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Chapter 14: Two Worlds, One Family

8:07am, 14th July 2008.

He ran a hand through his hair, letting out a long, ragged breath as he was tempted to break into a run. He had no idea what would be waiting for him, how on earth she was so sure this person would be there; this woman who she was desperate for him to see- for him to help.

He let his blue eyes scan the corridor as he walked briskly, his smart black shoes hitting the shiny floor with some force. He weaved through the various white robed people filtering through doors, bellowing lengthy words at each other as they charged around. He let his hand drop to his jacket pocket, feeling a corner of the paper still resting there, the piece of paper that she said would change things for him forever.

He swallowed; if he was honest, he didn't like the sound of that at all. He felt so confused, so blindly confused that he didn't know why he was even doing this. But she'd made him promise. Promise to go where she'd written.

He reached reception, pulling a form from his trouser pocket and offering it to a blonde haired woman, "Hi Shelly- thought your shift finished at 7?" he said.

She rolled her eyes, turning back round to the computer again as her fingers flew across the keyboard, "Tell me about it! A&E overrun again." she hummed irritably as she rolled herself on the chair back across to him.

"I know this might sound a bit strange. . ." he said, trying to sound casual, "But is there anyone in room 303 at the moment?"

She turned once again to the computer clicked the mouse a couple of times, bringing up a database and scanning through it, "No one's in there at the moment."

He tried not to look like he was thinking too much as he bit his lip in confusion, "Really?"

"No. No-one's in there." she said, shrugging, "But you can go to room 301 if you want- Dr Gurson said a coma patient has been transferred from the Princess Grace Hospital on a more long time basis to here- he says he wants you to go see him."

"Ok," he sighed ruefully, as she printed off some details and passed it to him, "Martin Summers." she said.

His eyes barely looked at the piece of paper as he took it, "Thanks." he said nonchalantly, "But promise you'll buzz me in if you hear anyone's being admitted to room 303, ok?" he added in a more serious tone, shoving the piece of paper in his trouser pocket.

She raised an eyebrow, giving him a bizarre look, "Ok. . .I will." she said, shaking her head in bemusement.

"Brilliant, thanks Shell." he smiled as he started to walk away.

He turned around suddenly, walking back a couple of steps, "Also. . ." he added.

Shelly pulled a face, "What now?"

"Could you make a cake when you get home please, and bring it back later when your shift starts?" he asked, his eyes glinting.

"A cake?!" she exclaimed.

He nodded his confirmation, "Please?"

She sighed, "Fine then- you owe me!" as she turned back towards her computer.

Tommy smiled to himself as he started to pace down the corridor, convinced he was steadily going insane- following these absurd wishes with no reason, logic or explanation. . .

Suddenly, it was as if something switched on in his head, he backtracked, a slight curdling in his stomach as he stopped walking. His eyes suddenly lifting up as something hit him like a big red bus, he slowly withdrew the paper from his trouser pocket, studying the name as his mind flew: Martin Summers.

The name rang a bell definitely, a very large bell that sounded something like a toll bell. He shook the life out of the name in his mind, desperately trying to remember where he'd heard it before. His pace quickened as he nearly ran towards the door to room 301, quickly flinging it open.

Suddenly he felt his heart stop, bile rising in his throat as he saw the face of the man lying in front of him. He didn't want to believe it, couldn't comprehend it. It was him. The man that nearly shot him when he was 5 years old.

Even as a fully grown man, he felt like he'd just been told the monster under the bed was real, or that the person who actually tried to murder you as a child was in fact immortal- because that's what frightened him; the man in front of him had not aged in 26 years, and had in fact died in 1982.

He looked back briefly through the glass panel of the door, hearing the yelling of three surgeons as they ran past:

"-we've got a case of severe thrombosis in room 303-"

"-she's going to lose too much blood-"

"-there's only so much we can do-"

He wanted to leave, walk out of the door, pretend this moment had never happened and simply carry on with his life. But he had questions he wanted answers to. . .so many questions.

He edged closer towards the comatose man, warily sitting down on the chair beside the bed, gulping. He studied the older man's face, coarse with wrinkles around the eyes and drained of all life as his skin glowed a ghostly white, almost as if he had returned from the dead.

"I don't understand." the young man suddenly whispered out loud, his eyes never leaving the man's face in fear that he might suddenly awaken and finish the job he started, "How are you here? Who are you?" he said almost angrily.

He stopped for a minute, breathing heavily as sheer panic charged his body, "I can remember your face, when you and my father stole me away from the hospital. I was so scared of my father, and I thought I could trust you. I was so young, so naïve. . .and I never understood what I had to do with any of it."

He paused, reluctantly trying to drag up the darkest first five years of his life, in vain trying to remember what Summers had said when he was pressing the cold metal of the gun into his forehead, speaking to Alex out of place, out of time.

"Alex I don't understand."

Tommy sighed in desperation as he stood up suddenly, unable to uncover the fog that had clouded his memory, "I don't know what I have to do with this, but I do know I have to stop you. Whoever's coming into room 303 today is even more significant than you being here, and I know I'll have the answers I need."

He walked towards the man suddenly whispering menacingly into is ear, "And then they'll be no way out for you."

He turned on his heel and almost stormed out of the room, slamming the door shut as he paced down the corridor, his blue eyes flashing in a sudden isolation- his brown hair flopping to one side to reveal a thin, white scar on his forehead.


2:34pm, 14th July 2008.

He hadn't been able to think all day, his body tense from all the pent up fear he was now harbouring, his eyes darting around suspiciously, constantly looking at the clock as he slumped against the desk at the reception, "Hey Shelly, I'm clocking off for lunch in a minute."

She flipped around quickly, pressing her hand to her heart in relief as she closed her eyes, "Oh my goodness, there you are! I've been calling trying to get hold of you for the past half an hour! Look, a woman's in theatre at the moment who arrived this morning, suffering a severe bullet wound to the frontal lobe, the nurses have been told to prepare room 303 for her. . ."

"Are you sure?" he replied, his eyes suddenly widening.

"Yes!" Shelly said, turning to her computer screen, "It says here Alexandra Drake is currently in theatre following a bullet wound to the frontal lobe-"

The young man stood there, choking on his own breath as he clutched onto the side of the desk, "Wh-what?"

"Alexandra Drake." she repeated, quickly printing off the details and passing it to him, pointing to the relevant section.

He gulped, his eyes flicking from the sheet of paper to the receptionist, "Oh my god. . ." he whispered, running off down the corridor without a second word.


2:38pm, 14th July 2008.

He had nearly reached the waiting room by the operating theatre, his heart being so hard it threatened to tear through his chest as he turned a corner. He didn't know if he could do this- whoever was lying in there was connected to him- he shook his head, pacing as he urged himself to keep walking. For once in his life, he preferred not to over think things and simply reside in a bubble of ignorance.

He stopped when he saw a little girl, standing by herself in front of the window looking onto the operation. He didn't know what to do, looking around in utter bewilderment, trying to form words that were escaping him.

He cleared his throat, his voice shaking slightly, "Hello?" he managed to choke out.

Suddenly he found that the breath was leaving his body faster than he could breath in, her face nearly hurtling him physically backwards.

"Hello." she replied, "Are. . .Are you ok?" she said, furrowing her brows slightly in confusion at the stunned expression on his face.

"I'm. . .errr. . .I'm." he managed to say, choking out a startled laugh at his old imaginary friend, "Fine."

"Am I allowed to stay with my mum?" the girl whispered, pointing towards the six surgeons hunched over a faceless body in the operating theatre.

He swallowed, not quite believing that Molly was actually here, actually real. . .actually Alex's daughter, he shook his head, daring himself to dismiss it, "No, no it's fine." he said, steadily walking towards her and standing by her side, still worried she was about to vanish.

He closed his eyes, replaying the image in his head, remembering what he saw when he was just a little boy having his own operation- the mousy haired girl and the window. He tried to rationalise everything in his mind, but nothing was making sense, whatever was going to come from this point on would hopefully make things clearer, not muddy the water.

"What's your name?" Molly said turning to him fully, seeing her eyes bloodshot and tear stricken for the first time.

"I'm Dr Thomas Hunt." he said, slowly revealing his hand for her to gently shake it, "I'm a psychologist here at the hospital- I specialise with patients in comas."

"Nice to meet you." she said half heartedly, smiling sadly as it dawned upon her how in danger her mother actually was. Her fingers steadily reaching out for the glass, tenderly tracing them lower as she watched hopelessly at the several green-clad figures passing various small, sharp metal instruments. Molly sighed, for a second staring at her own reflection of the little girl who was losing one of the most precious things in her life.

"She's never going to wake up, is she?" Molly whispered tearfully, the haunting words clinging to her like a dark shadow.

"I don't know Molly." Thomas whispered, shaking his head as he sat opposite her, "I honestly don't know anymore. I hope I can help her; I study patient's brain patterns and try to arouse them."

"My mum's a psychologist." she said, not lifting her eyes, "She works in the police."

He choked a laugh, still not believing the situation he was in, speaking to who he had always thought was a figment of his own imagination, "Yes, I know."

She raised her eyes, "You do?"

Tom nodded, his mind racing as he tried to articulate his thoughts, "I've know your mother since. . .I was at university. She's been a very dear friend to me for many years."

Molly stood back a little, folding her arms, searching his face for answers, "She's never mentioned you, but I feel like I've met you before! It's very strange. . ."

"I have to say I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you before Molly," he said, his mind ticking over the white lie,"But I'm glad we have now, even if the circumstances are not what I hoped for."

"Do you work here then?" Molly asked.

"Yeah, I transferred down from Trafford General Hospital in Manchester a few months ago." he replied, "I wasn't in London much before then though, which is probably why we've never met before"

Thomas rubbed a hand through his hair absentmindedly as he looked down at her, "Are you here with anyone Molly?" he said, his voice concerned that she was here alone.

"My godfather had to go away for ten minutes to try and call my dad in Canada and let him know what's happened."

"Will your dad be coming back then?"

Molly shook her head sadly, looking down as he saw her blinking back tears, "He won't come back." she whispered tearfully, "Not even for me."

Thomas looked away, biting his lip, kicking himself for asking, "Just don't cry, please don't cry- it's not the end yet." he whispered.

She gazed up at him, her eyes sparkling as a man's voice suddenly piped up from behind them

"Molly?" the voice came, causing them both to turn around to see an old, grey bearded man.

She ran to the old man, running into his embrace as he smiled softly at her, stroking her hair, "Hi, I'm Evan White." the man said, extending his hand for Thomas to take.

"Dr Hunt." he said, smiling sympathetically as his eyes dropped down to Molly for a split second, whose head was safely snuggled into Evan's jacket.

"I've just spoken to a nurse on the way back." Evan said "She says Alex's operation is done and she's being taken over to room 303, would you mind taking us there?"

Thomas gulped slightly, fear coursing through his body, as he quickly agreed, "Sure." he almost squeaked, "I'll take you there right away."


5:14pm, 14th July 2008.

As soon as he saw that woman's face, he felt as if the world was turning without him. Everything that had been left unanswered, all ambiguities, in his life were slowly dropping into place, his heart slowed, as he saw her pale, drawn face covered with an oxygen mask.

He stepped inside, silently soaking in the plain hospital room, decorated with pictures of an Alex he knew, yet felt a million miles away from; pictures of her smiling shyly at the camera, her hair straight and almost blonde- a white leather jacket that never existed- the woman who raised him ceased to exist.

Molly sat down, seemingly lost in her own thoughts as her fingers twiddled with the pleats from her skirt, she was staring into her lap, biting her lip, trying to fight the sudden sadness that rushed through her. Evan standing by the window and observing the grey wispy clouds that squirmed in the sky.

He cleared his throat suddenly, his eyes turning to rest upon Thomas sat in the chair- the young man's face etched with worry, the sort of worry that seemed to be evident on someone's face when they were the only who knew the truth.

"How did you know Alex then?" Evan questioned.

Thomas gulped, wondering how far he could push this fabricated past; his gaze once more fell upon Alex's sallow face- wires and tubes attached to every limb in her body like a limp marionette- he sighed, "We met at university- we were both studying psychology- she'd always wanted to go into the police force, whereas I'd wanted to work in hospital since I was about 5 years old."

Evan nodded steadily, "And were you both ever. . . you know. . ." he struggled.

Thomas's eyes flicked to Molly's quickly, lifting his hands in motion for all of them to avoid a rather painful explanation, "No, no never. We were never anything more than friends." he said, internally wrinkling his nose at the idea.

"Ah, ok." Evan nodded again, looking towards Alex, the beeping of the heart monitor screaming a desperate, pitiful sort of monotony, "Do you have any ideas about how to. . .wake her up?" he asked.

"I have a few ideas." Thomas replied, his hand subconsciously ghosting over his jacket pocket, "But we have to wait."

Evan nodded gravely, rubbing his sinuses as he moved towards Molly and knelt in front of her, giving her hands a little squeeze, "I've got to try and call your father again Scrap. Will you be ok for a while by yourself with Doctor Hunt?"

She glanced over at Thomas, who offered her a friendly smile, where she nodded both at the doctor and her godfather, "Yes I'll be fine." she said, as he kissed her forehead and left the room.

Silence ate away at the air as Molly sighed internally to herself, staring at her mother's lifeless figure. Thomas watched the girl, his heart torn in two- feeling her silent heart ache, isolation and the painful predictability-remembering the announcement of his own mother's death.

"It's my birthday today you know." she said to no one in particular, "We were going to blow out the candles together." she sniffed, hastily wiping the tears from her eyes, "But now it doesn't look like we'll do anything together ever again."

"I'm sorry Molly." he whispered, blinking back his own tears.

She turned to him, shaking her head sadly as a tear slid down her cheek, "It's not your fault."

He paused for a second, letting his head drop as he breathed out slowly and tried to calm his nerves, closing his eyes as he tried to take the plunge- the jump off the cliff into infinity.

"Molly I-" he started, before looking away.

She was staring at him, her eyes glittering, the concern and sadness in his eyes mirrored in her own, "I know you don't know me, but I need you to trust me. I think. . . I think your mother has only one window of opportunity to wake up. . ."

Molly blinked, hanging on his every word as if her life depended on it.

"But she won't be awake forever. . .if we miss this window, you'll never get to say good bye to her."

Molly bit her lip, looking away as more tears escape, shaking her head as she squeezed her eyes shut, "I know in my heart she'll never get through this. No one survives a bullet to the head. . .I just can't believe I have to live the rest of my life without her. . ."

"I can't promise I can do this. . .but I'm going to try. . ." Thomas whispered earnestly, standing up and walking towards Alex's bedside, taking her cool, smooth hand in his own as Molly slowly walked to the other side, in turn clasping Alex's hands in between her two small hands.

Molly looked at him, her eyes pleading for him to do this; he couldn't give her forever, but he could give her closure.

Thomas closed his eyes, ploughing through his past, plucking memories of his Alex- his mother- from his mind.

"Is that nice man coming with us?"

"Tommy I think we should sit down. . ."

"I'm trying my best, but I don't know if I'll be able to get to her in time."

"What do you think it means?"

"I mean, what's going to happen to her?"


She felt heavy and light at the same time, oh god the pain. She could feel herself floating, but at the same time falling down. She was blind, wanting to keep her eyes shut in fear of what was around her and because it was too much of a struggle to open her eyes.

She tried to breathe, feeling a tin bit of air entering her lungs. Not enough. Breathed again as she felt her lungs expand a little more in desperation, like she was drowning. She heard the echo, heard the man's voice again.

"Please let this work, this is your last chance. . ."

She felt herself floating further away from the voice- it was becoming distant, more echoey. No. . . No. . . She tried moving towards it, her arms felt like they were filled with sand as she moved towards the voice, the pain in her side burning as it was slowly replaced by an intense pain in her head. She felt herself surge forward suddenly, everything bright around her as she slowly opened her eyes.

"Mum?" she heard, as the blurry world around her steadily started to clear.

A girl's face steadily came to into view as she blinked rapidly, her eyes focussing on her daughter's face, whose tears were dripping onto her hand.

She felt so tired, so confused, a sense of relief washing over her paired with a gripping pain of loss on her heart, "Molly. . ." she managed to whisper as she pushed her oxygen mask to the side, tears prickling her eyes as her daughter flung her arms around her, bursting into tears.

"Oh mum. . ." she sobbed as Alex stroked Molly's hair, as she pulled back to look into her eyes.

"I've missed you so, so much Molly. . .you don't know how long it's been. . ." Alex wept, kissing her daughter's forehead, embracing her again.

Alex suddenly became aware of movement on the other side of the bed- a doctor quietly tiptoeing towards the door.

Alex was about to speak, but Molly beat her to it, "Dr Hunt! Don't go please!" she pleaded, her eyes suddenly slightly wider with urgency.

He stood there, inhaling deeply as his heart skipped a beat, wondering if she would recognise him- know who he was.

"Dr. . .Hunt?" she said, hearing her breath catch.

He turned around slowly, catching Alex's dark brown eyes with his own sapphire blue ones. She paused for as she studied his face for a split second, more tears forming in her eyes as she shook her head in disbelief.

"T-Tommy?" she whispered, as her lip quivered.

He nodded slowly, stepping back towards the bed and taking the hand he was holding earlier, "It's me." he said, "I can't believe it's you." he said, choking out a shaky laugh.

She couldn't take her eyes off his face, the boy she had seen as 5 years old was now here in front of her, a fully grown man, but yet the eyes were still the same- that oceanic brilliance that shimmered with memories- moments to treasure and torments unforgotten.

She burst into tears as she hugged him closer, smelling him, the scent of his hair splitting her senses between 1982 and 2008.

He pulled away, still clutching onto her hand, "I'm going to go get Evan, you stay here Molly, ok?"

"No- no!" she said suddenly, "I have to go get Evan! I know where he is! I'll be back in a few minutes, ok mum?"

"I'll be fine Molly," she whispered, kissing her again.

Molly looked at Thomas, looking for confirmation and he nodded quickly, watching her dash from the room.

He turned back slowly, greeted by Alex smiling tearfully, "I can't believe it's really you." she whispered, squeezing his hand.

"Me neither." he said smiling softly.

She looked down at her hands, recognising the sad look in his eyes, "I'm not staying here, am I?" she whispered, wiping her eyes and averting them to the window.

"No. . .no you're not." Thomas sighed, running his hand through his hair and meeting her eyes as she turned around again.

She let out a stifled breath, as if she temporarily forgot to breathe, the different wave of emotions flooding her whole being, "How. . .how did you know? That I'd be here? That. . . you'd be able to wake me up?"

Tommy smiled slyly, a sadness still present in his eyes as he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a little, rather old looking envelop and placed it in her hands, "This letter. . .tells me everything I need to know about today. It doesn't tell me who you are, but it does tell me what I have to do- so that you can wake up here for a few hours, before you return to the 1980s for good."

She looked up at him, her eyes questioning, "Who wrote it?"

He smiled softly, "You did. You gave this to me on my 30th birthday, and told me that what was in it would change everything I knew forever."

She smiled a little herself, "It must have been a shock."

He shook his head in disbelief, "I thought I was going to have a heart attack if I was honest, I've never had such a traumatic experience in my life. . .Molly- she was the girl who I was seeing in my dreams as a young boy- and here she is, walking the earth like me."

She nodded, "When you told me your imaginary friend was Molly in the hospital when you were 5- I nearly collapsed then and there- to know that you had heard from her, had contacted her. . ."

There was a moment of silence, one of contemplation where time seemed to collide into one enigmatic sphere, a marble of colour and complexity.

"So then, you become a doctor?" she said proudly.

He grinned, looking away bashfully, "Psychologist actually."

Her eyebrows shot up to her hairline as she laughed, "You're kidding?"

"Nope!" he said, shaking his head, "It's 1983, and no one was sure if you're ever going to wake up. However, me and Gene visited a psychologist to get their take on your state. He told us of several techniques to arouse you from your coma, and when you woke up, I'd never felt such happiness in my life- and from that moment, this is all I've ever wanted to do."

She squeezed his hand again, eyes watering as a silent thanks passed between them, "They're also certain things that have become clearer now I've seen you here; why you acted in certain ways across the years. . ." he smirked.

She quirked an eyebrow, "Like what?"

He laughed slightly, pushing his fringe further off his face, "Well, the prime example would be your almost deranged insistence at pairing me up with Jennifer Queen at this one big family event you and Gene held when I was 24 and she was 19. . ."

She started to grin, the dawning realisation, "You're with her, aren't you?"

He grinned in return, "Five years happily married, and with a little girl of our own."

Alex wanted to cry again, feeling so much love for her son, yet the aching pain that she would miss this all with Molly, that she would probably never meet Molly's children.

"So me and Gene. . .do we. . . ?" Alex asked, her eyes tearing up.

He held up a hand to hush her, "Now why would I tell you that? I don't want to ruin the rest of your story." he smiled.

"Alex!" they both suddenly heard from the door as Evan came bursting in, quickly followed by Molly and a couple of rather frantic looking doctors.

"You should get your oxygen mask back on Alex!" one of the doctors said, presenting her with it and bringing it closer to her face.

She pushed it to the side, breathing for a second as everyone was silent around her, "I know I'm going to die. . ." she said almost too quietly for no one to hear, "And I just want to spend the last few hours of my life with my family, please. . ."

The doctors looked at each other, knowing that she was right and that there wasn't much more they could do in the long run, "We'll just be outside." they murmured, moving steadily towards the door.

Alex threw her head back into the white pillow, closing her eyes and slowly breathing out- her hand outstretched for Molly as she was feeling increasingly light headed, trying to work out her thoughts as she knew she was slowly starting to fade away. She couldn't help but think though, think how she could ever leave her daughter behind and know that she'd always be safe.

"Molly. Evan. . .I have a question for you both- I need to say everything, so please wait until I've said everything."

She half opened her eyes, seeing them both nod silently as she let her eyes close again, "Evan, I have always loved and admired you greatly, I can never thank you for taking me as your own and raising me, but I cannot ask too much of you, I cannot ask you to take care of Molly by yourself."

She opened her eyes again, seeing Evan look down sadly at his own hands, the veins, wrinkles and scars- a tell tale sign that he wasn't the young man he was raising Alex.

She sighed, slowly reaching out her other hand, towards where Thomas was situated, he slowly took it as she turned her head slightly to look at him, "I don't want to force you into this, but if Molly agrees to my proposition, I would die a peaceful death knowing she would always be well taken care of- I want you to have joint guardianship of Molly with Evan, Tommy."

His eyes shined with tears as he nodded rapidly, "I will do anything for you Alex, you gave a lost boy the unswerving care and support for me that I needed, and I would be honoured to have Molly join the family." he said, glancing at Molly fondly as she smiled tearfully back at him.

She turned her head back to Molly, her misty blue eyes shimmering "I don't want to make you do anything you don't want to do Molly; I love you so much, and I only want the best for you. I know you wouldn't want to move to Canada to live with your father, and we both know sadly that he wouldn't want it either." she swallowed, her throat dry, as she saw Molly nod sadly, "And I know you've only met Tommy- but I promise you he will welcome you into his family and always care for you."

Molly nodded, never letting her eyes leave her mother's, "I want to stay here mum, I do, with Evan and Tommy."

Alex kissed Molly again, hugging her close, as the little girl clutched onto her mother whose eyes would cry a thousand tears. Alex caught her son's eye- speaking volumes as she thanked him


6:47pm, 14th July 2008.

"Thanks Mr Ohrvick for coming in at such short notice." Evan said, shaking the solicitor's hand as he moved towards the door of the room.

"Not a problem- anything for my ex-boss." the man replied, sending a small smile to Alex in her bed as he gently placed her will in his briefcase, "Everything is officially in writing," he added, as he bowed a little and made his way out of the door.

As soon as the solicitor had left the room, Molly's voice spoke quietly, "Mum. . .can we get a cake please? I. . .want to blow out the candles with you."

"A promise is a promise." Alex whispered in reply, looking at Evan and Thomas.

"Don't worry, I've got it under control." said Thomas as he picked up the hospital phone on Alex's bedside, "Shelly? Yes. . .yes. . .you know the cake I spoke to you about earlier? Could you bring it to room 303 please with some candles and plates etc.? Brilliant, thank you. . .bye." he said, placing the phone back in the cradle, greeted by one of the first genuinely happy smiles he'd seen on Molly's face all day.


6:52pm, 14th July 2008.

Molly closed her eyes, making a wish as she blew out the candles with her mother, Thomas and Evan applauding joyfully as mother and daughter sat beside one another for the last time.

"I'm so proud of you Molly, how brave you've been through this all." Alex said, cupping her daughter's face.

"Anything for you mum." she whispered, kissing her mum's nose.

Everyone's attention suddenly focused on Alex, as her eyes started to dilate; Molly's gleeful smile quickly dissolved as Alex groaned, her head falling back onto her pillow as her breathing became irregular and stunted.

"Mum?" Molly whispered, her eyes filling up as she grasped her mother's hand as she moved off the bed, her eyes wide as they flicked to Thomas desperately, Evan moving behind Molly and protectively placing his hands on her shoulders.

Thomas quickly moved to the other side of her bed, gently coaxing the oxygen mask onto her face as her eyes started to flicker shut, her breathing hoarse as her grip started to slacken on her daughter's hand.

"Mum?" Molly whispered again, a tear weaving its way down her cheek.

Alex felt her limbs tense, everything around her blurring; she forced herself to move her other hand, lifting the mask off her face as she looked at Molly though heavy lidded eyes, "Molly, never forget that I always love you. . ."

Molly nodded, wiping away a tear, "I won't mum, I love you too."

Alex glanced at Evan, his eyes shining with love and sorrow as she turned to face Thomas briefly, a sad but knowing look on his face, "It'll be ok. I promise." he whispered, taking her hand and stroking her thumb.

"I know. . ." she whispered slowly nodding, "I know. . ."

The heart monitor slowed, it's lonely rhythm dying out as whatever made this woman Alex drifted away, flying back to where her life was only just beginning.


7:01pm, 14th July 2008.

Three figures walked down the corridor of the hospital, a young girl clutching onto the hands of two men as they gazed in the distance at the woman being slowly pushed away, her body covered in a delicate white sheet.

The young man paused at the door of room 301 for a second, surprised to see an empty bed being arranged by one of the nurses, watching her as she came out of the corridor and slowly wiped away the name off the whiteboard of the man who had inhabited it for such a short time- and never would ever again.


8:45am , 13th March, 1983.

She felt like she wanted to be sick, the pain in her stomach threatening to burst as she accidentally brushed her elbow against the wound, causing her to moan out in pain.

For a split second she wasn't aware that anyone else was in the room, until she felt a large, safe hand holding her own.

Her heart jumped with love, seeing him sleeping- his head resting on the bed as he sat slumped on the chair, "Gene. . ." she managed to whisper, her mouth dry, "Gene. . ."

He slowly woke up, blinking deliberately as he steadily raised his head, not daring to believe what he'd just heard. She heard him gasp lightly when his eyes hit hers, his pale blue eyes glimmering, "Alex?"

"I'm alive. . ." she whispered tearfully, tightening her grip on his hand, "It's me."

Suddenly he was kissing her, with such tenderness she felt her heart would burst; she ran her fingers through his caramel coloured hair, sighing softly at the taste of him- the smell of him, that feeling of love and desire she'd never had with anyone else. She'd missed him. She knew now that it would be impossible for her to survive without this wonderful, brilliant man by her side.

She looked up at him, absorbing every perfect crease and scar of his face as his eyes studied her own face, dusting it with feather light kisses as he brushed away her tears. Oh how she'd missed him.

"Alex?" she suddenly heard a little voice emerge from the doorway, one of innocence and utter disbelief, Gene pulled away, turning around and smiling at the little boy standing at the door- wearing a smile that made her want to laugh and cry at the same time.

He ran up to her, throwing his arms around her neck and burying his head into her neck and laughing joyfully, "I can't believe it! You're here!" he cried, kissing her cheek as a small tear escaped the corner of his eye.

She nodded, unable to speak as she looked at the little boy in her arms, gazing up at her with such love and admiration, unable to keep the smile off her face as she remembered the man he would become.


14h July 1983.

My dearest Tommy,

I don't know how to write this, all I know is that I have to and that I need you to do what I ask in this letter, however ridiculous or weird it may seem. I don't know where I'll be in 30 years time, which is why I need to write this now.

On the 14th of July 2008, you must be at Guy's Hospital in London- for on that day a woman will be shot by Arthur Layton- after revenge for his capture on the day you were nearly shot. She will be in desperate need of your help, along with her daughter, who happens to be celebrating her birthday. The woman will be in a coma, and when you are in room 303 with her daughter, this will be the only point you can temporarily awaken her.

As my son, I ask that you do this for me, because this will not only affect me- but will change your life forever.

All the love in the world,

Your mother, Alex Hunt.

She lifted her eyes from the letter, hearing Tommy shriek in delight as Gene pushed him higher on the swing, the little boy's eyes closed as he held his face to the sun's rays. She caught her husband's eye, glinting mischievously as he smiled at her from across the grass.

She folded the paper gently into an envelop, inhaling the summer air as she let her mind drift, holding the letter close with one hand, whilst the other absentmindedly rested on her stomach.

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