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It was dark. It was night. It was freezing. Why oh why did Ron want to go for a walk NOW? What was so important that he had to tell her in the middle of the night in the grounds? Hermione shook her head. It better be something important. In the distance she heard someone or something.

„Don't you dare!" Hermione screeched and flung herself in front of Ron as the death eater cackled loudly and continued pointing his wand at him.

"He has to be killed, Granger!" the voice said maliciously.

Wait, she knew that voice.

"Malfoy?" she asked half-disbelievingly, half-disgustedly.

Draco smirked and removed his black hood as an answer.

"What are you doing? And most importantly WHY are you doing that?" Hermione asked him crossly. She still stared at him with wide unbelieving eyes.

"What does it look like, Hermione? He is trying to kill us all. He is a death eater." Ron said and got up from the ground angrily, removing the dirt and grass from his trousers.

"Wisely spotted Weasley…" Draco sneered "but first I'm going to have a little fun with your girlfriend."

"Hermione, Ron!" Ginny called out from somewhere far away and ran towards them, her hand in Harry's.

"What kind of meeting is that??? Death eater versus Golden Trio?" Ginny smirked.

"Actually not."


It was the first time Draco had spoken in front of them.

"I wanted to scare you Weaselbee… actually… I wanted to injure you." Draco leered.

"That's an absolutely un…" Hermione started, red in her face, but Draco cut Hermione off.

Instead he stepped towards Hermione, Harry and Ginny, ignoring Ron completely by turning his back towards him He started speaking in a low voice. "We have a mission. I didn't want …HIM… butting in. He should not come with us. Dumbledore's wish."

No one understood. Ron was still being ignored by the others and making huffing noises in the background, bound by an invisible shield cast by Malfoy.

"What do you mean, Malfoy?" Harry asked him, his eyes only slits. "Dumbledore would never NOT include Ron!"

"Read that!" Draco held a piece of parchement under Harry's nose. "That's really Dumbledore's handwriting." Harry said more to himself than to the others.

"AND? What does it say?" Hermione was getting impatient.

Harry's eyes were as round as galleons. "Excuse me? He wants us to... travel back 50 years to change Voldemort?" Harry was disgusted.

"Yes." Draco emphasized. "And he wants us FOUR to do it. Why is still a complete mystery to me."

Hermione and Ginny gaped at Draco like a fish. "He is now completely mental!" Hermione huffed. "He cannot be serious. We are about to win the war."

"No we aren't, Granger." Malfoy drawled.

"I think we aren't… Malfoy is right." Ginny said in a low voice.

"I don't care. Why would he send US to go there? Not himself?"

Ginny looked clueless as well. "He couldn't have sent a better quartet." she murmured. "What about Ron though?"

"Dumbledore ONLY wants us four. Don't you understand little Weaslette?" Draco had a half-sneer on his face.

"Well what are we waiting for? Let's go to Dumbledore." Hermione said. Without warning she pointed her wand at Ron: "Petrificus Totalus."

Ron froze on the spot. "Wow!" Draco said with clear admiration. "I never thought you would do that to your boyfriend. A feisty one aren't you?" he winked at her and Hermione growled back something unintelligible.


"Headmaster!" Harry called when the four arrived there.

"Very well. You have decided to go on that mission? It will take 6 months to complete the task. Just keep in mind that you can only travel back when you succeed." Dumbledore explained and everybody nodded.

"I've arranged 4 trunks for you with brand-new clothes from the 40s." he continued. Hermione and Harry had to smile at that ironic statement. Ginny and Hermione looked at the clothes in Horror. "Just skirts?" Hermione asked sceptically and Draco smirked. "I like skirts." he grinned. "Very well!" Hermione snapped, getting rid of her beloved trousers for a skirt and some high heels.

"What if we don't succeed?" Draco's face was paler than usual.

"Then, Mr. Malfoy, you can also go back. However, it will be like that now. We have to face a war. Would you still like to go there?

"That doesn't sound too inviting." Ginny commented darkly.

"Not really. By the way, you will have to change your names so you are not recognized. AND your appearance of course." Dumbledore waved his wand and Hermione noticed that Harry was now free of his glasses and his hair a bit shorter and less messier. Ginny's hair was the same length, her face didn't have any freckles and her hair was now more brown than red. She turned to her left and saw Draco examine his reflection. His pale blond hair remained the same, the blue eyes as well, but his face was healthily tanned. Almost too brown for Hermione's taste. Then she saw herself – and gasped.

Dark blonde hair with light blonde streaks that fell in soft ringlets down to her waist. Her warm brown eyes were the same and looked questioningly from behind her long lashes. She turned to Dumbledore who gave a small wink.

Sighing the four classmates changed into their respecting school informs and Hermione was the first to notice. "We are not wearing any emblems. Does that mean we will be sorted again?"

Harry looked up from his robe with a slightly shocked expression. "Yes, you will be sorted again. But don't worry." Dumbledore's eyes twinkled madly.

"Very well. You are transfers from Durmstrang and are – let's see – you Miss Weasley are Katya Krum, and you Mr Malfoy are her brother Maxim Krum."

"I'm her brother?" Draco's blue eyes narrowed and Hermione couldn't tell who looked more disgusted. Ginny or Draco.

Dumbledore gave them both a quelling look and they shut their mouths. "Harry your name is Anatol Poliakoff. And your name is Natalija Karkarova."

"Sorry? Isn't that the female form of Karkaroff?" Hermione asked with a shudder. She knew – from a book – that Russian women always ended with an "a" in their last names.

"It is. You all have to be purebloods – and act like ones – with the proper names. Take this letter and bring it to me directly."

The four time-travellers nodded mutely.

"How can we change the world then, headmaster?" Hermione asked, her lower lip trembling.

"You have to find out for yourself. Just let me give you one last piece of advice: Some things can be solved by something other than killing or violence." Without another warning, Dumbledore cast a spell that none of them had ever seen or heard before. The office before them stood still for a moment and then they flew into another dimension headfirst. It felt like years to Hermione although it must have only been minutes. Colours and shapes were flying past her. She could have sworn she heard voices and music as well but they were gone as soon as she wanted to identify them. She felt sick and dizzy from all the spinning.

"Stop this someone." Ginny groaned opposite her. At that instant, they all landed with a loud crack rather painfully at the edge of the forbidden forest.

"Ow." Hermione's hand flew to her head in a reflex. When she looked around and her eyes adjusted to the brightness, she saw that all four of them were lying on the ground and clutching their head or stomach.

"Everything of your beautiful head is still in its rightful place." Draco drawled, looking at her strangely, his hand clutching his upper stomach. 'Hermione looks really beautiful, especially with this wonderful hair. I wonder why I haven't noticed before, how pretty she actually is.' he thought, taking in her features.

Hermione's mouth fell open. Had he just called her beautiful? No no, definitely not. Draco was not a charmer. And especially not to her.

"Let's get going then." Harry said, looking rather sourly at the two blondes. No one noticed the mischievous smirk Draco had given Hermione.

"He is transfiguration teacher at that time." Hermione said earnestly.

"He is. Let's find his office." Ginny said trembling from head to toe and took Harry's hand for reassurance.

When they entered the familiar castle, Dumbledore was leaning out of a window, greeting the four people.

"Please professor, we were sent here for a mission. And we were asked to give you this." Hermione held out the letter in her trembling hand and Dumbledore took it gently.

"Thank you, Miss…?"

"Karkarova." Hermione supplied, still tasting the strange name.

Dumbledore smiled at her and read the letter carefully in silence as the four time-travellers waited holding their breaths.

"You've come from very far then. And I mean that literally. It seems as if your time is suffering from severe problems. But it is undoubtedly my handwriting." he said after he had read the letter.

"Please professor, we could tell you how – " Hermione started but was interrupted by the young Dumbledore.

"Do not reveal anything of the future as the consequences might be grave. Also don't tell your classmates." Dumbledore told them and everyone nodded in approval.

"I believe, you are all in 7th year?" Dumbledore changed the topic quickly.

"That's correct, Professor. Our names are – " but Hermione was again cut off by Dumbledore. "I know your names Miss Karkarova – or rather Miss Granger - They are on my paper." he smiled.

"Oh yes right." Hermione quickly had to collect herself as Draco even had the nerve to smirk at her.

"Do you by any chance have a brother called Igor? Igor Karkaroff?"

"Uhm… I don't know. As you know professor, I am not from this period of time." Hermione said weakly.

"Wrong answer, Miss GRANGER!" Dumbledore smiled. "Let's try again. Are you related to Igor Karkaroff?"

"Yes, that's him. My younger brother." Hermione tried to smile happily.

"Very well. Let me introduce you then to Mr. Dippett, current headmaster of Hogwarts. You will need to be sorted." Dumbeldore told them and Harry, Hermione, Ginny and Draco got up from their chairs and followed him to the headmaster's office.

While they were walking to the headmaster's office, Draco kept shooting smirks in Hermione's direction which made her furious to no end. Why was he being his usual annoying self?

"Headmaster, there you are. Here are the expected Durmstrang transfers." Dumbledore smiled at the elderly man who was seated behind his desk, having tea at the moment.

His eyes turned white for a second and he looked perfectly alright again a second later.

"Welcome you four! I hope you will have a great time here!" he said in a polite voice.

"No need to introduce them to Hogwarts. I have explained everything already." Dumbledore smiled and winked at the four students.

"Thank you. I'll take them from here. Then the only thing that is left is the sorting." he announced and led them into the chamber they didn't know was there.

Hermione wondered where they would be placed a second time. Maybe in Gryffindor again? But would that be useful for their mission. Besides, hadn't they changed during the war?

Harry was the first on the stool. A student in the wrong time. You have a mission I assume. I was told that you were coming. Mr. Potter I stand by what I will say 50 years in the future. You WOULD have done well in Slytherin. "But I'm not." Harry thought furiously. I will not let you pass this time. "SLYTHERIN!" the hat called out, much to Hermione's, Ginny's and Draco's surprise.

Everyone looked open-mouthed at them. That was just the most unexpected answer. Harry Potter, the golden boy, in Slytherin of all places?

"YOU? In SLYTHERIN?" Ginny asked, really shocked.

Red in the face and obviously trying to not show his anger, Harry didn't look at any of them and shrugged, handing the hat to Draco who got his wish again since the hat barely touched him and cried out Slytherin again.

Ginny poked Hermione and whispered that she sincerely hoped to be placed in Gryffindor again. Which was, quite frankly, hermione's wish as well.

To everyone's non-amazement, Ginny was placed into Gryffindor again and handed the hat to Hermione, smiling grimly.

Miss Karkarova or should I call you Miss Granger? This time another house would be better for you. Trust me. "But I'm Gryffindor-material" Hermione thought. "Not really. You are intelligent, witty, pretty and have a desire to win. That sounds very Slytherin-like. But it would be better for your mission to place you in another house. You will find that you will learn to love your house like your family. Without further ado the hat cried something that neither Hermione, Harry, Ginny nor Draco would have ever believed. "RAVENCLAW!"

"Ravenclaw? All alone in a house where neither of us are?" Draco smirked evilly but Hermione ignored him.

And with that the four students were sorted. For the second time of their life. Everyone except Ginny and Draco were unhappy with their placement.

"What were you thinking of getting sorted into SLYTHERIN of all places?" Ginny cried when they were outside in the halls, eyeing Harry's green trimmings with distaste.

"It's not HIS fault, Ginny, the hat placed him there." Hermione tried to reason.

"It IS. He could have asked the hat to put him somewhere else. Besides, you don't have to talk. You are in Ravenclaw ALONE." Ginny sneered.

"Ravenclaw is a fine house as it values intelligence and wisdom." Hermione said rather sourly.

"Don't fight girls." Draco's drawling voice echoed through the walls. "We will see you at dinner."

Harry, Ginny and Draco nodded at each other and promised to meet up in front of the Great Hall at 6:30, all fights forgotten as they were in on the mission together. Smiling at each other excitedly but also fearfully, the four departed in different directions.

Suddenly Hermione realised, Harry, Draco and Ginny knew where to go. She, on the other hand, didn't have a clue where the Ravenclaw common room was. She shook her blonde hair out of her face and ran her fingers through it.

'I will just ask the next person where it is. Don't fret Hermione.' she thought desperately.

To her utter relief, she indeed bumped into somebody rather harshly. Her bag fell down and split.

"I am really sorry, Miss." the young man said in a velvet voice that made Hermione blush. When she looked at him she saw that he had silky dark hair – perfectly coiffed and a side parting, pale but healthy looking skin and an aura of self-confidence and power. He stood upright, tall, muscular, and his robes clean and freshly pressed.

"Accio. Reparo." The bag mended itself and landed in the young man's hand.

"No problem." Hermione breathed and smiled at him which he didn't return. He was stunned for a short moment. Wow. That girl was something special, he noticed her beautiful long blonde hair, the way it was almost flowing down to her waist in the slight wind, her big dark chocolate brown eyes, her perfect features and her beautiful smile with white even teeth. She seemed to be a bit lost and he suddenly felt the need to protect her.

"You are new here, aren't you? I've never seen you before." he stated the obvious, his brows furrowed.

Hermione cleared her throat. "Yes, I am new here. I am a transfer from Durmstrang. Natalija Karkarova." she said smiling, sticking out her hand.

This time the man smiled as well and shook her hand. Both of them noticed that the other's hand was ice cold. "Welcome to Hogwarts then, Miss Karkarova. I'm Tom Riddle, headboy."

Tom Riddle.


Lord Voldemort?