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It Was Meant to Be

Chapter 8- Welcome to the World Tournament

The sun's bright rays filtered through the heavy tan curtains, each ray of light gliding over the surfaces of the room like the caress of a lover's hand as the light filled the room. The birds hummed in the background, calling soft songs as they flew amongst the trees. Bluebirds calling bluebirds, their feathered breasts filled with song as they went about their day. The little click, click, click sounded as squirrels scurried up trees, their nails tapping a steady cadence against the hard bark. A light breeze floating through the air, caused the rustle of leaves in vibrant green trees to add its own melody to the morning noise as the world took a deep breath, waking up for the start of the day.

The world was at peace. The very calm radiating the air as it began to wake, the stillness of the night slowly breaking apart with each touch of the sun's warm waves allowing the hustle and energy of the day to break through and invigorate the world under its gentle touch. The light buzz of nature slowly grew as more and more creatures awoke from their slumber. A small yellow butterfly made its way into the confines of the still slumbering room, its golden wings fluttering against the gold, whites, creams and tans of the room, each strong beat of its wings lightly stirring the air. All was tranquil.

Unfortunately, that was until the innocent looking alarm clock resting on the bedside table blared to life, blasting Survivor's Eye of the Tiger, the driving guitar strums filling the air as the first few bars of the song played. The stocky figure resting in the large cherry wood four-poster bed jumped from the feather stuffed covers as the pounding bass joined in the fray of music, barely missing the golden butterfly as it attempted to make its escape from the chaos.

His bare feet hit the cool cherry wood floor in moments. His fists beginning a well-rehearsed routine, executing punching combo after punching combo to the driving beat of the music. His voice bellowed across the room as he shifted his weight, adding his feet to his dangerous dance.

"Ho, ho, ho, there's only one way to start the day," Hercule called out, his bellowing voice amplified by the specially angled walls. "Got to hit the ground running," he continued before jumping into a forward roll towards his bathroom door. Springing back to his feet Hercule slammed his hand on a button firmly planted into the wall next to his bathroom door before spinning on his heels to deliver a kick to the air behind him. As his foot cut the air his surround sound stereo system kicked in and the lines of the first verse boomed throughout his room.

Another set of punches followed as he belted out the words to the song, ducking and dodging imaginary adversaries as he hopped around his room. Hercule let loose another right hook, fully extending his arm as he threw his body into the punch. At the apex of the motion his back twitched, body frozen in place as he let loose a giant howl of pain.

"Holy smokes," he cursed as his left hand flew to support his back. "I'm getting too old for this," he mumbled as he hobbled over to his bed, gently laying his large body on the downy comforter.

'My body aches, my head hurts and I haven't had a decent 8-hour night's rest in months,' he thought as he gently rolled his body over. 'I'm just not cut out for this anymore. I mean, I'm no spring chicken.' The pounding beat of Survivor's 'Eye of the Tiger' echoed across the room as he stared at the high vaulted ceiling designed specifically for its acoustic properties. 'I can't bend as far as I use to. I can't move as fast as I use to,' he huffed as he attempted to work out the kinks in his back. 'Hell, the only thing I can do better is hit harder.'

With a grunt of pain, he maneuvered his large body into a sitting position. "But what can I do?" he sighed to himself. "The world needs a hero, a face to justice and strength, a real person. It can't just be the next wannabe off the streets. He has to have a name and a face in the public eye." He paused, listening to the closing bars of Survivor followed by the pulsing electric beat of Europe's 'The Final Countdown'. "Ah-ha," Hercule exclaimed with a finger in the air and a gleam in his eye. "Who says it has to be a 'he', sweat pea would be a perfect replacement."

'She's already in the public eye, a hero and savior for Satan City, a face with a name,' he thought as he stretched out his massive body. 'Kami-sama knows she's more than strong enough to win this tournament,' his thoughts continued as he edged himself from his bed. 'She's been able to beat me in a spar for years now,' he thought as he eased himself to the edge of the bed, his feet lightly touching the warm wooden panels.

"What better replacement for the World's Savior than his daughter," Hercule exclaimed, momentarily forgetting the pain in his back as he leaped forward arms fully extended at the very brilliance of his idea. Unfortunately, pain can only be ignored for so long and seconds later he was on the floor, curled up into a little ball as he bellowed over his agony. 'Why me? Why me? Why me?' he thought as he grabbed his back in pain, vigorously rubbed at it in a vain attempt to lessen the throbbing faster.

It took another two songs before Hercule attempted to move his large body from the floor at which point it was too late to attempt to continue his normal morning warm-up. Instead he lugged his body into the master bathroom, cringing as his bare feet hit the cool linoleum floors. He could never get use to the cold, a cold that permeated the entire mansion, haunting him. The main reason he stayed away as often as he could. With his little sweet pea growing up so fast, she didn't really need him around that often anyway. He couldn't help but feel a little in the way when he stayed too long. So he'd had little reason to stay in this barren manor.

All it was and all it had ever been was a constant reminder of what he had lost. The cold massive manor a direct contrast to what use to be a warm and inviting home. A home that he'd had before everything had gone to shit. A home that he'd built from the ground up with the love of his life. It was a home that he had stupidly given up because of a little dishonesty, a life that he could never get back.

Hercule sighed as he striped the clothes from his body and climbed into the pristine two person shower, a mistake by the contractors who had assumed that a man as famous and as loved and as wanted as he could easily find someone to fill the other side. But he wasn't that type of man. And unfortunately he wasn't the type of man that would make them pay for the suffering that they had unwillingly caused him. Day in and day out, the spacious marbled surface was a constant reminder of a life he could never have back. A life that had been a series of highs so high that sometimes he'd felt like he was flying, and lows so low that he'd thought he might die. It had been love, a love so deep that he knew he'd never experience that kind of connection again.

He held back a sigh as his thoughts drifted to his beloved Selena. It wasn't enough that he could never take back the words he had said to her. He could never erase the betrayed, hurt look that had marred her beautiful face that night. "You stupid, stupid bastard," he screamed into the shower wall, his fist slamming into the wall cracking the marble surface. "How could you be so stupid," he softly whispered, unaware of the blood flowing from his hand mixing with the hot spray from the showerhead.

It was times like this when he allowed himself to remember. It was times like this when he allowed himself to mourn, a task that seemed to never end. There was no bringing her back. Even after the apology and reconciliation it just never felt enough. 'I should have just understood from the beginning,' he thought as he clumsily turned off the water and dragged his body out of the shower. 'We should have never been apart,' he thought as he wrapped a cream colored towel around his waist and padded back out of the bathroom and made his way to his closet.

Each step across the warm wood flooring was a step away from himself, a chance for him to let go of the pain and grab on to the happiness of oblivion. As long as he didn't remember, he didn't cry. So while the pain would always be there, a dull constant ache, he could move on with his life.

And it started with his choice of attire. Each article chosen for its mobility and ability to bring out the goofy side of him, allowing him the freedom of movement that would afford the easiest access to flamboyant, loud and obnoxious behavior. It was meant to be distracting so that it could divert his attention away from the sadness of his life, distract the entire world from what troubled him.

Hercule shrugged his way into the white training pants and maroon top, being careful with his injured left hand as he tightening the white belt. He stretched his left hand, testing it. It didn't look too bad this time. He was sure he'd be right as rain by his first fight as long as he didn't aggravate it beforehand. Turning back to his attire, he stepped into his favorite pair of black boots and grabbed for his white cape. He had to make an entrance and please his numerous fans after all.

The transformation was instantaneous. With each piece of clothing the sadness was locked away as he let the loose material dictate his mood. Gone was the mourning widower as he took his first steps towards his bedroom door. A lightness returning to his stride as his massive hand grabbed the handle of his door. A near bounce in his gait as he strode down the corridor, Hercule stopped only to admire the handsome face staring back at him in the numerous mirrors and self-portraits that lined the walls.

'Oh, you hairy devil you,' he admired at one particular stop, his right hand coming to rub against the thick hair of his chest as he stared at himself in the mirror. 'Today's going to be a wonderful day,' he thought before he tore himself from the mirror. It took Hercule another two stops before he made it to the dining room, not bothering to pass through the kitchens as he'd not had any self-portraits placed there for obvious reasons. He just couldn't risk any portrayal of his dashing face in that humid, grease-trap of a room.

Hercule hummed softly under his breath as he entered the dining room, expecting to see his sweet pea tucking in to healthy portion of food while Olivia sipped on her morning tea. 'Well, at least I'm half right,' he thought with a mental frown as he strode to the head of the table, the West City Times lying to the right of his plate.

"Good Morning Olivia," he bellowed as he took his seat, right hand already reaching for the times.

"Hercule," her reply was laced with a small amount of disapproval most likely due to the sheer volume of his greeting. He paid her no heed. She had always been a grumpy morning person. Who didn't like an enthusiastic greeting anyway? It was the proper way, the only way to start off a beautiful day.

"And where is my precious sweet pea this lovely morning," he asked as he opened the paper, flipping page after page in an attempt to mask his mild worry. His sweet pea always beat him to the table on a morning before a big tournament. Always, without fail, her not so smiling face would be waiting on him when he got there.

He shifted in his seat but didn't put his paper down when a reply wasn't immediate. "Olivia?" he asked expecting his worry to be entirely unnecessary. He finally lowered his paper at the continued silence. Something was off. Olivia never took this long to answer anything. When his eyes landed on the stern face sitting across from him, Hercule wondered at the thoughts that could possibly be running through her head. He could see the cogs turning as her mind worked out what he'd originally believed to be a simple question.

"Earth to Olivia," he stated as he snapped the fingers of his right hand in a last ditch effort to get her attention. "Where is my daughter?"

"Most likely still in her room," she answered and for the first time in the over twenty years that they had known each other, she didn't look him in the eye.

"Well if that's all the fuss, then why do you look so guilty?" he asked as he sat back on his haunches, ready to get up from the table and race up to his little girl's room. He wasn't overprotective or anything. He was just doing his fatherly duty.

"It's nothing you need to concern yourself with at this very moment," Olivia replied as she finally turned to look him in the eye. It looked as if she'd just made some important decision and he'd been left in the dark about it.

"Now wait a minute," Hercule replied as his voice began to rise. "I want to know what's got you all, well this," he asked while pointing his hand in her general direction. He didn't really have a name for how Olivia was acting, but she was his best friend. He knew when something was up.

"Hercule, sit back down," she commanded and he looked down to see that he had indeed risen from the table. "I will handle the situation with Miss Videl," she continued after he'd regained his seat.

"Fine, you handle it, but I still want to know what's going on with my little girl," he nearly pouted as he crossed his arms in defeat. Why was it that he'd never won against any woman in his life, past, present and given his current trend, probably future?

Olivia let loose a large sigh that sent him into another bout of worry. It had to be bad if Olivia was sighing audibly. She was like a fortress with her emotions, never letting them show in the presence of anyone. At least not while she was on the job, which technically she always was here. "Miss Videl had a visitor late last night," Olivia eventually confided as if that would answer all of his questions.

"Well if that was all, I don't see what all the fuss was about," he declared a little confused but glad that there wasn't anything he needed to worry about. He turned back to his temporarily forgotten paper and was about to pick it back up when Olivia interrupted him.

"Hercule," she started, a hand rubbing at her temples. "I am talking about the type of late night visitor that has to sneak into her bedroom via the balcony and then sneak out in the morning."

It took a moment for her words to click but when they did he saw red. "You mean some boy snuck into MY little girl's room last night," he nearly yelled as he bolted from his chair. "I'm going to kill him," he roared as he started for the door. This was definitely not overprotectiveness. This was righteous fury.

"Hercule," Olivia's stern reprimand brought him out of his murderous rampage. "I am sure he's not still here," she said before pointed to his recently vacated seat. "But even if he is, you will not be barging your way up there to break down your daughter's door." He opened his mouth to protest, but was cut off before sound could leave his mouth. "No. Sit," she commanded and didn't continue until he'd righted his chair and reluctantly sank back into it. "Now in five minutes, if Miss Videl hasn't made it down here for breakfast, I will go up there and check on her using my key. Is that clear?"

"Hai," he replied with a loud huff. "But when she gets down here, there will be words," he said before hastily adding "and punishments". Five minutes came and went and Hercule stared at Olivia willing her to get up from the table with his eyes alone. Calmly she checked her watch before rising from the table and leaving Hercule alone with his thoughts in the dining room.

The sun was shining down on the earth below, lighting the inhabitants in the trees and filtering through windows to light the still sleeping faces of earth. Satan city was no different, the sun glowed just as brightly here as it did anywhere else and it was this radiate glow that filtered through the manor windows resting in the middle of the city. The sun's powerful rays filtered through a balcony window to hit the sleeping occupants of a blue canopy bed.

The early morning sun filtered through Videl's silk curtains, each ray of light leaving a gentle, warm glow as the sun slowly lit the room. Patches of light shifted through blue canopy drapes landing on the faces of the still sleeping occupants of the large bed. With the warm, yellow light touching her face, Videl began to stir.

The first thing she noticed as consciousness slowly returned to her was the feeling of warmth surrounding her. It was like being wrapped in a cocoon, held safe and warm. As the morning haze started to leave her, Videl's warm cocoon became a lithe, long body. Lengthy toned arms wrapped tightly around her waist in a viselike grip. Powerful long legs intertwined with her own, bringing her impossibly close to the body behind her.

It really shouldn't have surprised her that Gohanna was a cuddler. She was just too nice and kind not to want to wrap herself around another human-being. Gohanna had draped herself around Videl, holding her like a child's favorite teddy bear with her face buried in the crook of her neck. She would have laughed at the childlike innocence of it all, but a shiver went down her spine with each breath Gohanna took. Each hot puff of air on the back of her neck was enough to drive her wild.

She still wasn't sure how Gohanna could affect her so easily. Every little thing she did drove her crazy. Even something as simple as a soft puff of air was sending her heart in a tailspin driving her pulse wild with the heat but making her feel so safe and secure with its steady rhythm. It was nice, having Gohanna here with her, like this, snuggled up close, surrounding her. It was calming and soothing, and she couldn't help but think that it was something she wanted to enjoy again and again. It was something she wanted to get used to.

'I'm surprised I slept through the night,' Videl thought as she looked to her left to see the sun shining brightly through her window. 'I haven't slept all night in weeks, no probably months.' Videl shifted as much as she could in her position in Gohanna's arms. She let her fingers wander, exploring the small bits of Gohanna's exposed skin, reveling in the feel of the soft flesh beneath her fingertips. Her fingers wandered on their own accord, traversing familiar yet wholly new territory. Even with their numerous but all too short make-out sessions, she'd never really gotten the chance to properly explore Gohanna's body. She'd never had the chance to slowly run her hands against Gohanna's skin, to trace every curve and contour and… her eyes snapped open as she frowned. 'Where the fuck did that come from', she thought with a mental head shake. She'd been so lost in the moment. She hadn't even realized she'd closed her eyes until now when her unnamed desires seemed to get the better of her.

Videl sighed as she relaxed back into Gohanna's embrace. She'd known where her thoughts had been taking her, where her desires led. But she hesitated to name it. Like everything else, it would become all the more real when named, voiced. And she wasn't sure she was ready for what that would really mean.

'Kami-sama, what are you doing to me?' she asked herself as her hands continued on their aimless path, mindlessly trailing across the body holding her tightly. Her breath hitched at the feel of soft fur beneath her fingertips and she paused before giving in to the desire to finally get her fingers on the plush fur of Gohanna's tail. She'd wanted to touch it since she'd first laid eyes on the fuzzy appendage and with Gohanna still fast asleep and unable to give her those dark questioning eyes that halted her every move she felt free to touch. It wasn't like this would be the first time this morning that she'd given in to her desires anyway.

So with new found recklessness, she touched, lightly running her fingers through the dark fur already beneath her fingertips. It pleased her to find out that the fur was indeed just as soft as she'd always imagined it would be, probably even softer. Videl nearly giggled with glee, she felt like a little girl again, indulging in some forbidden passion even though she knew this was probably the least questionable activity she'd succumb to in the last few months. But that didn't really matter at the moment when all she could think about was how wonderful it was to run her fingers through the fur of Gohanna's tail.

She was reminded of a kitten's soft fur as she continued to run her fingers through the dark confines. It only took her moments to become thoroughly lost to the task, her fingers continuing their movements while she let her mind wander. In this state, the light rumbling caught her by complete surprise. She stopped to listen. Nothing, confusion colored her eyes as she mentally shrugged. 'Must be my imagination,' she thought as she went back to the task at hand, running her fingers through brown fur. However, the moment her fingers ran through the fur the noise picked back up at full strength. There was no way she could dismiss it now. 'I think that's actually coming from Gohanna,' she thought as she listened to the soft vibrations. It was a low rumble coming from her chest, like a soft purr. Videl smirked, the kitten image coming back to the forefront of her mind as she felt more than heard the purring coming from the other girl. It was actually kind of nice.

Videl listened to the sound, closing her eyes as she stroked away until she became so focused on the noise that she stopped running her fingers along Gohanna's tail. "Why'd you stop?" the question vibrated high against her neck causing Videl's breath to catch.

"W-W-What?" Videl barely managed to stutter out, she was just glad Gohanna wouldn't be able to see the embarrassed flush that had risen on her face at her utter lack of control.

"Why'd you stop? That feels amazing, don't stop now," Gohanna spoke directly into her ear, each word a hot puff of air against her skin leaving goose bumps in its wake. Gohanna's fingers dug into her sides when Videl failed to answer right away. Each digit sent a lightening surge through her body as they slowly made their way across her stomach. Videl lost all train of thought as Gohanna's hands found their way under her shirt. Skin touched skin, sending delicious shock waves through each little nerve ending.

Gohanna trailed her nose up the expanse of Videl's neck leaving a trail of goose bumps in her wake. "Please continue," she whispered directly into Videl's ear, her hot breathe sending a shock through Videl, effectively waking her from her trance.

Videl's hands grasped the larger ones on her stomach although she wasn't sure whether she wanted to stop Gohanna's advancement or help her along. She spoke again. "Pretty, please," she begged. Videl sighed as the words left Gohanna's lips. She'd been at the edge of a cliff ready to fall over and give in and Gohanna had to ruin the mood with her silliness. She could feel soft lips on the back of her neck pouting, hot puffs of air tickling instead of burning. It was cute, but no longer unbelievably sexy.

"I don't know what I'm going to do about you," Videl replied as her hands moved to stop lithe fingers from encroaching any further. "I'm not entirely sure how you can ruin a moment so thoroughly and so quickly," she continued as she began untangling their limbs, making it clear she intended to get out of bed. Gohanna's hold tightened.

"I don't ruin the moment, I make the moment," she huffed into the back of her neck.

"Really Miss Goofy?" she asked as she made another attempt at freeing herself from Gohanna's grip. "I'll give you cute. There's no denying how adorable you are, but you most certainly kill the mood." She frowned as Gohanna's hold only tightened around her. It didn't look like she was going to let her go.

A gasp escaped her lips at the sudden change of position. She'd barely had time to register the tightening of Gohanna's legs around her waist before she was on her back staring straight up into endless black eyes. "What do you think you're doing?" she managed to ask. She hated how breathless she sounded, her desire clear as day.

"Making a moment," she breathed down. It felt as if she was being consumed by her gaze, swallowed whole.

In a heartbeat, Gohanna was on her, connecting their lips for a passionate kiss. Her hands dragging across her stomach and her fingers leaving a hot trail in their wake, Gohanna devoured her and she reveled in the feeling. Her hands grabbed the material of her shirt, fisting the loose fabric in a desperate attempt to be as close as humanly possible. She wanted nothing more than to devour Gohanna like she was being devoured, to ravish her.

It wasn't long before it became a battle of teeth and tongues as Videl worked one of her hands through Gohanna's dark, unruly locks. She pulled down hard on the black locks as her tongue fought for dominance. Teeth clashed in a fog of desire and Videl could feel a growl bubbling from Gohanna's chest as their bodies pressed together. Cloth covered breasts rubbing together as they consumed each other, but it wasn't enough.

Videl gripped at the ends of Gohanna's shirt, roughly pushing it up as she took Gohanna's bottom lip into her mouth. Teeth biting into the soft flesh as she attempted to do the impossible, disrobe the girl above her without breaking their kiss. It appeared as if Gohanna had had a similar idea as she could feel the girl above her tugging at her shirt.

Videl groaned in frustration as her hands got caught in Gohanna's shirt. This wasn't getting her any closer to what she wanted. She broke the kiss just to push the taller girl off of her, following her quickly so that she was straddling her hips. She took a moment to pull off her shirt and was thankful Gohanna had had the same sense to divest herself of her own offending attire.

She took a moment to gaze upon the exposed flesh, her eyes lingering on Gohanna's two fully exposed breasts before returning to her eyes, darker than a night's sky. It should have been impossible to be that black, like staring into the deepest, darkest, blackest abyss. She could almost feel the fire behind those eyes, the desire, the want, barely constrained. Falling, she was falling, but she didn't want to stop it. Didn't want to even slow her decent.

Consumed by a hunger she couldn't place, Videl attacked. Her mouth running open mouth kisses and bites down Gohanna's collarbone stopping only to suck at the flesh beneath her. Encouraged by moans, she continued, burning a path down Gohanna's body that mirrored the trail her eyes had traced until her mouth latched onto a pert hard nipple. "Videl," came the breathless sound of Gohanna's voice as she dug her fingers into short, dark strains. It was music to her ears, encouraging her to cup the other breast with her left hand. She circled the erect nipple with her thumb in order to mirror the movements of her tongue. Flicking and rolling and pinching in a manner that brought even more delicious noises from the girl beneath her.

But it still wasn't enough. She wanted, no needed, to be closer so she trailed kisses back up Gohanna's body, her own hands leaving a hot trail down her side. Shifting so that she had a knee in between Gohanna's thighs, Videl managed to connect her lips to the willing mouth below her. The kiss was hot and wet and made all the more better when Videl lent forward, breasts touching breasts, rubbing together as they kissed.

The sensations were too much and not enough all at once, and Videl couldn't stop herself from moaning at the contact. "Gohanna," she groaned as she once again found herself on her back. Gohanna was at her neck, biting and nipping and sucking in a frenzy that left Videl dazed and hot and needing something more. She gripped on to Gohanna tightly, her fingers digging into the soft skin of her back. Videl nearly yelled out when the girl above her pressed down with her hips, creating the most wonderful friction where she needed it most. Then she did it again and Videl saw stars. She could feel the pressure building to something amazing. "Don't stop," she breathed out on a moan as her grip tightened. She was in heaven and it really couldn't get any better than this.

The trek up to Miss Videl's room was made in absolute silence. Olivia gave off such a strong, malevolent aura that the staff and guards did everything in their power to stay out of her way. She was deep in thought, hoping against all hopes that Miss Videl's mystery man would be long gone before she even entered the corridor. But given the current facts, one neither security surveillance teams had contacted her again with an update and two Miss Videl was not currently on her way to breakfast, a meal she never missed no matter how long she'd been up the night before, she didn't have much hope.

"Teenage hormones," she huff under her breathe, barely a sound in the air. She had over active teenage hormones to thank for her current predicament. And let's just say, she didn't fancy busting in on a pair of horny teenagers. 'I am too old for this,' she thought as she turned down another hallway, halfway there.

The walk to Miss Videl's room was too short. It felt as though she'd arrived at her destination in seconds. Now, staring at the heavy oak door she didn't really know how to proceed. It was a first for her. She'd always prided herself on her ability to develop a plan of action and see it through, successfully. It had helped her in the past when faced with decisions that put young men and women's lives at risk. She'd been able to think quickly on her feet, decisively. Never had she faced a problem that she was hesitant to tackle, until now.

Glancing again at the oak door before her, she wasn't sure if she should be thankful for the thickness in conjunction with the solid walls that blocked out most if not all sound or cursing the very wood in front of her face for only adding more mystery to the problem. She had no way of knowing what was currently happening in that room. She could no sooner guess the number of occupants then their various states of dress from this side of the deep oak wood. She could only hope that there was only one completely clothed occupant behind that door.

That had been the reason for her insistence that Hercule take no part in this. All she needed was a raving mad father, breaking down the door to his very moody teenage daughter's room. No matter what was on the other side of that door, Hercule would be incapable of handling the situation with any amount of sensitivity.

Audibly Olivia sighed before turning her attention back to the door and deciding on a plan. She knocked loudly. "Miss Videl, you have five seconds to answer this door before I open it," she said with a calmness in her voice that she didn't feel. It should have been loud enough to hear through the heavy door, but five seconds came and went and she sighed again. Without the marks of hesitation that had been plaguing her mind since she'd first received the early morning video chat, Olivia retrieved the master key, her skeleton key.

She opened the door slowly, stopping before she received an eyeful of whatever might be transpiring inside of that room. She knocked louder. "Miss Videl, I am about to enter your room. You have very little time to make yourself presentable," she warned with the same calmness. At this point if she saw two horny teenagers engaging in various acts of sexual intercourse it would be by no fault of her own.

She would have waited longer had the inappropriately loud moan and a particular set of words not reached her ears. It was abundantly clear that one her warnings had not been heard and two they would not be stopping anytime soon. Dread crept into her heart. This was the reason she'd never had children. They always started out cute and adorable, but that only lasted for a short time. What came after adorable was moodiness and attitude all rolled up in a body going through rapid hormonal changes. And now she had the embarrassing task of breaking up said example of rapid hormonal changes. She looked up briefly. 'The things I do for this family,' she thought before she determinedly opened the door completely.

The sight before her gave her pause. In front of her was the bare long scratch covered back of the most feminine body she had ever seen. She could only assume that Miss Videl was beneath her. Their bodies intimately intertwined and tangled in bed sheets. Again she could only guess to their state of undress, but given the bare back in front of her, she'd guess they were both very much unclothed.

Olivia sighed again, rubbing fingers over the quickly developing migraine. "Miss Videl, your presence is required in the dining room for breakfast. Please make yourself presentable, show your guest out and join us in the dining room," she was surprised by how calm that all sounded. If nothing else, she could say that she never lost her cool.

While not entirely pleased she'd finally gotten their attention, she was satisfied that they were not likely to continue if she quit the room so with one quick turn on her heels she left, door ajar. Walking back down the corridor, she called out to the nearest guard. "Miss Long, you are to stand no more than five feet from Miss Videl's room. If she does not emerge within the next five minutes you are to politely reminder her that her presence is required in the dining room. Use your own discretion to accomplish these tasks," Olivia commanded before continuing on with her journey. She knew it was low, but she had been a horny teenager too. Despite how long ago it had been, she remembered those feelings all too well. Sometimes the hormones clouded your judgment and you said a resounding 'to hell with it' and continued to fornicate despite the possibility of further embarrassment. Given the advanced state of undress in combination with their previous complete disregard of their surroundings she was fairly certain the extra precaution was more than necessary. It was required.

Olivia mentally sighed as she descended a set of stairs. 'Well, at least I've solved one mystery. No man can tame the beast that is Miss Videl,' she thought as she made her way back to the dining room. Of course, she was no stranger to feminine wiles. However, some small voice told her that this dalliance was more than just a reckless encounter. Miss Videl had risked too much for this relationship, and she was sure it was a relationship, to be anything other than a serious affair. She paused at the door to the dining room.

'Knowing Miss Videl she will probably want to speak with me privately,' she thought as she turned back around and headed towards the sitting room. You had to pass it on your way to the dining room and the foyer. She'd be able to wait for Miss Videl to make her way downstairs and catch the beginnings of the walk of shame for Miss Videl's guest. Caught, hopefully they would come down together. She was going to need as much information as she could extract from Miss Videl on the young woman that was likely to become a permanent fixture within the Satan household. And on the plus side, if they came down together then it would double the embarrassment. A wicked glint could be seen in her eyes as she sat down to wait. After dealing with all of this, she was due a small amount of amusement.

The rapid click of heels leaving her room didn't erase the red from her skin as Videl laid there listening. 'Nothing could be more embarrassing,' she thought as she closed her eyes briefly, focusing on the sound of Olivia's heels. She had left her door cracked and the sound of muffled conversation came to her ears. While not distinct, she could guess what was probably being said and she had to amend her previous thought. 'Okay, having a guard bust in on us would probably be worse,' she sighed as she opened her eyes to trace the contours of the ceiling. 'At least I know Olivia won't go gossiping about specifics to the manor staff.' She was just about to roll away and off her bed, when she felt a familiar pull at her waist.

'You have got to be kidding me,' she thought as she was tugged closer to the less than humble girl still hovering above her. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" She knew embarrassment was the reason for the sharpness in her tone, but staring up into an unapologetic girlfriend was driving her insane, doing nothing to calm her already frazzled nerves.

"I thought we covered that earlier," Gohanna mumbled before she resumed her attack on her body.

Fuming, she nearly saw red. "Son," she warned a cold chill to her voice that seemed to go unnoticed. The closest person she had to a mother had just walked in on her during a very heated moment with her girlfriend. There was most definitely a guard standing too close to her open door waiting to barge in if she failed meet her limited time deadline, and her unrepentant girlfriend only had one thing on her mind right now. She was beyond peeved.

"You really think now is a fucking fantastic time to have sex?" It seemed as if Gohanna had completely missed the ice freezing her falsely calm voice as she nodded against her neck. "Get the fuck off me you pig," Videl yelled with a hard ki infused shove. "Now is most certainly not the time." She tried to roll out of bed only to be stopped in her tracks by a tug at her waist. She didn't need to look down to know what was keeping her in place. Instead she leveled a scathing glare to the girl lying on her back next to her, the perfect picture of innocence.

The heat of her glare alone was enough to gain her freedom and she slid off the bed, ignoring the topless girl still on it. "Pout all you want, but I'm not getting caught with your hands down my pants by whatever random guard is standing outside of my door," she hissed while looking for her shirt on the floor. Shirt found and pulled back on to her body she turned back to her girlfriend still lounging on her bed. "You, out. Now," she commanded while pointed to the closed balcony doors. There was no way she was going to walk her horny girlfriend down the stairs and out the front door. She'd die of embarrassment before they reached the second landing.

"But I don't want to go," she pouted. "I want you, now." That little declaration while not shocking burned Videl red, but she refused to look at the pouting half naked girl on her bed.

"Tough," Videl deadpanned as she threw Gohanna's shirt to the girl. "Out, now," she commanded again. "I have three minutes to get changed before the guard outside of my door bursts into my room. You have one minute to put that on and leave."

Videl walked over to her closet to grab her usual wardrobe selection, making a point not to look over at her bed, least she be persuaded to say 'fuck it' and drag Gohanna into the shower she didn't actually have time to take. Dressed, she turned back around to find Gohanna as equally clothed. Clad in the gi she had come over in, she was waiting by the balcony doors, arms crossed as she leaned back against the oak finish. She wasn't sure how it was possible, but her nonchalance managed to piss Videl off even further.

One quick look at her watch told her that one minute had come and gone. Enraged, she stalked over to the other girl ready to give her a piece of her mind. "Can't follow simple instructions today Son?" she asked when she was standing inches from the other girl.

"I could," Gohanna began with a shrug, "but then I wouldn't get a goodbye kiss. I like goodbye kisses. There almost as good as hello kisses."

"If you think I'm going to…" Videl began only to be cut off by the feel of Gohanna's lips on her own. Soft and demanding, Videl's anger melted away instantly as her hands found their way to the front of Gohanna's top, pulling her closer.

Surprisingly it was Gohanna that pulled back, a hand on Videl's chin as she said goodbye. "See you in a few," she called out to a still dazed Videl as she took off into the air at a rapid pace, hopefully too fast to be caught on any of the outside security cameras.

It took another moment for the fog to clear, but once it did Videl turned on her heels and headed for the door. Just in time too as Miss Long was grabbing for the handle when she opened the door. "No need Sarah, I'm up," Videl grumbled to the familiar guard. Hopefully, she wasn't privy to what had just occurred in her room. Unfortunately, the bright red flush that covered the normally stoic guard's face told her otherwise.

"Hai Miss Videl," the guard replied quickly, her eyes shifting nervously unable to stare at one spot for too long without her face heating up to new shades of red. Dismissed she scurried back to her post, her discomfort with the situation clear as the morning sky.

'At least I don't have to worry about Sarah spreading gossip to the rest of the guards or staff,' Videl thought as she headed down the corridor. Sarah was a professional first and foremost. And really, the only staff member that she liked to hang out with was Hannah. Videl liked to think that after spending two hours a day for two full weeks the head chef liked her enough to not further the spread of gossip. She'd once been told she had a tendency to grow on people. She just hoped that was still the case. 'And it helps that she probably didn't hear enough to gossip about the important details,' she thought as she continued down the hall. She felt like she was moving too quickly to a destination that could only lead to loud yelling from papa, disapproving looks from Olivia and all around embarrassment. She needed to slow it down a little, take the longer route that went past the foyer and admire one or two of papa's self-portraits.

'I still need to figure out what I'm going to tell papa,' she thought as she took the stairs one step at a time as opposed to her normal three or four steps at a time pace. She paused in front of a particularly large portrait of her papa while she thought. 'Well I do want to ease the old man into the idea of me dating so perhaps I'll just avoid the 'girl' part of the explanation.' With that settled on she started back on her trek to the dining room.

The foyer was just in the other room, but as she passed the sitting room Olivia's piercing gaze stopped her in her tracks. "Miss Videl, nice of you to join us downstairs," she greeted as she rose from her seat. She continued when Videl turned to look at her, embarrassment at the memory of being caught just moments ago bringing a warm flush to her cheeks. "And your guest? I do hope I don't have to send someone to show her out."

"No, I uh, that won't be necessary," Videl mumbled as she ran a hand through the short strains of her hair succeeding in looking anywhere but at Olivia.

"Very well," Olivia replied before pointing in the direction of the dining room. "Shall we?" she asked before turning towards the door.

"Actually, before we go in…" Videl began nervously, hesitating before asking what she considered the most important deciding factor for her sanity. Olivia turned back around and nodded for her to continue. "Could we not tell papa exactly who I had in my room?"

"Miss Videl, I cannot lie to your father," she replied as stern as ever. The comment sent her heart reeling. This was not how she wanted to come out to her family. Olivia was taking it well, but papa would go nuts. He needed to be eased into news this big. "However," Olivia continued, "I can't say exactly who was in your room just now as I didn't see a face nor get a name." Videl looked up with hope as Olivia paused. And just as Videl was about to break character and wrap her into a hug she continued. "This will hopefully be rectified soon, but given the nature of today. I'll let the issue slide, but only for today." It wasn't much, but at least she had time. Videl tried to wipe the smirk off her face as she followed Olivia into the dining room. She still needed to make it through breakfast.

Hercule was fuming. Olivia had yet to make it back with his baby girl in tow, his baby girl that had had a boy sneak into her room last night. A boy! What was the world coming to? He sat back as he waited and waited and waited what felt like hours but could have only been minutes for Olivia to come back down with his moody daughter trailing at her heels. Finally, when the itch to race upstairs and strangle whatever hooligan had decided that his little girl was up for grabs became unbearable, Olivia re-entered the dining room. At the sight of his little girl he momentarily forgot his anger. All that mattered was that he had his sweet pea safe and seemingly unharmed sitting across from him.

Of course his contempt lasted only as long as his short memory loss and he was back to fuming as his darling daughter sat right down and started loading her plate like any regular morning. He looked over at his best friend for some parental support only to be dumb founded at the sight of her calmly sipping her morning tea. Either he was missing something or his entire family was crazy. How else could he explain why he seemed to be the only one affected by the knowledge of a 'late night' visitor? He aired on the side of they were all bat-shit crazy.

"WELL," he bellowed his anger clear as day as he began vigorously waving his hands in the air. Olivia turned to him and glared. It was that familiar glare that said 'Hercule use your inside voice' but like every other time she aimed it at him, he ignored it. "WHERE IS HE?" he yelled as he managed to regain enough control of one of his hands to sharply aim it at his overly calm daughter. If he was correct on what had happened in his own home, his sweet pea should at the very least look contrite. He was feeling righteous anger at the blatant disrespect for the unspoken house rules.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," sweet pea tried on him, but he wasn't falling for it. Olivia said she had a 'visitor' last night and she was never wrong. He wasn't about to sit here and be lied to.

"Don't give me that malarkey, where's the boy you had in your room?" he asked again, his volume only slightly lower than what it had been. "I'm going to rip him limb from limb after I break every bone in his body," he threatened before sitting back and waiting for an appropriate answer. He would settle for nothing less than his full name, date of birth, social security number, current location, permanent address and blood type so that when he'd finished pounding him into the ground he could get him the proper medical treatment. Of course, he was perfectly find with just his current location. Everything else would probably irrelevant once he tracked him down, as he was very likely to just kill the boy. He was perfectly fine with being charged with murder. It wasn't as if the people of Satan City were going to put him in jail. They loved him, and this murder was more than justified. Hey, what could he say? It always paid to be the world savior.

While he wasn't quite sure what answer would make him feel less like entering into a murderous rampage starting with all the teenage boys within the city limits he was rather certain that snide remark said just under her breath wasn't it. "Obviously not here," pumpkin mumbled as she seemingly ignored his annoyed ranting, I mean righteous fury, and continued to eat her breakfast. He huffed at her sarcasm and threw his hands back up into the air in frustration. Dramatics were always his strongest suit.

'Since when has my baby girl ever aimed her attitude at me,' he thought before he somehow regained enough control of his limbs to slam his massive fists on the tabletop. He winced at the throbbing coming from his left hand as Olivia gave him another glare. It was the one that said 'if I have to replace this table you will regret it', but again he never really paid her warnings much attention. "Don't give me attitude pumpkin. I want the name of the boy that dare defile my little girl," he commanded confident in his justified anger fueled rage. It was his job as a father to protect his sweet pea from the lusts of young men and the evils of the world. He'd been doing a great job so far well at least as far as he could gather. He wasn't about to let this issue drop.

He was somewhat pleased when sweet pea finally put down her fork and looked at him, bringing her big blue eyes that reminded him so much of her mother up to look at him head on, he paused. It was just so difficult to get over how much of Selena was in his little girl. The fire and drive and passion all rolled up into a beautiful petite little package. Looking back to their teenage years, the ones they'd spent together as a couple, if his little girl had inherited just some of her mother's fire then there was no way he was letting any boy near her, ever.

"Look papa there was no defiling or deflowering or whatever you want to call it going on last night, and even if there was you still wouldn't be getting a name," she stated leveling a steady glare at his face. Yep, just like her mother. It looked like he was going to have to talk to Olivia about upping the security around her room because there was no way that he was going to let this incident repeat itself.

Shifting under his baby girl's continuous gaze, the one that he was powerless to look away from, he sat back and huffed. He knew when he'd been out maneuvered, and with the glare he was getting, there was no way he was getting the little punk's name. Well, like mother like daughter it seemed and even when he was fuming mad his little angel still had him wrapped around her little fingers.

Just as he was about to let the issue drop she turned her head and he saw it. His rage was renewed. "WHAT IS THAT!" he bellowed, his right arm pointing to the dark mark staining his pumpkin's skin. It was blue and red and it marred the skin of her lower neck. 'It's a…it's a…h-h-hicky.' He had trouble even thinking the word let alone saying it out loud. His sweet pea quickly covered the blemish with her left hand and he saw her wince in discomfort. "That's it," he yelled before rising from his spot. "I don't need a name," he continued as he headed for the door. "I'm just going to start with every teenage boy in Satan City then I'll move on to West City and then I'll hit South City. I won't stop until every teenage boy on this side of the world has been ripped apart and beaten to a bloody pulp."

"Papa, don't even think about," his little girl threatened. He had to admit, she was just as scary as her mother. "First off, that would be a completely pointless endeavor and secondly you don't have the time. The World Tournament's today remember," she reminded him.

'Funny, I don't really care about that right now,' he thought as he paused in the doorway. "What do you mean pointless endeavor?" he asked as he focused in on the real problem at hand. "What? Is he not on this side of the World?" He looked shocked as he turned back around to face his little girl. "No wait, don't tell me he's not a teenager?" he continued without giving his little girl time to answer. "No, don't do this to me," he cried up towards the ceiling. He wasn't sure when he'd gotten to his knees, but after a moment of silent pleas he figured that it was probably better to make his prayers this way to Kami-sama anyway.

"Hercule get off the floor," Olivia commanded without looking at him. He slowly rose to his feet, grumbling while he made his way back to his seat. It figured that she'd only join the conversation to yell at him. "We can discuss this matter after the tournament," she continued as he watched her finally level a stern look at his little girl. 'Finally a little support,' he thought as he tried to calm his nerves.

"Well fine, but no more 'late night' visitors," he commanded with a yell only to flinch at the glare Olivia was giving him. "And you're…you're grounded," he added, at a loss for words as he realized that he'd never actually ever issued any type of punishments before to his little pumpkin. It had always either been Selena, when she was still with us, or Olivia issuing punishments. He really had no idea of where to begin.

"Papa I am going to date whether you like it or not," she stated after his fumbled and unspecific punishment had been issued. It was a challenge, her way of contesting a fact that he had been very much aware of but had been trying to deny and delay for as long as possible. 'Yeah, you'll be allowed to date when you thirty,' he thought before glancing back over at Olivia. He had no way of knowing if he was handling the situation correctly, but she didn't seem to be glaring at him right now so he had to be doing something right. If Hercule had had the time to ponder on that fact, he would have realized how odd it was that she sat there and let him issue the punishment, but he was too focused on trying to come up with ways to keep the boys away from his little girl for at least another ten years that he missed the oddity.

"No, we had a deal," he began quickly only slightly afraid that his little girl was going to unleash her anger on him. He was getting flashbacks from a time before his beloved wife wanted to date him and he didn't like those images. All broken bones and bloody body parts because he'd managed to piss her off. It wasn't good. "Your prospective date has to be able to defeat me in a fair spar before anything can happen. He has to be worthy of seeing my little girl," he added with a triumphant smile. "You agreed remember," he finished happily remembering a conversation with an eight year old Videl that still thought boys had coodies and idolized her father's every move.

"I was eight," she nearly yelled her hand leaving the hideous spot on her neck. He wasn't sure if he should be smiling at her frustration or frowning at the sight of that mark. He settled on smiling considering it looked like he was winning this argument.

"Doesn't change the fact that you agreed to it," he smiled happily. 'No more boys sneaking into sweet pea's room giving her hickies,' he thought as he mentally danced for joy. He'd never have this problem again.

"You know you're going to regret that rule papa," she replied, her calm had returned. He shivered as a cold breeze swept through him at the sight of her smirk. Nothing good ever came from that smirk.

"Don't worry sweet pea. You'll be able to date when I'm old and feeble. It will be the only way any boy will be able to defeat me," he announced arms crossed over his massive chest. He felt pretty confident in his statement, convinced that he had won. Hercule puffed out his chest to emphases his superiority, though he wasn't really sure who he was trying to convince, his little girl or himself.

"Whatever," his baby girl replied before turning back to her breakfast, effectively dismissing her old man. Well he couldn't always have the last word, he thought as he triumphantly went back to his own. He wouldn't need to re-visit this conversation for another five years at least. He'd just secured his pumpkin's innocence. Today was going to be a pretty good day.

Elsewhere moments early another parent was concerned about the location of her daughter. Chichi wrung her hands on the dish towel by the sink. Breakfast was ready and she had just called her children down to eat. Battle days were different from every other day for two reasons, breakfast was always earlier than normal and there no training was to be done that morning. At least there shouldn't have been any training. Chichi frowned when she glanced over at the clock. It was getting late and they all still had to make it over to Bulma's to hitch a ride to the World Tournament Island. They'd all agreed to take one plane. It would give them all a chance to catch up while they avoided drawing any unwanted attention to their little eclectic group. It was going to be a wonderful day. That was if her daughter managed to make it down to breakfast.

She briefly smiled at the sound of a loud 'thump' the typical indicator that her youngest was awake and headed downstairs, but there was still no sign from her eldest. She couldn't hear the shower running and as she turned to look outside, a last ditch effort to find her daughter, all she saw was her father coming up the path. She wasn't sure if she should be happy that it didn't look like Hanna had been training this morning or worried that she wasn't quite sure where she was. She settled for an emotion in between the two as she patted her son on the head and kissed her father on the cheek as he entered before heading upstairs, leaving a reminder for Goten to wait for his sister before she left the hungry half-Saiyan alone with mountains of food and his 'spoil him rotten' grandfather. She wasn't worried. Both of her children were well behaved.

Climbing the stairs, Chichi quickly made it to Hanna's room, frowning again at the closed door. She knocked to be polite, but didn't wait longer than a few seconds before opening the door. She was a little confused to see her daughter climbing into her own room via the window at this hour of the day. They stared at each other before Chichi finally figured out what was happening. "Now Hanna, you know better than to go training on a big tournament day," she chastised. It was the only explanation that made sense. Obviously Hanna didn't want her to know that she'd been training today and had tried to sneak back into her room to avoid being caught. It was sweet of her to consider her dear old mother's feelings, but also rather silly of her to think she'd be able to sneak one past her own mother.

"Hanna would you hurry up and change and head downstairs before your brother loses his mind staring at all that food," she said completely missing the relieved look on her daughter's face as she turned to head back downstairs. Something was still bothering Chichi as she made it back to the table, absentmindedly setting aside her own portion of food before the Saiyan terrors set in on the mountain. There was something different about her little girl that she couldn't put her finger on, couldn't place. 'Oh well,' she thought as she watched her daughter hurry down the stairs in that ridiculous outfit she called her 'superhero' fighting costume minus the helmet of course. Goku was coming back today. Now was not the time to worry about little differences in her little girl's attitude. She was well behaved. That was all that really mattered in the end.

Breakfast was the normal quiet affair interrupted by the odd belch every once in a while, but Gohanna couldn't get how lucky she'd been this morning out of her head. While she was with Videl, she hadn't even thought about what her mother might think or how she'd react if she didn't make it home. Now she was trying to figure out the best time and place to tell her mother that she didn't want a husband. It was likely to break her heart, but what could she do. She was head over heels for Videl. She was all Gohanna could think about and all she wanted. There was no one else for the demi-Saiyan, and she was finally completely fine with that.

Gohanna mentally sighed as she stuffed the last of her breakfast into her mouth. Today really wasn't the day for mildly depressing thoughts. Today she was supposed to be happy. Her father, their rock, was coming back, for just a day and only to fight, but it would be the best day of her life. At least it was supposed to be the best day of her life. Somehow she didn't think seeing her dead father for a day was going to out shine every time she managed to put a smile on Videl's face. She loved her father. He was a good man, the best of men. But being with him today was going to cut into her precious time with her breath taking girlfriend. She wasn't sure what was worse, the fact that she was a little upset that she would have to spend time with her father rather than her secret girlfriend or the fact that she was going to have to miss out on some of her girlfriend time today. On the plus side Videl would be at the tournament all day as well. Her father had to eat sometime and when he did she could always sneak away for a few minutes to be with Videl. Either way it didn't matter because it was time to pack up and head over to Bulma's. At least she was going to get the chance to see all of her friends in one place again.

Like normal her mother road atop the nimbus cloud, her little brother safely in her lap as she carried her giant of a grandfather towards the Brief's estate. They could have taken the family hover car, but she'd somehow convinced her mother that they were already running late and the hover car just didn't fly fast enough to get them there in a timely fashion. Seeing that giant dome only made her miss Videl more. The sight a visual reminder of the frequent early morning sparring sessions and weekend training sessions they'd shared in the past few weeks.

Shaking her head, Gohanna focused on the people around her. She smiled at Krillin and his family, Master Roshi tagging alone for the ride, and barely managed to pick Trunks up as he jumped at her, happy to be thrown around in the air. They had been the last to arrive so there was no waiting to get on to the plane. Bulma gave her a wink as she hopped on to the plane and headed for the pilot's seat. "How ya doing kiddo?" she asked as Vegeta, bag in tow, grumbled and climbed into the seat next to his wife.

"Oh, I'm good," she managed to say as she sat down her own satchel slung between her legs.

"Well, I'll tell you what she is," her mother began sitting down next to Yamcha. Gohanna tried not to duck her head down in embarrassment for what her mother said next. "She's most likely tired."

"And why's that?" Krillin teased his hands tucked snuggly behind his hair covered head.

"Mother you don't have to…" but before Gohanna could finish her plea her mother cut her off. 'Oh Dende no,' she thought as the words left her mother's lips.

"Oh, I caught this one trying to sneak back into her room this morning. Trying to hide the fact that she'd been training," she continued. It seemed like it had become her mother's life mission to embarrass her. Gohanna sighed as she grabbed the rest of her costume from her satchel bag picking it up and putting it back down. She just needed something to do that was distracting.

"Ha ha ha, sneaking back into your house after training. You are definitely Goku's daughter," Krillin laughed from his spot next to her easily believing the scenario.

"Shut up you fuzz cover idiot," Vegeta growled out face set into a permanent frown and arms crossed over his chest. Krillin sobered quickly mumbling a sorry to the irritated Saiyan. It was music to her ears as the z warriors were forced to talk about something else.

"So is Goku really going to be there?" Bulma asked from her spot behind the wheel, her excitement at the prospect of seeing an old friend again as clear as day.

"Hai, he'll be there," Gohanna piped in quickly. Glad to help change the subject.

"Yeah, it's Goku. Has he ever let us down?" Master Roshi added, walking staff waving in the air at his own excitement. His energy was infectious and Gohanna found herself laughing with him.

"You know I bet father won't even recognize you with all that hair," she cracked a joke at Krillin's expense.

"Hey, it's stylish," he defended and the sound of her grandfather's laughter filled the small space of the plane.

"Ha ha ha," he laughed, his giant hands waving in the air. "I forgot how much fun you guys all were together." Gohanna couldn't help but smile. She loved it when they were all together too. This was her family and only one thing could make it better. She almost frowned when she realized that one thing she was thinking about wasn't her father.

Gohanna sat back and zoned, only partially listening to the conversation around her. She wasn't all that surprised that Yamcha wouldn't be fighting with them today. He was a great fighter, but well past his prime. At the sight of the World Tournament Island, she reached back into her bag. It was time to get into character. She grabbed her white bandana and sunglasses and put them on, finishing her disguise. It wasn't as good as her helmet, but rules were rules and she had to abide by them.

"Ah, Gohanna-chan, are you really going to wear that?" Krillin asked which confused her. Had she put on the wrong costume? She looked down at herself and shrugged. No, it was her Saiya-girl costume. She was good to go.

"Of course I am," she replied enthusiastically. She was just about to get into a pose when she realized she didn't have the space. Oh well, there was always time later to show off her cool moves. "I don't want people to recognize me out there," she added as she sat back into her seat arms resting behind her head.

"Shoot yourself kiddo," he replied. Strangely enough his face was covered in bewilderment. Gohanna shrugged again until she remembered something and shot back up an arm in the air.

"I just remembered," she started glad she didn't have to wait to gain everyone's attention. "I think it would be a good idea for us to not turn into Super Saiyans," she said as she looked around. "And before you ask why, it's because this way no one will start asking questions about us. They won't connect us with the fighters from the Cell Games and start hounding us at our homes," she added before Vegeta could let loose with some snarky comment.

"That's a good idea Hanna-chan," Bulma replied as she started lowering the vehicle to the ground. "Reporters could easily pull your names and information from the roster and start pestering us with questions. I for one don't want more reporters on my lawn. I've already had too many problems with Vegeta trying to blow up the ones that manage to find their way on to the private sector of the Capsule Corp. Compound as it is," she sighed and Gohanna could almost feel the glare she was giving Vegeta.

"Don't look at me woman," he growled out before turning back to the conversation at hand. "Fine, it's not like I'll need it to wipe the floor with Kakarott," he said as Bulma landed the plane.

"That goes for you too," Gohanna added pointedly at Goten and Trunks as she started to get up from her seat.

"Yeah, yeah we got it," Trunks replied for the both of them as they hopped out of the plane.

"Hey, that's all good news for me," Krillin stated as he hopped out as well, turning back around to help his wife and little girl out of the vehicle. "Trying to fight a Super Saiyan is like being an insect fighting against a hurricane. You just get blown away. At least this way I've got a chance of winning," he continued as the rest of their little group piled out of the aircraft.

"Thanks guys," Gohanna said as they all started towards the entrance, the plane already packed away snuggly in its capsule.

They walked down the neatly paved path, subconsciously following Gohanna as she trudged forward. Unbeknownst to her, her path was leading them towards the main landing platform dedicated to the reigning champion. They were surrounded by people and stands of all kinds. Music blared and small children raced around them, cotton candy and other sugary sweets grasped tightly in their hands. Gohanna listened as Krillin compared it to a world fair. The description seemed to fit pretty well. She began to wonder if this was what it was like when her father and Krillin use to compete. Was it this much of a spectacle?

Yamcha had just inquired about the whereabouts of her father when she felt it. The crowds flashed past them in a rush of pens and papers as Gohanna heard the booming voice of her girlfriend's father.

"Ooh look guys, it's our savior," Krillin laughed sarcastically as the rest of the z warriors caught sight of the self-proclaimed world savior. She would have laughed with him if her attention wasn't solely focused on the slip of a girl next to the large hairy man. Gohanna smiled at the glare Videl was giving the numerous reporters surrounding them, completely ignoring them and her father as she stood there. She was obviously bored. Gohanna could tell by the slight tapping from the fingers of her right hand against her left bicep of her crossed arms and the slight raise of her left eyebrow. She sighed. What she wouldn't give to go over there and rescue her girlfriend. Sweep her off her feet and take her away. She could think of a number of things to alleviate that boredom.

"I hear you know his daughter Gohanna," Oolong joked bringing her back down to earth. She hoped she hadn't missed too much of the conversation. Before she could respond to the statement Hercule had captured all of their attention with his thunderous interview.

"Mister Satan do you believe you'll have any competition today?" a female reporter asked a large smile on her face most likely due to the fact that she was meeting the savior of the world.

"Ah let's just say my chances of winning are one hundred and twenty percent," he laughed out to the reporters surrounding him.

"Is it true that your daughter will also be fighting in this tournament as well?" a male reporter asked his blond hair gelled to his head.

"Ah ha, you bet ya," he bellowed out again. "My tough little cookie is about the only one out here today that could give me a run for my money," he added and Gohanna could see the pride radiating from him like a furnace. It reminded her of how her own father had looked at her right before he'd died. He'd been proud even though she'd made a grave error, but that was just who her father was.

"Miss Videl what will you do if you have to fight your dad?" the same reporter turned his microphone towards Videl. Gohanna gulped in fear for the man's life, but it seemed that Videl had already closed her eyes, probably to block out the idiot reporters. That was always a good thing in Gohanna's limited experience.

"Oh I don't know," she began in that familiar sarcastic tone. "Guess I'll punch." Hercule bellowed with laughter at his daughter's reply and the z warriors followed. She was a funny girl when she wasn't being cruel.

"Anyway, does anyone sense Goku," Krillin asked as the z warriors turned away from the scene in front of them. Gohanna reluctantly followed their lead. There would be another time for her to hang out with Videl. They would have a good portion of the day after all.

"I don't sense him anywhere," Master Roshi piped up as they began walking again. "But someone else we know is here," he added as they turned around to reveal a tall familiar figure.

"Look its Mr. Piccolo," Goten yelled excitedly.

Gohanna smiled at the sight of her oldest friend. She walked over to him a smile still stretched across her face. "Man, I'm glad you showed up," she said to her mentor. "It's nice to see you again Mr. Piccolo." He nodded in her direction and rose from his place against the tall palm tree.

"Hey Piccolo, I don't suppose you've seen Goku around?" Krillin asked as they all gathered around each of the z warriors keeping an eye out for their missing member.

"Not yet, but he'll be here," Piccolo replied softly, arms still crossed as he looked down at the girl he considered his little sister. There was something different about her, calmer then the last time he'd seen her. It was obvious that she'd at least slept last night. The evidence was in the well-rested glaze in her eyes that he could just make out beneath that ridiculous outfit. Speaking of which, he couldn't hold his distaste in any longer. "That outfit, you haven't burned it yet?" Hanna-chan had the nerve to look confused.

"Why would I do that? Its super cool," she replied quickly never breaking eye contact. The worst part was it looked like she actually believed that. He wasn't sure if he should be worried about her judgment or not.

"I'm getting worried, maybe he couldn't make it back," Hanna-chan's mother called out distracting him from the monstrosity that was his little sister's outfit. Her fashion sense had really deteriorated in the seven years sense the cell games.

"I'll comb the area," the little formally bald man volunteered as he pointed in the direction behind him.

"I'll look around too," the scar faced one chimed in as well. Everyone was set to look around when Goku finally managed to arrive.

"Hey, I'm back," he announced with a giant smile on his face. A chorus of 'Goku' filled the air at his presence before he was rushed by all of his friends.

"Father, you're back," Hanna-chan said as she gave her father a hug. Piccolo frowned at the scene before him. Something was off with his best friend. It felt like she was feeling guilty for something, but he wasn't quite sure.

'Hanna, don't tell me you still blame yourself for his death,' he thought as he turn to face the commotion. The emotion intensified as Goku finally met his son. The boy, his virtual look-a-like, had grown up without his father and it seemed that Hanna-chan blamed herself for that fact. He watched as he picked the little boy up as if he'd always been there, lifting him above his head and moving him around like a toy plane. It would have been a touching scene if Hanna-chan's emotions weren't going into over drive. He watched her slip back head bowed in what he could only guess was self-hate. He was seconds away from going to comfort her when a small slip of a girl slid up behind his sister. She slid her hand across Hanna-chan's back in her attempt to get the other girl's attention. The only thing that stopped him from ripping her limb from limb was the particularly warm reception her presence received from his best friend.

He paused and examined her closer. There was something familiar about her, something he couldn't quite place. He watched as Hanna looked down at the smaller girl, a single word like a whisper escaped her lips. "Videl," he could barely hear her and looking up at the surrounding group he noticed that this Videl girl went unnoticed among the rest of the z warriors.

"I saw you in the crowd and managed to slip away," she replied to an unspoken question. "Do you mind if I pull you away for a while? I don't have much time before papa starts to notice I'm gone," she asked all the while lightly pulling the hand she'd managed to get a hold of in the short time she'd been standing there.

"Sure," Hanna-chan replied wordlessly following the smaller girl a short distance away from the group.

As he watched his little sister gaze down at the girl with a look he'd never seen before, it finally hit him why she seemed so familiar. She was that fierce ki. Focusing in on her, her energy was like a raging fire hell bent and determined. This was the person that meant the world to his little sister. Here before him stood the girl who had Hanna-chan's heart. And it was finally time to meet her.

Videl had stopped just far enough to not have to whisper. She knew she should be with her papa at least until he retired to the room they had reserved for the world champ, but once she'd caught sight of Gohanna, she'd had to be closer. So here she was, her hand still interlocked with the slightly larger hand of her girlfriend, almost wishing they were completely alone. "Are you excited about the tournament?" she asked fighting a grin she wasn't sure of the cause.

"I am now," Gohanna replied her eyes covered by a pair of clunky, thick sunglasses. Before she could reply with a suitably snarky comment a shadow loomed over her. She looked up to see a large green man and a scowl instantly replaced the smile on her face.

"Can I help you?" she asked as she turned around to face the green man head on, Gohanna at her back.

"Oh, Mr. Piccolo, I didn't see you there," Gohanna commented and Videl looked back at the girl completely baffled. This was Mr. Piccolo, beloved mentor and childhood best friend.

"Wait, you know this less than jolly green giant?" Videl asked rudely ignoring the large stoic man in front of her.

"Ah, yeah, I forgot to introduce you," Gohanna fumbled and Videl felt the other girl's tail subconsciously wrap around her waist. It always seemed to do that, whenever she was anxious or worried or horny. That tail really had a mind of its own. "Videl this is my friend Mr. Piccolo. Mr. Piccolo this is my um Videl," she stumbled through the introductions her hands finding their way to Videl's hips.

Videl rolled her eyes. Gohanna was doing a horrible job of hiding their relationship. She couldn't even manage to keep her hands to herself for two minutes. She huffed as the taller girl buried her face into the croak of her neck, obviously trying to hide her embarrassment. It was a little pathetic, cute, but pathetic all the same.

Piccolo watched with interest as the slip of a girl boldly stuck her hand out. It seemed she was going to pretend she didn't have a six foot one girl using her five foot one body to hide behind. It was a bold move and Piccolo couldn't help but find himself already warming up to the girl. How could he not, she was apparently fearless. He grasped on to her out stretched hand and was again pleased by her firm handshake.

"Videl," she re-introduced herself radiating confidence. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Piccolo," he replied before letting go of her small hand. He left it at that, figuring she'd catch on to his approval via his open expression. At least he hoped he was no longer glaring at her. He couldn't always control his facial features.

"Anyway, I've got to go," she said as she gently pulled out of Hanna-chan's embrace. "After this morning papa's got me on a rather short leash," she spoke directly to his little sister. It was softer than any of the comments aimed at him but he considered that to be a good thing. It meant that Hanna-chan was the center of her world like she was the center of Hanna-chan's. From the looks of it, his little Hanna-chan would be alright with this Videl character. He didn't have to keep worrying. He turned away and let them finish their goodbyes in relative privacy.

Videl barely registered it when the large green man had left. She was too focused on the overly tactile girl in front of her. "Son," she warned as she gently tapped on the fuzzy brown appendage wrapped tightly around her waist. "You've got to let me go," she continued. A glare set in as her girlfriend failed to comply immediately. "Son, it will only be for a while longer. Just long enough for papa to get settled into the champion suite so let me go."

"Fine, but I don't have to like it," she pouted and Videl had to use every last ounce of her control not to take that pouty lip into her mouth and kiss Gohanna silly.

"See ya later Son," Videl called out as she headed back to her papa's side. "And welcome to the World Tournament," she added before she made her way through the crowd. This tournament was likely to be very interesting if Gohanna couldn't figure out how to keep her hands to herself.

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