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Here's a preview of what's to come in the sequel to The TA:

She was gone. I didn't notice at first because Bella faded in and out of my visions over the past two months. She was practicing using her shield and I grew so accustomed to her appearances and disappearances that I missed it when she made the decision to leave. Edward was by my side before the revelation had completely sunk in. He grabbed my shaking hands and looked into my eyes.

She's gone. I can't find her, I thought for his benefit. I closed my eyes and threw my mind into the future to try again but I could only catch a faint shimmer of her. There wasn't enough information to do much other than confirm that she was still alive.

"Do you know why?" My brother leaned in the doorway opposite me.

No, she's just gone, I replied.

"Is there a note?" He pushed off of the doorframe and moved into the room that he shared with his wife.

"I don't know, I only just discovered..."

"Let's not panic. Maybe she's just gone hunting or shopping?" He scoured every flat surface in the room searching for a note. Her scent was still strong in the air so it hadn't been long since she left.

"Shopping?" I asked. "She changed into a vampire, not a completely different person." I sighed and went to go check the garage for her motorcycle.

Jasper met me at the bottom of the stairs. His face was lined with worry.

"What's wrong?" He murmured.

"Bella," I offered only the one word in explanation that did more to puzzle Jasper than to clear up why I was worried.

"She's been awfully quiet today," Emmett spoke up from the couch.

"She's missing," I whispered. Emmett was on his feet and to the garage in a flash. He stormed back in with his eyebrows scrunched together and his fists clenched.

"The bike's gone," he declared.

"Did she say anything to either of you?" Edward's voice sounded from behind me.

"No, I haven't seen her all morning." Emmett shook his head.

"She doesn't come out of your room very often when you're gone. She likes to be alone so I don't bother her," Jasper explained.

"Was there a note?" I turned to Edward.

"No, but she took her saddle bags." He shook his head and ran his palms over his face before settling down on the steps. "Has she said anything to any of you? Has something been off lately?" He looked up at Jasper. "Jasper? What was that?"

"Alright, don't be mad. She told me that she'd tell you in her own time," my husband explained. "She's been depressed. She hid it exceedingly well but I assumed that it had to do with Charlie and Renee." He gave Edward an apologetic look. "You have to know that if I had thought that anything was out of the ordinary that I would have said something."

Edward uttered and expletive and I stared at Jasper. He and Bella had been keeping her feelings a secret not only from Edward but from me as well. It hurt.