Kaze no Kitsune

Chapter 1

I am re doing this story because I think I can do a better job.


"Run! Run! Run! Come on!" said the male blond of the two five year olds who where running for their lives in some ally in Jump City. Why might you ask? Well, for one thing they just saw their parents get killed by a guy who likes snakes a bit too much. He was actually after the blond boy because he looked a too much like the Fourth Hokage to him….and was going to torture him. After awhile of running, the snake man landed in front of them.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT?" asked the blond boy.

"You boy….for you look like someone I wish to kill." The snake man hissed out.

"Crap…" said the blond boy. "Terra….take my medallion…I don't want you getting hurt."

The blond girl took his medallion sadly but then stood him front of him. "I won't let you hurt him!"

"I don't think you have a choice….you are nothing!" said the snake he reached his hand out so he could push her away.

It was at that point that her earth powers activated, but since her emotions where going haywire, she lost control. Spikes came out of the ground, one went through Orochimaru, surprising the heck out of him and another went through naruto's shoulder. She quickly turned around after hearing his painful scream. She rushed to his side to see if she could do anything. He just smiled and said, "Terra…it is not your fault. Run while you can…survive!"

By this time Orochimaru had gotten back up and snarled. He walked to her side and threw her into a wall. He then took a now unconscious naruto in his arms and open a weird portal and went through.

"NARUTO!" Terra managed to yell out before going unconscious herself.


"Sasuke!" Naruto yelled

"Naruto." said dark haired boy drawled out as he turned to face the blond.

"I am taking you back!" Naruto shouted as they were both on different heads. As in head, they were on the statues in the Valley of the End.

"You can try." Sasuke taunted.

However, at that moment, the Kyuubi woke up. The fight between these two humans was a long time coming but if Naruto were stronger, he would win without much trouble. That was enough incentive for the fox to search the blond's mindscape for anything useful. His chakra had found a strange door that was chained up and as soon as it was touched, Kyuubi saw memories of another world.

"I can't believe it." The fox said before chuckling as he performed a jutsu known to most high level demons. "Hopefully, in that world, he will regain those memories and grow more powerful."

Back in the real world, red energy was surrounding the blond and it was confusing the hell out of him. I didn't ask for Kyuubi's power. He thought until it got brighter and the two boy covered their eyes as everything around them disappeared appeared in a blinding flash of light.

A few minutes later, the open their eyes, only for them to widen when they saw a full blown city underneath them. Sasuke looked around at all the buildings and smirked as his ego grew. He had noticed he was on a building that was higher than the one Naruto was on.

Naruto glared at Sasuke. "I am going to beat you and drag you back to the village!"

"Just try it dumbass!" Sasuke yelled as they jumped off the buildings and met in the middle, using their unique taijutsu against each other.

Meanwhile, the Teen Titans along with Terra were eating at Piano Pizza to celebrate Terra's return. However, it was not going to be a peace eat out because a moment later, two figures crashed down from above. They rushed to the rails to see two young boys, a little younger then them.

Before anyone could say anything, the boy in orange rushed the dark haired boy. Robin noticed that the dark haired boy's eyes had changed the moment that the blond threw a punch. The eyes were oddly red with black comas in them.

Raven, the dark titan, was not even bothering to look at the dark hair boy, her full attention was on the angry blond. His aura seemed similar to hers somehow. Terra was looking at the boy in shock as well; something seemed very familiar about him.

Naruto went to kick Sasuke but the boy was much faster thanks to his Sharingan and blocked the kick before the twisted around it and threw the blond into a nearby mailbox. Sasuke then noticed a long piece of 2 x 4 nearby. Picking it up, he threw it straight at the blond, hoping to impale him.

However, the blond shocked everyone as the mailbox blew up thanks to him sudden speed and as he was passing the 2 x 4, it caught fire. Naruto then proceeded to speed his way over to Sasuke and punch him right in the gut, sending him into a nearby parked car.

"ARGH!" yelled Sasuke as he retched himself from the car. "Fire Ball Jutsu!" he called out, and a huge ball of flame came straight for the blond.

At that moment, a bright light shone from Terra's pocket. Her eyes widened at that and looked straight at the blond. Could he really be my brother? She thought as she watch him roar out like an animal and the wind blew out the fire ball.

Naruto blink a bit at this and did another test. He did what he say Neji do once and sent an empty palm strike at the Uchiha. Sasuke was suddenly blow back into the already ruined car by a blast of wind.

Sasuke growled as he shot out of the car. He kicked Naruto into the air and using Lee's Shadow Leaf Technique, appeared underneath the blond boy, kicking him in the sides like his Lion's Barrage depicted. However, he ended it by grabbing Naruto by both hand and sending the boy back down to earth with his head point downward.

With a sickening crunch, the Titans watched in horror as Sasuke just looked at the boy with no passion at all.

Robin had enough and walk up to the dark hair boy. "Why did you just kill him!"

"Simple…he was in my way." Sasuke replied with no emotion.

"WHAT!" All the titans screamed in rage.

However, that anger turned to shock as the blond was slowly get back up, thanks to some red aura that made Raven's eyes widen. Sasuke saw this and growled. He would have no one of this! He rushed Naruto and held him by the neck. "Why do still get up, why don't you just stay dead!"

"Because." He said weakly. "I will protect you from that man and bring you back to the village!"

"I told you, Naruto, I am never going back!" Sasuke shouted in the boy's face as he charged up a Chidori. "Now…DIE! CHIDORI!" The Uchiha yelled as he stabbed Naruto with the blade of lightning, however, he had been aiming for the heart and at the last second, Naruto push the hand away so that it would just pierce his shoulder and lung.

Beast Boy went pale at the site of all that blood while Terra look about ready to cry. Robin was beyond pissed now, this….whatever he was, had just killed twice now. He never noticed that Cyborg was trying to keep Starfire from entering the fight as she was beyond pissed.

"So you directed the path so it hit your lung instead of your heart….not that it matters. You are at deaths door and you will die slowly and painful instead of it being quick and painless." deadpanned Sasuke.

"I. AM. NOT. GOING. TO. DIE!" Naruto growled out each word painfully as he ripped Sasuke's arm out of his chest angrily, shocking all those still watching. Then a red aura begun to form around his body until it looked like that of a fox.

Sasuke had jumped back by this time as he watched Naruto in fear. The aura his teammate was full of malicious intent and it was maddening. So much so that he and the rest of the people watching saw the image of a giant nine tailed fox behind the blond boy.

"Dudes, please tell me I am not the only one seeing that." Beast Boy asked fearfully.

"We can see it." Raven gulped and on the inside she was panicking. The Legendary Beast of old times…..what the hell is going on!

"W-What are you!" Sasuke yelled.

"I'm…your friend!" Naruto roared. "And I am not going to let you run off and join that Snake Freak in Sound! I WON'T LET OROCHIMARU HAVE YOU!" As he said that, he was unconsciously channeling his wind powers along with the Kyuubi Chakra, that went he swung both arms out, it created a 20 foot crater around him, not that he noticed.

Sasuke growled as he had to dodge huge hands made out of that evil red chakra. As parts of the nearby buildings begun to fall down thanks to the chakra hands, he charged up another Chidori and rushed the blond again.

Naruto c narrowed his eyes as he charged up a regular Rasengan and met Sasuke in the middle , sending out a shockwave that ripped up the ground and over turned cars.

"Dude! This not just a metahuman brawl, this is a super fght!" Beast boy exclaimed as he ducked up a piece of debris.

"He is right and if this gets any worse, we won't have a city to protect!" Cyborg said with panic in his eyes.

However, before Robin could reply, Sasuke was blown away in to another building, where they all felt a dark explosion of power and the building cracked under the pressure. The widened their eyes when they saw what the dark haired boy had changed into. His skin had turned grey, the white of his eyes turned black, there was a four star on his nose, and his hair had grown and turned gray as well.

"While I admit that you are special, Naruto." Sasuke said and Terra's eyes widened, she had recognized that name as he twin brother's! "But I am more special!" he said with wide and crazy red eyes before he doubled over in pain as his back exploded to reveal huge webbed and clway hand like wings. HE gave an evil smirk at Naruto and said, "Let's finish this!" He shouted as he charged up is cursed Chidori that was full of black lightning.

Naruto could not use his left arm for some reason, but that did not stop him as he created a purplish Rasengan with his wind combined in his right hand and they again met in the middle.



They yelled at each other as all the residual energy converged in on them as a purple sphere formed around the two boys. Then it imploded on itself and they were gone, leaving nothing but the destruction they had caused as proof that they indeed had been there.

"W-what just happened?" Beast Boy asked no one in particular.

Terra walked to the place they had disappeared and looked at it sadly. She was not sure her brother would ever be back now. Raven was just shell shocked that they had seen two strong demonic beings like herself.


The purple sphere of dark energy suddenly appeared high in the air above the Valley of the End. Its presence alerted all those on the retrieval mission and the other ninja in the area. Then, in a large flash of light, it exploded, destroying the top of the valley and sending out Typhoon force winds all across fire country. Tsunade had seen this from her office and her eyes widen to epic proportions.

Back at the valley, it had begun to rain and Naruto looked unconscious while Sasuke weakly looked at him before walking off in the forest, towards power. Towards Orochimaru.

A few seconds later, Naruto woke up to find that he was back in his world and Sasuke was gone. He panicked and laughed hollowly. He would never be let back into the village now. He had failed. He made his way in to the forest…he knew he was near Hidden Waterfall. Hopefully Shikbuki would help him out.

A moment later, Kakashi rushed onto the scene with his ninja dog Pakkun. By then, it had stopped raining. "Do you smell them?" the scarecrow asked as he sadly observed the state of the Valley. Whatever that last attack was, it really did a number on this place. He wondered which of the two boys did this

"I am sorry Kakashi…I can't smell them…the rain has washed away their scents." The dog sadly replied.

Kakashi observed the valley for a few more minutes until his eye came upon the sight that made his breath hitch. Two head bands. One had a slash across the symbol of Konoha, while the other one looked like it was spider webbed. "Oh this is so not good…"