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Chapter 6


"Flight 2553 is now boarding. Please have your tickets ready at the gate." The announcement came over the intercom. Edward stood up, motioning for me to do so.

"This is our flight. We need to go." I nodded and we proceeded to the gate. We filed in without complications and found our seats fairly quickly.

"Where are we going again?" I asked looking over at him. My throat was burning uncomfortably and I wanted to know when I could get out of the air compressed aircraft and into the forest so I could hunt. I hadn't hunted for a few days and having humans this close wasn't helping. I still was a newborn, even though I had extraordinary powers.

"Kurganikha, a small town 100 kilometers from Moscow. About sixty miles, roughly converted. We'll be on the plane about 8 hours. Can you handle it?" I nodded, and turned away from him, staring out the window as we took off. This would be a long trip.

* * *

Snow covered the landscape, the soft flakes hitting the windshield. Mountain peaks were just faint outlines in the blizzard. The glow of many lights appeared faintly in the rearview mirror, slowly drawing away. The Mercedes slowed to a stop, pulling onto the shoulder. Edward stepped out, the white precipitation covering his hair instantaneously. I watched as he stared off towards the mountains, listening to the minds.

He slowly shook his head and climbed back in. He started up the car and continued towards the village. I sat back and waited, knowing he would tell me sooner or later.

An exhaled sigh forcefully escaped him, his jaw clenched in anger. He glared at the road, the car going faster and faster. I reached over and took his arm, squeezing until I knew I would cause him pain. His foot inched off the pedal.

"What's wrong?" No answer. "Edward, what's wrong? Tell me!" Still there was silence.

"Edward. What the hell is wrong. You can't do this to me. I can't protect—"

"Protect me? Protect me?"He spat, glaring hatred filled eyes at the road. "Oh now that's twisted. The protector becomes the protected. How ironic is that? You want to know who should be protected? Do you?"


"You should be. A newborn. Asked to protect an 88 year old vampire. Aro is so screwed up. I can't believe this." Suddenly, the car veered of the road, crashing into the snow drift. Edward leaped out of the car and disappeared into the darkness. I sat there staring at the snow, contemplating going after him. He still hadn't told me what was wrong. But, obviously, from this heated outburst, it seemed the time in the garden hadn't done any good. He still missed her of course, but then again, I've never been in love. At least I don't think I've been.

I sat there for a while, not knowing if time passed at all. Time is different to a vampire. Since we have eternity to live, we know no time in human words. It might have only been a few minutes, or even hours before I started to worry. To me, he had been gone a long time.

Dreadfully, I climbed out, careful to not damage the car even more. I sprinted into the darkness, following his path. Where could he be? Horrible thoughts filled my head. What if he found the rogues and they ripped him apart. What if he was lured into a trap? What if…What if he was just hunting?

If he was, I could use the hunt too. I hadn't had time to grab a "snack", since we immediately jumped into the car and drove out here. A few miles away, I found his scent…surrounded by other scents. He had been taken captive!

Quickly, I sprinted in the direction they went. I came to a little copse, filled with snow. Here, the scents split and Edward's veered off towards the bushes. Okay, maybe he wasn't captured and had just followed the scent.

I crept into the trees, seeing the shadow of Edward crouched, watching down into a little ravine. My scent finally caught up with my being and Edward flipped around and pinned me down. His teeth had grasped my throat and was about to rip it off when he paused, realizing it was me.

"Beth," he sighed resignedly. "Don't do that. You about got yourself killed. By me!" he whispered so fast and so quietly I could hardly hear him.

"What are you doing?" I asked just as softly.

"I am watching them. There are five of them, just as Aro didn't say. Come look for yourself."

I moved right next to him, side touching side. Passed the prickly braches I could see the new coven, surrounding three humans. The humans where huddled together in the middle of the circle. As I watched, a vampire danced forward, a black haired female, and bent down and bit a human, sucking gently. The newborns eyes rolled back and it started sucking faster. The human screamed, the sound ringing in my ears. The other vamps pried the female off. She turned and snarled at them, wanting more.

The other two humans, both male, cuddled the female human in their arms. They both had black hair like the girl. The girl had stopped screaming, the anguished cries decreasing to hushed whimpers. The others had bite marks in their necks also.

"They're siblings." Edward whispered in my ear. I turned to look at him.

"When are they…" I trailed off, not wanting to hear the answer. He gave it anyway.

"When are they going to kill them?" I nodded. "In a couple minutes. They'll do this dance 'till they get tired of it. Then they'll kill them nice and slow."

I anxiously searched his face. "What do we do? How can we save them?" Edward lowered his head, not meeting my eyes.

"We can't save them. They know too much. Either we let them kill the humans, or we kill them ourselves. We can't let them live."

Hypocrite! How dare he suggest that when he himself let his Bella live. Were these humans not as good has his human? Is it because he loved Bella and these humans were worth nothing. They had lives, parents worrying about them even now. And to just let them die when we can save them? Cruelty, that's what it is. Just downright plain cruelty.

"How can you? How can you say that when you let your Bella—"

A cold hand seized my throat squeezing until I couldn't breathe. I met his enraged topaz eyes.

"Never, never talk about her that way. She was different. She wouldn't tell anybody, not one." His tone signaled the end of the discussion. He let me go and went back to watching the newborns.

How can I save them? Can I save them? I don't know. Maybe….maybe, just maybe I could do it. Maybe I could save them. But it would have to be fast and hidden from Edward. There was a slight chance I would succeed, and I took it.

The newborns were slowly going crazed with blood lust. One of the boys was bleeding; they wouldn't be alive much longer. Finally, one snapped. He lunged to the humans. My maternal side kicked in. I wouldn't let any of the humans harmed anymore by these miscreants. I sprang from the underbrush, knocking into the newborn and sending us tumbling over the humans. I had the element of surprise; I was on top. I got my teeth in his flesh and started ripping. His head came off followed quickly by other body parts.

Edward had followed me out and was now battling three at once. The last one; the only female left, had snuck around me and had a human in its grasp. I pried her off, quickly dismantling her. The boy was unconscious; his brother and sister huddled together, staring at me in terror. I bent down to their level.

"I'm not here to hurt you." I gently whispered, while inching my shields around them. Soon, Edward wouldn't hear them. In the back of my mind, crouching in a ball, I found a lost part of my talent. I experimentally wrapped it around them.

One of the newborns had escaped from Edwards engagement and had come barreling towards the fresh blood. As soon as the extra shield wrapped around them, the vampire had stopped and looked around bewilderingly, to him, they had disappeared.

"Run as fast as you can to the village. Got it?" They nodded. "You'll be protected for a little bit and I'll bring your brother. Now go!" The girl bolted out of the valley, her brother right behind her. I kept my shield with them, watching them go. I listened to the failing heart of their brother.

Tharrump. Tharrump….Tharrump…Tharummp… Silence.

The blood stopped rushing and indistinctly dropped a degree. It was gradually cooling. I shook my head at the loss. Edwards hand rested tenderly on my shoulders. I turned and buried my head in his sternum. His strong arms held me.

"Where are the others?"I gestured with my head in the direction opposite of the way they had run.

"They ran and a newborn went after them. He got to them before I could. They're dead."I replied, grateful that I couldn't hear their heartbeats anymore.


"Yes, Beth?"

"Could you, leave me…alone? Just for a while. I want to bury them and pay the dead their respect."

"I can help..."

"NO!" I said a little too hastily. "I just want to be alone. Please, Edward, just go back to the car." I pushed on his chest. He got the message and left, vanishing among the shadowed shapes.

Quickly, I dug in the dirt with my bare hands, making a shallow grave. I gently laid the body in and cover it with soil. Pulling a lighter from my pocket, I lit the remaining parts to ash, to leave it to be blown away in the wind. Dusting my granite hands off, I followed the two teenagers scent. I over took them easily. They were out of breath, doggedly pushing on.

"Stop." I called. The girl looked back, skidding to a halt.

"My brother?" She asked in English with a heavy Russian accent. I shook my head.

"Didn't make it. He died bravely though. You should be proud of him." The girl's eyes flashed.

"Proud? Proud that he died by a monsters lust? What kind of death is that? It's sacrifice. Not death. And there you stand, a monster yourself, claiming to have helped us and instead you have doomed us!

"I won't be able to sleep for months, with terrifying vivid images flashing through my dreams. You should have let them kill us so we won't have to explain to my mother why her son won't be coming home." At the end of her rant she crumpled to the ground. Her brother crouched beside her. I attempted to help; he brother glared at me, saying "Keep back, you monster." I hesitantly stepped back. After her tears had subsided, she glanced up at me.

"Besides all things, thank-you for saving my brother and mine lives. And for attempting to save my other… brother." Her brother pulled her up and they turned back to the village.

"Wait." They glanced back. "Don't tell anybody, ok? My partner wanted to let you die because you knew too much. I kind of betrayed him and saved you. So don't tell anybody." They nodded and disappeared towards their home. I ran back to the car where Edward was waiting, the Mercedes purring softly.

"Ready to go?" I didn't reply. He took my silence as some sort of consent and flipped around, heading back to the airport and to the unheeded wrath of Aro.

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