Kaze no Kitsune

Chapter 6

It was morning again and things where back to normal. "BEAST BOY! I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!" Well…almost normal.

Beast Boy laughed as he ran down the hallway as a rubber knives where thrown at him. Beast Boy had thought head for once, he had drench Naruto in very cold water, waking the blond up. Luckily BB had replaced Naruto's kunai and shuriken with rubber versions.

Terra watch from her brother from her spot in the hallway and could not help but laugh. Naruto was drenched to the bone and he looked ridicules. She then noticed he was using his powers.

Naruto smirked as he made the wind pick up around him to make beast boy go slower and make the water come of him. But he was not even close to being done. If Beast Boy wanted a prank war, he was going to win! "WIND AND WATER STYLE: FREEZING HEART!"

At this, all the water flew off Naruto and combined with his wind before it flew over to the green bean. It made contact, making the green teen all wet before it froze him in place. Beast Boy had a panicked look in his eyes while he face still had that crazy smile. It was comical to look at.

Strolling up the frozen shape shifter, Naruto gave off an evil smile. "I may have grown up some in my travels in my world, I never lost my….pranking side." Naruto explain with his grin getting bigger by the look of panic in BB's eyes. Cyborg, who had been watching, just shook his head. BB was in for it now. "I was the prank king in my village….what should I do with you my green friend?"


"What's that? String your frozen ass up on the roof with your underwear in the lighting pole?"


"OK! You got yourself a deal!" Naruto said a little too happily, which made Cyborg sweat dropped before he registered what Naruto said.

"Oh…this is going to be good!" Cy commented while he went off to inform the others so they could see as well.

Terra smiled before sighing. "Why do I get the feeling this is going to happen a lot in the future?" She asked herself before she went up to the roof to watch."


"MMMMMM!" Beast Boy got out as his underwear was pulled out of the ice in a wedgie and hung on the lightning rod on top of the tower. He just hung there frozen in place.

"Sorry Beast Boy, but you have to learn that you prank the prank master, he's going to prank back." Naruto said with a smirk.

Cyborg was having trouble breathing because he was laughing so hard while Robin was gawfing. It was hard not to laugh….unless you were Starfire. "Friend Raven, why is Friend Naruto giving, the wedgie, to Friend Beast Boy?"

Raven, who was smirking at the sight, said, "Remember how Beast Boy likes to prank people?" A nod. "Well, he pranked Naruto and this is the result."

"But what prank was it?"

"Beast Boy splashed a few buckets of water on him while he was asleep." Terra stated with a smirk as well, but actually felt sorry for the green bean. "However, Naruto used the water against him…as you can see."

"Oh I see." Starfire said.

At that moment, Robin's communicator rang. Seeing who it was, he smirked a bit before he told them to meet in the common room. Naruto turned back to Beast Boy and said, "You be a good boy now!"


"So, who was calling?" Cyborg asked.

"An old friend of mine." Robin said as he worked the main computer before a person showed up on the big screen. It was a boy around their age in a yellow and red hero suit with the lightning bolt symbol on the screen "Kid Flash, how are you?"

"I am great! I got the day off and the team split up to have fun, though I have no idea what Superboy's idea of fun even is."

Robin rose an eyebrow. "Young Justice? Wow, so how is the other Robin doing?"

"Meh, he is like you….but more fun!" Kid Flash joked around, making Robin's eye twitch.

"So what did you want?"

"Oh I am visiting you guys! Whoa….who is that on top of the tower?" Kid Flash said as he looked up.

"Oh that is Beast Boy. He tried pranking the new guy."

Kid Flash blinked before cracking up. "Oh man, Beast Boy must be out of his league! So, are you going to let me in?"

Robin chuckled. "Yeah yeah." He said as he unlocked the door and the screen shut off. A few second later, Kid Flash was in the room.

"Yo! So what are we going to do today? Oh I know, I gotta meet this new guy that counter pranked Beast Boy." Kid Flash said with a large smile.

Robin shook his head. Kid Flash was always so hyper. "He is in this room, the blond one." The boy wonder said while motioning toward said blond who was siting the couch.

Kid Flash appeared in front of the blond and held out a hand. "Dude, I saw what he looks like as the green been thaws and I gotta say, it is awesome. I have heard about his pranks from Robin."

"Heh, thanks." Naruto said before he smirked evilly. "I can see the mischief in yours eyes and I will tell you right now, you prank me, you might get something worse than what Beast Boy got."

"Heh, I think I'll take your word for it." Kid Flash replied, nervously. He then looked around at the others and saw that Cyborg was nodding his head, confirming it. His head then turned to Raven, Terra, and Starfire. He smirked and quickly went over to Terra. "Well, I have never seen you, but I have heard of you. Care to rock my world?"

Terra blushed with a twitching eyebrow. Figures an old friend of robin would be more lively then the boy wonder….a freaking flirt too! Still, she had feelings for Beast Boy and she had a feeling he was not like this guy right now. "Sorry, but I like someone else."

"Besides," Naruto said in a voice that scared the red head as he put a hand on Kid Flash's shoulder. "She is my twin sister." Kid Flash instantly got the hidden threat and wisely back off and not because of the intense KI Naruto was putting out…that only he could feel.

"O-ok then." Kid Flash said weakly before he moved to Raven, who spoke before he could.

"Don't even think about it." Raven said in her monotone voice. Robin was actually smiling through this.

Kid Flash's head hung at that before he turned his sights on Starfire. "Hey their hottie! Name's Kid Flash." At this, both Naruto and Robin had twitching eyes. Robin because it was not funny anymore and it was getting annoying. For Naruto, since he was starting to have feelings for the girl, he was jealous.

Starfire, not understanding that she was being flirted with, said, "Greetings Kid of the Flash, it is nice to meet you."

Kid Flash face vaulted at that. He had forgotten that Robin had warned him about the red head's odd way of speaking. "Sooo, I am glad I met a pretty young think like you!" he said as he gave off the nice guy pose, with the alien girl still not getting it, even though Naruto was steaming. "So…do you guys have anything to eat? I travelled far and I used a lot of energy, so yeah, I am starving!" He asked Robin.

"Uh, sure, I am sure we can make something." Robin said nervously, knowing how much Kid Flash ate.

"Oh! I would like to do the cooking." Starfire said happily. "I shall make food from my home planet as well as from Earth!"

"Hmm, why don't we make it a contest?" Naruto offered. "Whoever can eat the most gets to decided what we get to do afterwards."

"Heh, that is fine with me, but I am going to win." Kid Flash said with a smirk.

"We'll see." Naruto said nonchalantly.

Starfire didn't really understand what was going on, but she also didn't care. Her new friends were going to eat her cooking! "Splendid!" She said before going off to the kitchen to begin.

Back with Raven, Robin, and Cyborg, the metal man leaned over and asked, "You think we could warn them about her cooking?"

Raven and Robin looked at each other before saying, "Nah!"

Cyborg smiled, "Perfect!"


Sometime during all the cooking, Beast Boy got thaw enough to transform into a bigger animal before breaking out of the chakra enhanced ice prison. After that, he had been informed about the challenge and smirking, wondering who would win….even though they were eating Starfire's cooking!

To pass the time, Beast Boy challenged Naruto and Kid Flash in video games and for some reason, the two were very competitive, well, mostly Naruto.

Soon, the time had come and Beast Boy watched with bright eyes at the strange food eating contest.

The two boys stared at the first dish that Starfire had made, which must have been from her home planet because it was moving like it was alive. Which would not be too far off. The boy looked at each other and gulped, regretting this now.

"Come on now." Cyborg said a bit too happily. "Starfire made this for the two of you, are you just going to let it all go to waste?"

Naruto snapped to his to the alien girl who looked at him nervously, and sighed. He didn't want this girl to be sad, so he dug in, much to the shock of Kid Flash.

Not about to be out done by the blond, he dug in as well and found the food to actually be good, not as good as Megan's burnt cookies, but still good none the less. Naruto, however, found it to be almost as good as ramen!

Which, ironically was the next course. 15 bowls of ramen for each boy. Naruto was practically crying at that and when he tasted it, it was like he was eating cloud 9! It was that good to him! Kid Flash thought it was ok.

Robin, Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg could only watch in shock as the two boys ate EVERYTHING that Starfire managed to cook, much to the alien girl's happiness. When it was almost over, with Robin sure that Kid Flash was going to, was shocked that Kid Flash just slumped over and held his stomach. "Oh…I ate too much."

Naruto smirked before he swallowed what he had in his mouth and then ate what was on Kid Flash's plate. "I win!" Naruto said in a sing song voice.

"Ugh….good (burp) job." The speed demon let out before he turned to Starfire and smiled. "Thanks for the meal Starfire. It was good. You would make an awesome wife for someone." He said wiggling his eyebrow.

Naruto growled as his eyebrow twitched at this, but he had to agree. "I agree."

Starfire blushed at this and said, "Thank you. I am glad you like my cooking."

Naruto then turned to Kid Flash. "Now I get to choose what we do next and that is…sparring." He then burped louder than Kid Flash. "Uh….in about an hour." Terra could not help but laugh.


"We don't usually spar in my team." Kid Flash said a bit nervously and thankfully since it would be a pain to fight Superboy….again. They were currently outside the tower where they tested Terra.

"We don't either." Robin said from his spot.

"Really?" Naruto asked, "How do you expect to get stronger then?"

"Uh, though teamwork?" Kid Flash offered.

"That may be true, but teamwork alone will not make you stronger. I should know that thank to my old team." Naruto grumbled the last part under his breath. "Oh and another thing I want to ask is, do you have someone precious to you?"

That question caught everyone off guard. Kid Flash though about it for a while and it made him think of his team. "Yeah, I think I do."

"Good, because when you fight for your precious people, it when you truly become strong." Naruto said, making everyone look at him in a new light.

Robin smiled; he had his friends, his team.

Raven thought about it and looked to her teammates and smiled.

Beast Boy though about his past with his old team, the Doom Patrol, and Naruto's words really struck him because when they were in trouble, he felt himself stronger. Now that he was with the Teen Titans, he could only smile. He then thought of the blond girl standing next to him. He was still in love with her, so he considered her a precious person as wll.

Cyborg also thought about the team and his family.

Terra smiled brightly, she had her brother and she was do anything to make sure he was safe. Then there was Beast Boy, she still had feeling for the boy and smiled at that. Then there was her team.

"Now, let's fight." Naruto said with a smirk while Kid Flash was still nervous. Seeing that Kid Flash was still hesitant to fight, Naruto decided to have some fun. He performed a few hand signs and drew in a lot of breath. "Wind Style: Vacuum Tornado!" The large tornado that appeared through the speed demon a loop. He was not expecting that! So thinking quickly, he sped to the attack and ran in the opposite motion to cancel it out.

"Whoa! That was awesome." Beast Boy shouted while Starfire had stars in her eyes. That was awesome.

Kid Flash knew he had to get serious or he would lose, not that he had much faith in winning anyway. He used his superior speed and struck out at the blond in a head on strike, which Naruto easily ducked under. The blond then use the Frog Fist to deflect all the strikes that came after him. Of course the kid had to try and him from all directions after that and came up with the same result. Damn, this guy had fast reflexes, but he still managed to push around the blond. That was good, right?

Naruto smirked as Kid Flash panted. "Is that all you got? I wonder if The Flash is faster." Naruto taunted, making Kid Flash growl at that. He was tired and he wanted to win! And being compared to his mentor was getting on his nervous. He rushed forward and tried punching the blond, but the blond caught it.

Naruto smirked, this guy was good, but he wanted to fight him because he was pissed at him for flirting with his sister AND Starfire! He wanted a little payback! So he smiled at the red head and said, "My turn!"

The blond threw away the offending hand and slammed his own into Kid Flash's stomach, knocking the air out. It also made the others wince a bit. He then shocked them when he disappeared in a yellow flash before he reappeared behind the teen and sent a kick to the teen's head…sending across the ground in a heap. He sweat dropped. He was used to fighting ninjas that he over did it.

Starfire, who was the most concern because of her friendly personality, arrived there first. She checked him to see that he was just knocked out and not to hurt, but she still stalked up to the nervous blond. "That was overkill!" She exclaimed.

"Yeah, I…over did it." Naruto sighed, "But I thought he could take a speed attack."

"But, that was uncalled for because he was already tired!"

"It was just a spar, it is not like a killed him." Naruto growled.

"That is why we don't fight each other!" Starfire shouted. "So we don't hurt friends!"

"Ok! I am sorry!" Naruto growled out, still not used to the rules here, but it was all just pissing him off. He secretly thought she would be a bit happy with his skills. He sighed, "I'll be in town if you guys need me. Tell'em sorry for me."

Before they could say anything, he disappeared in a swirl of wind and leaves.

Robin shook his head. Naruto may have bben trying to impress Starfire, but he felt he did that the other day. Starfire was confused as to why her friend, who she had a crush on, got mad. Did she make him mad?

Terra sighed, love was a complicated thing, that was for sure as she knew what he was aiming for.


Naruto sighed as he walked through the mall again, but this time he was alone. He sighed, it was stupid of him to get mad, especially since Starfire was just concerned for her friend's health. He was kind of afraid to go back now because he might have made her mad.

Oh well, he would wait it out here.

"Hey, your that new Titan, Kaze no Kitsune, right?" a voice asked from behind him.

The blond turned to see a girl….who really liked pink. Seriously, pink converse shoes, a pink dress, and pink hair! Of course if he actually knew her, then he would know that pink was not her natural color, it was blond. "Hi, uh…"

"Kitten, you can call me Kitten."