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Chapter 1

"Walsh, can I talk to you for a minute?" Casey looked a little pale as she waived Walsh over to the side of the hallway.

"Sure, What's up?" He asked as he stepped towards her.

"If I tell you something will you not make fun of me and help me?" She questioned.

Walsh shrugged, "Sure." He had never seen Casey look so agitated and wondered what on earth was worrying her.

"Well you know how we have to go to court today right?"

"Yeah…and?" He questioned.

"Well this is the first time I have had to testify in a murder case and I'm a little freaked out." She admitted, looking down at her hands.

"Are you kidding me?" Walsh got angry. "Did Beaumont tell you to ask me just because I wouldn't tell her what I thought about on the stand?"

Casey looked up in shock. "What? No, I am just really freaking out and since you're my partner, I thought maybe you could help. Why? What wouldn't you tell Beaumont?" Her look turning to confusion.

"Well I wouldn't tell her and I sure as hell can't tell you!" Walsh turned and angrily walked away from Casey who started after him in shock.

Just as Casey started to walk after him, Beaumont walked up to her. "What was that about?" She asked Casey as she watched an obviously irritated Walsh walk away.

"I have no idea. I told him that I was nervous about court this afternoon and he got upset, saying he wouldn't tell me either. Thought you had asked me to ask him something."

"Hah." Beaumont laughed. "I was gonna let it go but now I am really curious." She turned to look at Casey, "I told Walsh last night that I get really nervous testifying in court. He told me to just think of doing something that makes me happy because that always helps him. Everything was fine until I asked him what he thought about and he just flipped out. I guess he thought I told you to ask him."

"What could he be thinking about that makes him happy but he wouldn't tell you about?"

"I dunno, but I'm gonna find out."

"Well I guess it will have to wait because we have got to be on court in 20 minutes." Casey said, looking nervously at her watch.


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