by Hordak's Pupil

Author's Note: Yesterday, David Carridine died. So to honor the passing of such an awesome man who graced the presence of Danny Phantom I wrote this oneshot.


Trillions of years, no mortal can ever comprehend that vast amount of time but I can. It has been that amount of time since the creation of the cosmos. Two simple words started everything Fiat Lux! Now all that was started by that is finally meeting their end. Even the mighty black holes who once tore at the fabric of the universe have worn themselves out and dissipated into energy.

I am so weak nowadays that even slightest movement is enough to turn me into ectoplasm. I am one of the last ghosts left as the all rest have destabilized long ago, even Dan Phantom is now an unpleasant and his thermos eerily quiet.

While I lay in the silence of my room, I can hear the last of the Observants talking. It is humorous that now they have their wish of total fatalism they cower in fear. "Clockwork, how are you my friend," one of them says as they enter my room. I scoff at them before they condemn me but now faced with the cold reality of their religion they come to me for warmth and friendship.

"I am fine, I just wish to be…," I say before coughing up ectoplasm, "…alone." I can feel time unraveling as everything comes to it's ending. The Observants look at me wanting to protest but are silenced as their dark goddess finally comes to bring them into her Heaven of Nothingness. They scream as they become pools of green goo until I am alone. I shut my eyes and wait for my end to come.

In the darkness, I become aware that I am still conscious and soon a voice calls my name, "Tempus, Tempus," I open my eyes and see the face of my departed brother Chronos staring at me. "Follow me Tempus," he says as his green eyes sparkle like the sand in the hourglass that resides in his chest.

"What is going on?" I asked him fighting to remain stable just a little while longer. He smiles and holds out of a scroll.

"Lady Hecate as freed you from the bonds of immortality and I have come to take you away from here," he says warmly. "We will go beyond the River Lethe far away from the end and rejoin Lord Chaos in the darkness of timelessness," He explained to me. I had heard of the place before a land where everything exists in a primal state. There order ceases to be and all returns to its uncreated bliss but few know where it is. "Tempus, come it is time," he says as he takes me by the hand and together we leave the dying universe so it may end in peace and depart for our new home with the Father of Everything.

Requiescat in Pace David, your fans will always love you.