had time to shower, dress and eat before six o'clock at which point she would have to ride on the flying nimbus for a half hour before getting to school with enough time to find her classes and grab her schedule. It was wishful thinking at best because she was fully aware that it would take her that half hour alone to shower. She had never perfected the art of a quick shower, not with her long, dark hair that needed a strict regimen of wash and conditioner, and especially not when a shower always felt so good after a grueling workout. So in reality it would take her an hour to get out of the house tucked away in the 439 mountain area, but school didn't start until seven thirty so she assumed she would still have plenty of time to get there and find her classes without being late on her first day.

After her morning exercises Gohanna came in to shower and get ready for her long day. As predicted her shower took exactly a half hour to finish. It was a good thing that her mother had a tendency to pick out Gahanna's outfits beforehand or Gohanna would be stuck in front of the full length mirror for another half hour trying to find something to wear to school. Instead she was able to pick up the knee length khaki skirt, the long sleeved white shirt and a red vest and put it on with little fuss. Gohanna wasn't sure if this was the most fashionable outfit having lived in the mountains her entire life but it didn't look too bad so she trusted her mother's taste in clothing. She definitely would not be taking any clothing tips from Bulma, and Eighteen was really more of a shopaholic than a fashionista so her mother's fashion sense would have to do.

Shaking the thought of high fashion from her head, Gohanna finished tying her black hair back into a low ponytail before leaving her room to join her tired little brother at the table for breakfast. It was obvious that her mother had made Goten get up early so he could incoherently say goodbye to her before she left for school. Despite the fact that he could barely lift his head from the table he still managed to consume his fair share of the food, messily eating less than his normal fill which was still less than what she was hastily able to inhale before she absolutely had to leave. So finishing off her plate she got up from the table and kissed her mother and little brother goodbye before grabbing her messenger bag and calling for nimbus to take her to school. It was almost six thirty already so if she wanted to have any time to find her classes she couldn't waste any more time at home.

The ride on nimbus was just like every other time she had ridden on the cloud, wonderful and serene. The nimbus cloud flew high amongst the other clouds, the light condensation nipping at her exposed skin causing her to power up a little in order to combat the slight dampness. Despite that little nuisance she enjoyed gazing upon the trees, lakes, and little towns as they passed by far below. It was a beautiful sight and a wonderful feeling flying high in the sky and she smiled wide as she thought of how much better it was to fly under her own power. It was freeing, exhilarating. But there was no way she'd be able to fly to school, especially not when it resided in the middle of one of the largest cities in the world. No, she just couldn't risk one of her classmates seeing her. They'd think she was a freak or worse a monster. Nope, she'd just have to continue riding the nimbus cloud. It wasn't as if she minded riding the cloud anyway. It was fun and relaxing even if it wasn't very fast.

Reaching the edge of the newly named Satan City, Gohanna hopped off of the flying nimbus. It wasn't as if she could just land in the city on a cloud. People would go crazy. Glancing at her watch she noticed it was almost seven giving her just enough time to get to Orange Star High School, the best school in the world, without being late. Walking through the city towards her new school, she was ripped from her thoughts at the sound of gunfire and panicked voices. Rounding the corner she saw the cause of the commotion, five or six guys wearing ski masks holding guns and shooting at the three police cars, their officers hiding behind them. It was a robbery in progress. Running into the nearest alley without pause, Gohanna yanked off the band holding her hair together and quickly powered up to Super Saiyan hoping that the gold hair and green eyes would change her appearance just enough to not be recognized. With a quick glance at her attire, Gohanna paused at the bright orange button that announced to the world her status as an Orange Star High School student. Thinking quickly Gohanna hurried out of her vest that had her Orange Star button attached to it, dropped her messenger bag and ran out of the alley. As she raced back to the disturbance she could only hope that no one would travel down her alleyway.

Rushing back to the scene of the conflict Gohanna flashed to the middle of the robbery, standing to face the robbers as she called out to them, "Give up now and I promise you won't be harmed." She had to try even if she knew what their answers would be.

"Go to hell girlie before one of my men decide to shoot you," yelled the apparent leader.

"Please leave quickly, we don't want you to get hurt," yelled one of the police officers.

Ignoring both Gohanna started in on the robbers, first taking out the leader with a well place tap to the back of the head, then the other four men on the street in quick succession with nothing stronger than taps or flicks. It wasn't as if she wanted to kill any one after all. After taking out those five guys Gohanna suddenly became aware of the sixth guy waiting in the car as he sped away trying to escape the crime scene.

"I don't have time for this," she muttered as she jumped backwards, landing in front of the car. She stopped its forward motion with a well-placed foot lift. She sighed. She really wasn't wearing the right cloths for this. 'I hope no one saw under my skirt,' she thought as she quickly bypassed the police officers with their mouths still hanging open, flying upwards so they wouldn't see her going into the side alley to collect her things. Donning her vest and retying her hair Gohanna hurried out of the alley only to nearly collide with a short girl. Her black hair separated into pigtails.

"Watch where you're going next time," the girl said as she rushed around Gohanna without a second look.

'She was kind of rude,' thought Gohanna as she checked her watch, 'dammit it's seven twenty five, just enough time for me to be late for school.' As Gohanna turned towards her new school, the girl she'd nearly collided into yelled back at her.

"Hey, you!"

"Me?" Gohanna pointed to herself in question.

"Yeah you, is there any one else around," but before Gohanna could point out almost a dozen people around them the girl continued. "What happened here?"

"I don't know, I wasn't watching," Gohanna said as she tried not to look the girl in the eyes, she was a terrible liar.

"No, I guess you wouldn't be watching," the girl replied, her eyes quickly moving up and down Gohanna's body before she turned back around and headed straight for the police cars. Gohanna didn't even get a chance to ask her what she meant by that remark.

"Forget kind of, she was really rude," Gohanna murmured with a sigh as she turned around and started off towards Orange Star High School again. Looking back at her watch she sighed again. At this rate she was never going to make it to school anywhere close to on time. Quickly looking around, Gohanna made sure no one was paying her any attention before she began to run, moving fast enough so that she was just a blur to the normal human eye. 'I'm so late. When mother finds out she is so going to kill me,' Gohanna thought as she raced towards the school. The day was already shaping out to be an interesting day. Great just great that was all she needed.

Finally arriving at the school Gohanna paused for a moment to calm down before walking into the building. Entering Gohanna walked down the long gray corridors lined with lockers all the while searching for the front desk. 'I don't know why they call it a front desk if it isn't in the front of the building,' Gohanna internally commented as she finally made it to her destination. Walking into the office she spotted a woman in her late twenties sitting behind the counter. Her face was covered in makeup, bright red lipstick, dark mascara, blush and all kinds of cover ups and toners. It wasn't natural, and it was starting to freak Gohanna out. Then she smiled and Gohanna almost backed right back out of the office. It was just too fake, too eerie. Gohanna couldn't wait to get out of her presence.

"Hey there cutie, how can I help you," the woman said.

Glancing over to the name tag on her white blouse Gohanna relied as politely as she could, "Ms. Graystone, I was told to come here in order to get my schedule. I'm Son Gohanna, the new student."

"Hai, hai, we've been expecting you although you got here a little late sweetheart. Here's your schedule. Would you like me to find some one to take you to your class honey-bun?"

"No ma'am, sorry I was late," Gohanna apologized with a quick bow before sheepishly taking her schedule from the secretary.

"It's not a problem, just try not to make a habit of it dearie," Ms. Graystone said as she watched the new student leave her office.

Gohanna walked down the hallway looking for her classroom, the only room she needed to be in except for science labs and gym which had to be in different rooms for obvious reasons. Looking down at her schedule she still couldn't figure out what she would do during her break period. Turning another corner Gohanna finally reached her destination. Inside she could hear a distinctly male voice directing class. 'So my first teacher is a man, and it sounds like class has already started.' Knocking on the door, Gohanna waited patiently for the teacher to open the door, listening intently as he announced that it must be the new student.

"Ms. Son I presume?" he asked as he stepped outside of the classroom.

"Hai sensei," Gohanna replied while observing her new teacher. He wasn't a very tall man as Gohanna almost towered over him, but that didn't say much because Gohanna was tall for a girl, hell she would have been tall for boy standing at about six feet and one inch just a little taller than her father was when he was alive.

"I must say that it is an absolute pleasure to have such a bright student join our class. I'm Mr. Stone and when we go inside the classroom I am going to give you a chance to introduce yourself," Mr. Stone instructed as his short blond hair fell in front of his cubby face. The little man walked back into the classroom hands on his wide girth. Gohanna followed him yet stopped when she got a look at the size of the class.

'That's a lot of people,' Gohanna thought as she gazed, bug eyed at her classmates, row upon row of them.

"Class I would like you to welcome our new student Son Gohanna who gain a perfect score on all of her entrance exams. You could all learn a lot from her," Mr. Stone announced to his class.

"Hi, I'm Gohanna or Hanna for short. It is nice to meet you all," Gohanna said nervously as she quickly bowed to the class and waited for Mr. Stone to give her a seat. When it became apparent that he wasn't going to say anything Gohanna asked, "Sensei, where do I sit?"

"Any where you'd like," he said as he prepared his notes.

Gohanna's eyes rapidly scanned the rows of students looking for an empty seat. There was one in the front row, but she didn't want to be seen at too geeky. She wanted to make at least one friend on the first day. Scanning again she saw a number of seats scattered about. There was one by a mousy brown haired girl with glasses, but she ducked and avoided eye contact. There was another by a dark haired guy in a black trench coat, but she couldn't tell if he was glaring at her or not throw his sunglasses. 'Who wears sunglasses inside a building?' Gohanna quickly dismissed the option. 'It's about as bad as wearing sunglasses at night,' she continued as she continued to scan the room. Just as Gohanna was about to go insane from trying to find a suitable seat, a blond girl near the top called out to her. "Hey, new girl sit up here, there's an open seat next to me."

'Saved by the blond,' Gohanna thought as she walked up the steps to sit with the bubbly blond. Bubbly meant that at least she'd make a friend today. At least she hoped.

"Hi, I'm Erasa and the other blond a couple seats over is Sharpner…"

"Hey babe, if you ever feel lonely, you know where to find me," Sharpner interrupted Erasa.

"You can ignore him," she continued, "and you probably recognize the girl sitting next to me."

Gohanna stared at the black haired girl, she did look familiar, but she couldn't remember if she knew her name, "I'm sorry, I don't think I know you." Her new friends, at least she hoped they would be her friends, stared at her like she was from another planet.

"What do you mean you don't recognize her!? That's The Videl Satan, daughter of the world savior," Erasa yelled gaining the attention of the students around them as well as the teacher.

"Ms. Edge is there something you would like to share with the class?" Mr. Stone asked.

"No sensei," came Erasa's quick answer.

"Then quiet down and listen to my lecture."

"Hai sensei," Erasa said as Mr. Stone went back to teaching. "Do you live in the mountains out in the middle of nowhere or something?" Erasa asked much quieter than before.

Blushing a bright red Gohanna nodded while silently thanking Dende that she had an excuse for not knowing that that was Videl, the daughter of the man who took the credit for saving the world from Cell. Gohanna didn't actually mind him taking the credit. She wasn't extremely proud of that day nor did she want the fame. In essence he was really just doing her a favor. "I live in the 439 mountain area," she replied softly not willing to draw the teacher's attention again.

"Wow, I was just joking, but that has got to be like a two and a half hour drive," Erasa said as Gohanna cursed herself for forgetting how long a normal person would take to make the trip.

"Well, I'm really dedicated to my studies," it was weak but they bought it, thank Dende.

"Aren't you the girl I saw earlier?" Videl asked.

'Spoke too soon,' Gohanna thought. "Oh, that's where I remember you from."

"You were at the robbery too?" Erasa's question was filled with excitement. "Did you see the Gold Fighter? I heard she was as fierce as Videl here."

"No, she didn't see anything, probably off somewhere hiding," Videl's words were cruel and meant to be hurtful, but Gohanna hadn't noticed the biting undertone, probably too many conversations with Vegeta.

"Yeah, I didn't see much. I was trying to get here, this city is so big," Gohanna said while Erasa stared at her as if she was deaf. How could anyone miss the way Videl insulted her? Not even Sharpner missed it and he's Mister oblivious when it comes to Videl.

"I bet you she was hot," Sharpner said as he flexed his arms again, obviously proud of the muscles he had worked for there.

Gohanna looked at him again. 'He wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't so annoying,' she thought, 'I mean he is easy on the eyes'.

"Can it Sharpner," Videl said as she eyed the new girl. She was still seething about the new heroine that was trying to take her job.

"Oh hush Videl, there's no reason to be angry. I'm sure the Gold Fighter just wants to help fight crime like you," Erasa said as she turned to the new girl. "Videl here is our resident crime fighter."

Gohanna looked shocked. Hercule's daughter wanted to fight crime. If she was anything like her father then she would need all the help she could get. "You fight crime?"

"You got a problem with that," Videl asked not liking the surprised way the new girl said it. She wasn't incapable of fighting crime.

"No, I was just surprised. I didn't know kids our age fought crime," Gohanna said quickly, not willing to upset Videl any further. Normally she wouldn't worry about how she came across in polite conversation, but for some reason she didn't want to upset Videl. She chalked it up as not wanting to seem weird, but she wasn't quite convinced of that fact.

"Well Videl is no ordinary girl. She is the daughter of Hercule Satan after all," Erasa squealed with joy before continuing. "She even has a little pager that was made by Capsule Corporation to connect her with the police incase they need her help."

'The police need help from a little girl, either the crime rate is really high or these guys are pathetic,' Gohanna thought, at least she had the good sense not to say that out loud.

"Ladies, please pay attention. We do have a test over this material on Friday, and it would be a shame if you all scored poorly," Mr. Stone called out interrupting them form their conversation.

"Hai, Sensei," they all said in unison as they quieted and went back to listening to his lecture.

Gohanna listened avidly to the history lesson only to realize that it was all events she had studied when she was five. If all of her subjects were going to be this easy then this year was shaping up to be very long. Sighing quietly to herself, Gohanna took out a notebook and a pen and looked to the board for her homework. Completely ignoring her teacher as he droned on and on about the history of the twelve oldest kingdoms of Earth, she got started on her homework for the class. By the time the bell rang and Mr. Stone had gathered his papers to leave for his next class, she had finished the night's homework.

The next teacher to come in was another man, a math professor this time who wasn't as short nor as old as the last although he didn't look to be taller than Gohanna. He had short black hair and wore a tan colored suit that hid what looked to be a fairly athletic body. He was handsome in an older man type of way Gohanna thought as she leaned over to Erasa in order to ask a question, "What's his name?"

"Oh, that's Mr. Marshall. Isn't he just dreamy? All the girls think so, except Videl, although between you and me, I think even she does," Erasa giggled as Mr. Marshall went up to the board and began to write.

"Alright students take out last night's homework so that we can go over it," Mr. Marshall said as groans could be heard across the room including the blond hair boy sitting next to them.

"Let me guess Sharpner, you didn't do it again," Videl said as she got out her homework. "Even I manage to do my homework and I was busy helping Chief Wiggins last night."

"Look Videl, math is just not my thing," Sharpner replied as he opened a notebook. "I just had better things to do."

"Sensei, sensei, we have a new student so she doesn't have a book or the homework," Erasa said completely ignoring her two friends sitting next to her.

"Thank you Ms. Edge, Ms. Son I presume?"

"Hai sensei," Gohanna answered as she got up to go get her book.

"Here you go Ms. Son. This is the textbook we will be working out of this year as well as a syllabus with a detailed list of assignments, tests and quizzes for this unit and the next," Mr. Marshall said as he gave the material to Gohanna before adjusting his black rimed glasses and turning back to the board.

As Gohanna walked back to her seat she couldn't help but notice the light blush growing on Videl's face as she scowled at the board with her arms folded. 'I guess Erasa was right about Videl liking Mr. Marshall,' she thought as she sat back down in her seat. Mr. Marshall began to go over the homework as Gohanna glanced through the math book. Again it was work she had covered when she was five and going to the planet Namek. Sighing, she got out a piece of paper and started the homework that she had missed before moving on to the rest of the unit as the class continued.

The next two classes flew by in a similar fashion, with Gohanna getting the English studies book and the Japanese literature book while learning that she had already covered the material when she was either five or six. She would then do the homework while chatting with Erasa from time to time to get questions answered or whenever Erasa felt the need to gossip. Sharpner would occasionally add his two cents into their conversation resulting in Videl yelling at him for being a chauvinistic bastard. Overall her first day was shaping up to be better and better although she would have to talk with Bulma after school about a costume. She wouldn't have a convenient vest to take off every time she wanted to help fight crime, nor could she continue to power up to Super Saiyan without getting the other z warriors worried. She had decided during class that she would need a disguise and Bulma was the best a making them. Well Bulma was the only one she knew who would drop everything to make it for her with little explanation as to why she needed it.

When the bell finally rang after Japanese literature Gohanna was relieved. It was finally time for one of the best parts of the day, lunch time. She was starved as she headed out to the cafeteria that Orange Star High School had just recently decided to put in their school. It was a fairly large room with lunch lines at the far ends and long tables and circular tables scattered throughout the rest of the area. Gohanna staked out a large table and decapsulized her lunch which consisted of eight sandwiches and half a gallon of capsulade along with a small bottle without a label. Gohanna grabbed the small bottle first. It was a liquid Saiyan lunch that Bulma had created so Gohanna could go to school and get enough to eat without looking too much like a freak. Of course it wasn't enough to fill her but that was were the sandwiches came in to play. So after drinking the oddly fruity tasting liquid, Gohanna dug into the foot long sandwiches eating at a sedated pace so her new friends wouldn't think she was weird.

"Wow, Hanna-chan I didn't think anyone could eat that much," Erasa said as she came over with her lunch, a regular sandwich, an apple and a soda.

Sharpner walking in behind her with a burger and fries from the lunch line following with another comment, "That's enough food to feed our entire class."

"Shut up Sharpner. It's only enough to feed maybe half our class," Videl said teasingly as she followed with her lunch bag. Sitting down next to Gohanna, Videl took out two foot long sandwiches, a bag of chips and a quart of capsulade and began to eat.

"And here I thought Videl ate a lot," added Erasa as she sat down across from Gohanna with Sharpner next to her.

'At least I packed light,' Gohanna thought as she continued to eat.

"You eat fast too," Erasa said as she noticed the speed that Gohanna was consuming her food.

"She has to if she wants to finish on time," Sharpner remarked as he took a bite from his burger.

Gohanna was just about to grab her last sandwich when she noticed Videl staring at her with those intense blue eyes. It startled her how easily she could get lost in those blue depths like an endless ocean, fierce and dangerous, yet beautiful. Shaking her head at her odd thoughts Gohanna went back to eating, trying to ignore the eyes that were burning holes in the side of her head. She was just glad she didn't have her tail any more or Videl would really have a reason to look at her. As the little group finished eating the bell rang announcing the end of their lunch period it was time for advanced biology in one of the lab rooms, then it was a free period followed by advanced physics in another lab room then gym, Gohanna thought as she looked at her schedule wondering why her mother had her scheduled for two sciences. At least the lab classes would be smaller although it wouldn't have anyone new in it, just less people from her larger class. Well, at least the day was looking up.

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