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That's what happened:

A loud knock woke Harry up.

What? He turned towards the only window and saw a beautiful owl. Sighing, Harry took the letter and gasped. It was from Ginny. He smirked the Slytherin smirk he had adopted from Tom. Well, that could wait until tomorrow.

Sighing dreamily, he went back to bed, pulling Ella again into his embrace.

On with the story:

Hermione was on the balcony, her hair blowing in the soft breeze and she closed her eyes, letting the sun warm her face. It was a beautiful summer day, still early in the morning. The birds chirping and the smell of coffee made her feel very happy.

WAIT. Coffee?!?

She quickly opened her eyes and turned around to see a smirking Tom Riddle holding two cups of steaming coffee.

"You made coffee?" Hermione was surprised but didn't show it.

"I thought that since you are going to pick up our little Slytherin from the train station, I will make some coffee." Tom yawned loudly and rubbed his eyes. "When are you leaving? Are you going to apparate?"

"Probably." Hermione smiled at the memory. Their child was sorted into Slytherin, of course. Not a big surprise there. But still – Hermione remembered HER first trip to Hogwarts when she DIDN'T want to be in Slytherin and now she was PROUD that they had a little Slytherin in the family. Well – two Slytherins – a little one and a big one.

The big Slytherin grinned. "Since today is the big day – why don't you make some apple pie? You know how much we love it." He inched nearer towards her and put his arms around her middle.

Hermione smiled back. "You think that I'm sitting on my butt all day? What about our house-elf?"

"Her pie isn't even half as good as yours." Tom grinned. "Besides, Ninni has already bought all the ingredients." Trust Tom to act like a Slytherin all the way.

"Very well." Hermione rolled her eyes jokingly. "I'll bake one then."

"Thank you Hermione. You're an angel." Tom kissed her on the lips and got up. "I think we both have to leave!"

Hermione returned his kiss and stepped out of the porch to apparate to platform 9 3/4 – just in time to see the red train approaching. Impatiently, she gnawed on her lips. Was everything alright?

The Hogwarts students stormed out, the first and second years first. Hermione scanned the crowd for the Slytherins but she couldn't find anyone wearing green and silver. 'Hmm, they must have been in the front cars then.' Hermione thought.

"Mum!" a familiar voice called and Hermione turned around, a big smile on her face, her arms wide open.

"Justin!" she scooped her son up in her arms and engulfed him in masses of hair. He looked exactly like his father – stormy bluish, grey eyes, a pale chiselled face and his perfect white teeth. The only thing was his hair – which seemed to be a bit lighter than Tom's.

"Ugh… can't breathe." Justin groaned, trying to disengage from his mother's embrace, his face slightly red.

"How was your year?" Hermione asked when the two of them stepped through the barrier that separated the wizarding world from the Muggle world.

"Wonderful!" the boy answered, his eyes sparkling with delight. "I have great classmates and the classes are very interesting."

Hermione cracked a smile. To nobody's surprise, their son was at the top of every class, almost a Ravenclaw – although the hat had decided Slytherin in the end.

"Let's go home. I'll make some apple pie."

"Apple pie? YAY!" Justin grinned and apparated side-along to their home.

"Mum, can we invite the Malfoys over?" Justin asked. The son of Draco and Jessica was two years younger, but Justin always liked playing with him. To Hermione's dismay, they also liked playing football in Justin's room, leaving things broken and dirty. Thanks to her teacher Du Reau, she had learned all the household-spells though.

"I can actually do that." Hermione considered that. "We'll invite them over for later. Your dad will be home early."

"That's great!" Justin jumped up and down and hugged Hermione.


"She replied?" Harry was very pale and sweaty when he met Ginny Weasley outside the Great Hall.

"Yes, she wrote me a letter." Ginny replied smugly, holding up a folded piece of parchment. "And she invited us for TEA to their home." She shot Ella a triumphant smirk who glared at Ginny openly.

"Wow! Of course we are going. And do you already know when?" Harry asked, messing up his hair.

"Yes, this weekend. Hermione and Tom will be on a cruise the week afterwards and so we decided on this weekend." she smiled sweetly at Harry who scratched his chin. "That's okay. You can tell her, I'll be there as well."

"Perfect!" Ginny smiled even wider.

"Oh by the way…" Harry lowered his voice so that Ella couldn't hear. "Is Draco going to be there as well?"

"Yes. Hermione invited him over. Oh and Tom will be there as well." Ginny said, fidgeting with the hem of her jumper.

"Tom?!?" Harry looked at Ginny wildly. Why in the world would Tom be there as well?

"Oh yes, of course. Hermione told him everything about our… time-travel." Ginny lowered her voice. "Although Jessica – Draco's wife - doesn't know, so she won't be there."

"Who is Jessica? Did she attend Hogwarts?" Harry was genuinely curious now about his ex-enemy.

"No." Ginny smiled even broader. "She was a muggle."

"A Muggle? A muggle?" Harry almost yelled, disbelief colouring his voice and alerting Prof. Mc Gonnagal who shot him a disapproving look. "But it can't be. He was …"

"… changed." Ginny finished for him. "Just like Tom. We'll visit them. Write that into your calendar." she sneered and departed into the Great Hall.

To Harry's dismay, Ella rounded on him. "You and HER? Why are you going out? I thought you didn't like each other."

"Oh, we don't really LIKE each other in that kind of way." Harry reassured her. "We just know the same people and that's why we are invited. We haven't seen them for years."

'More like decades.' Harry thought smirking.

Ella's face relaxed a bit. "Do you think she is prettier?"

"No, I don't." Harry laughed. "You are my only one."

Ella beamed and she kissed Harry passionately, none of them noticing Ginny giving them a dark look.


"Today we are going to learn a potion that makes you look, and only look younger for at least 10 to 20 years. However, you'll still age anyway. This is called the Youth-Potion." Snape announced in his usual dark voice. "Who can tell me the key ingredient of this Potion?" he asked the left side of the classroom, mainly to bully the Gryffindors, Harry noticed.

Luckily, he was sitting on the other side of the potions classroom this time. Snape was his "father" and the head of Slytherin house – to Harry's luck.

"Longbottom." Snape called out nastily. "What is the key ingredient?"

Neville's face purpled, but he didn't say anything.

"You don't know? What a pity! 10 points from Gryffindor!" Snape spat.

The Slytherins laughed loudly and the Gryffindors groaned. Harry too well remembered the feeling when Snape had bullied him endlessly and somewhat pitied his former clumsy friend.

"Serves them right." Adrian said imperiously who was sitting next to him, doodling on a piece of parchment. "Always backchatting to us in Transfiguration." Harry just looked at him and didn't answer. Really? The Gryffindors were bullying the Slytherins in Transfiguration? Actually hard to believe.

"Who invented that potion?" Snape continued.

Ella, who was on the other side next to Harry, raised a trembling hand. "Miss Malfoy?" Snape asked in a softer voice. It was still unusual for Harry to hear the name of his former enemy.

"Hermione Riddle invented that potion, sir." Ella said obediently and Harry's jaw dropped. Hermione invented a potion? A YOUTH-potion? WHAT? Since when was Hermione interested in inventing something like that? Sure, improving the rights of house-elves could be one of Hermione's goals, but definitely not a youth potion. Maybe Ella was wrong?

"That's correct." Snape said to Harry's utter shock. "10 points to Slytherin."


"I can't believe it." Hermione gushed. "We haven't seen them for more than 50 years!"

"Yes, and we are old now and they are young and healthy. Life isn't fair sometimes." Draco said, putting down his cup of coffee, his hand shaking slightly.

"That's true. But there will be so much to talk about. Do you think they'll recognize us?" Hermione asked and Draco laughed loudly. "Hardly. But since you so conveniently invited them to your home, I think that not even Potter is thick enough to mistake us for someone else."

Hermione giggled at that. Trust Draco not to change towards Harry.

"But we don't look that old." Hermione remarked, catching a glimpse of herself and Draco. They didn't even have grey hair and almost non-existent wrinkles.

"Yeah – thanks to your potion, Hermione. You really are a genius. But my arthritis usually reminds me of my real age." Draco rolled his eyes, making Hermione crack up.

Tom emerged from the bathroom, his still black hair combed to the side.

"Perfect." Hermione announced, still grinning. "Come and sit down, have some coffee."

"When are they going to arrive?" Tom asked in a stiff voice, sitting down next to Hermione.

"Probably in five minutes." Draco answered for Hermione, looking at the big grandfather clock.

Hermione squealed. "I'm already so excited."


Ginny squealed. "I'm already so excited."

Harry and she had apparated to the outskirts of the countryside, walking down the streets to Tom's and Hermione's house.

"Nice area." Ginny commented. "Very green."

"Tom probably likes that." Harry grinned and Ginny laughed loudly at that.

"What do you think do they look like? Probably old." Ginny answered her own question thoughtfully. "It's strange that Draco and Hermione got along so well over the past decades."

Harry smirked. "Yes, it is. But so are Tom and Hermione. I would never have thought THAT possible." His face fell a little though. "It's strange seeing you and Riddle though. Riddle junior junior." Harry said a bit sadly. "He looks just like the older, scarier version."

"He does, doesn't he? Harry, do you really think that it doesn't bother me seeing you with MALFOY of all people?" Ginny said, her face serious now. "We were together for such a long time, we travelled back in time, then came back here and through all of that we stuck together and then this little bitch turns up and you fall for her head over heels? Wasn't I good enough for you?"

"Oh Ginny, please. Of course you were. But we had to adjust to the new future. And okay, I'll admit it, yes, I fell for Ella." Harry said quietly, his head down. He didn't see how Ginny wiped her eyes. He didn't see the sad smile. But he heard her little sad chuckle.

"I thought so. Even before we left the past – I could tell. You know that I felt the same for Alex Riddle? I didn't want to let you go without a fight – I'm a Gryffindor after all. But deep down I knew that Riddle and I were meant for each other." Ginny admitted.

"Really?" Harry's face shot up, looking at Ginny incredulously.

"Yes." Ginny nodded. "But there is one thing I ask of you. Let's be friends. And with that I mean really good friends. No stupid house rules can keep us apart. Do you agree?"

"If I agree?" Harry laughed relieved. "You still want me as a friend? Oh Ginny! Of course!" he stopped and hugged her tightly. "I'll never let you go – as a friend."

"I'm glad." Ginny grinned. "But now we have to hurry up, you know how much Hermione despises tardiness."

"Yeah." Harry smiled. "So does Riddle. I've never forgotten the torture at the death eater meetings…"


"Tom can you open the door, please?" Hermione asked shakily. She was so excited that she couldn't walk to the door or her legs would have given away.

Tom gave her a lopsided smile and strangely enough went for the door.

When he opened the door, he saw the Gryffindor and his former follower. "Good afternoon." Tom's lip curled just like in the past. "Good afternoon, Mr. Riddle." Harry said, trying to smile. Tom Riddle looked older now of course, but his cold eyes were the same, so were his facial features and his aura of danger.

Ginny blushed scarlet. This was the grandfather of her new boyfriend. Just wonderful. Peachy. Perfect.

"Good afternoon." she answered, gritting her teeth and not meeting his eyes.

Tom was surprised. They looked exactly like he remembered them. Especially Poliakoff… oh wait… POTTER. Tom tried hard not to sneer. "Why don't you come inside and take your coat off?"

Ginny and Harry walked inside the warm house, noticing that it was comfortably furnished and nicely decorated. Probably Hermione's work.

"Oh my god!" Hermione got up so fast that Draco could only see a blur. "Is that you? Harry? Ginny?" her eyes were as round as galleons.

"Oh my! Hermione!" Ginny ran towards the elderly woman, hugging her tightly around the middle. "I can't believe it. You look so young." she grinned.

"Do you think I invent a potion without drinking it myself?" Hermione laughed loudly. "It's so strange, isn't it?"

"Hermione." Harry said gently hugging Hermione as well. "How are you?"

"I'm fine, Harry, thank you so much." Hermione took his bouquet of flowers and motioned them to sit down. "Come on, sit down. I made the apple pie that Tom likes so much. Would you like to have some coffee or would you rather have tea instead?"

"No, coffee is perfectly alright. Thank you. But what – YOUR apple pie?" Harry asked grinning.

"It's the best, you should really try it out." Tom answered for her, pouring the two guests some coffee.

"But now to you." Ginny smiled at Draco. She hesitantly went forwards to hug him around the middle as well to which he responded with a much forceful bear hug. "Ginny, it's been long."

"Potter." "Malfoy." Harry and Draco shook hands, looking oddly formal to Ginny and Hermione who both laughed loudly. "No hugs?" Hermione grinned.

"Naaa, rather not." Draco said shrugging Harry off.

"So tell us – what are YOUR news? I suppose our story is a little bit longer, although I've already informed Ginny earlier about that." Hermione said, slicing the pie.

"Our news?" Ginny blushed scarlet. She just couldn't suppress the most disturbing bit of news. In her opinion at least. "Well – Harry is together with Malfoy. Ella Malfoy."

"WHAT?" Draco jumped up, his face extremely red. "Potter? You are together with my twin sister? Are you deranged? What did you do to her?"

"Relax, Malfoy. I'm dating her – that's all." Harry's cheeks were flushed – which were quite a bit of a giveaway – Hermione noticed of course, but Draco seemed oblivious to that. "And she is not your twin sister."

"Yes, Potter, she is my twin sister! Ella Malfoy!" Draco spat furiously.

"No, if she were your twin, she couldn't be born." Harry explained.

"But she is still a family member!" Draco said venomously.

Meanwhile, Hermione and Tom were laughing openly, watching the scene before their eyes with amusement. "Cut it down, boys." Hermione giggled. "What about Ginny and you?"

"Oh." Harry smirked in revenge. "We are not together anymore. She has someone new as well." Harry seemed to relish something, making Ginny more uncomfortable by the second. "His name is Alex Riddle."

"WHAAAAAAAAAAT?" Tom yelled, his face as red as Ginny's. "You are dating my grandson? You dirty GRYFFINDOR? Why?"

"Yes, I am. And yes, I'm a Gryffindor and maybe you've already noticed that your grandson is a Ravenclaw." Ginny explained with forced calmness. She didn't want to anger Tom Riddle more than was necessary. "Besides, we just came back and I found Harry smooching with Ella and Riddle just came to me several times, asking me this and that and getting on my nerves."

"WHAT? He came to you?" Tom asked even more appalled. How could his own flesh and blood date someone from his enemy house? Of course, it had been a surprise that Alex had been sorted into Ravenclaw, but why would he date a GRYFFINDOR then? And even more so, a WEASLEY?

"Yes, he did. He asked me out 4 months ago." Ginny said stoically. "And I said yes. At least that's what my friends told me."

Tom glared at her, his face dangerously red. "How dare you! You knew he was my grandson. Why would YOU even want to date him?"

Ginny had no idea to be frank. Why did she really want to date him? She had feelings for him, she couldn't deny that.

"Because I like him." Ginny said quietly. "A lot."

Stunned silence greeted this statement.

"Come on." Hermione put a hand on Tom's arm to calm him down.

"But I don't understand! I thought Potter and Weasley were made for each other." Draco grumbled. "I never thought that the Malfoy's would ever be associated with Potters. That reminds me: why are you wearing a Slytherin uniform, Potter?"

"Duh, maybe because I'm in Slytherin? Besides, I'm not a Potter anymore. My last name is Snape!" Harry smirked.

At that Draco finally got up from his chair, glaring at Harry. "Snape?"

"My father left my mother and so she married Severus Snape. Easy as that." Harry grinned.

"I can't believe it!" Draco growled out. "Everything seems so… weird." he slumped back into his chair.

"Yes, it is strange for us." Hermione admitted, pouring some milk into her coffee. "And you are in Slytherin and Ginny in Gryffindor again? What about our other friends?"

"Luna is in Ravenclaw again and we are very good friends – so nothing has changed. Ron is in Gryffindor with me of course and most of the other Gryffindors we used to know. And Harry is best friends with Adrian Pucey since they are both on the Slytherin quidditch team." Ginny explained.

"You made it again on the quidditch team? Congrats." Hermione gave Harry thumbs up.

"But now to you! What happened after we were gone?" Harry asked, his eyes alight with curiosity. "And why does Tom keep calling you Hermione? Does he know?"

"About our time-travel? And about me being a so-called mudblood? Yes he does." Hermione laughed embarrassed. "Tom couldn't believe it at first, of course. I mean, it does sound very unlikely. But in the end, I convinced him – Draco helped me a lot – as well as Abraxas."

"Oh you are still friends with Abraxas?" Harry asked dryly. He had, after all, bunked with Abraxas in the 40s.

"Yes, of course. Abraxas was of help, I cannot deny that, and after a while Tom believed us."

Ginny laughed merrily. "What a story! When did you tell him?"

"About 10 years ago." Hermione said timidly, her cheeks red.

"10 years ago?" Harry asked dumbfounded. "That's late! Why that?"

"She was scared of telling me the truth, obviously." Tom said darkly.

Hermione gave him a sharp look. "And I thought he wouldn't like me anymore."

Harry and Ginny exchanged an uneasy glance, not speaking.

"But she was sorely mistaken." Tom said with so much hurt and love that Harry and Ginny just stared. "I couldn't care less what kind of blood my wife had and when she was born."

"Thank you Tom." Hermione smiled brilliantly, remembering the day.


"So, you don't hate me, Tom?" Hermione asked sadly.

"I am pissed. Really angry. You should have told me sooner! Why did you keep a secret that big from me?" Tom asked furiously. In his anger he threw a plate at the wall – one of Hermione's favourite plates – and it cracked into hundreds of pieces.

"Because I was scared. I didn't want to lose you, Tom." Hermione said quietly, looking down. It was most of the truth after all.

Tom sat down, exhaling, when he turned towards Hermione, speaking in such a soft voice, he was hard to understand. "But why would you even want to be together with me in the first place? We have a child, we even have grandchildren, we are married, we have been living together for such a long time. If I REALLY turned out the way you described, why are you here with me?"

Hermione sat still, considering that.

"Because I got to know the real you. And I got to love the real you. Besides, you did NOT become the monster." Hermione said in a clear voice.

"You are not mad at me?" Tom asked sceptically. "You knew all of those things before you came to Hogwarts and weren't scared of me?"

"I was scared of you, I admit. But I knew that it was my task to change you. And obviously, I succeeded." Hermione explained as calm as possible, though on the inside, she was terrified. What would he do? Would he whip out his wand and curse her? Or kill her? Or would he react the way she hoped him to?

"Obviously you succeeded." Tom remarked dryly.

"By the way, since you also told me about your Death Eaters – of course I had already known about them before, we are completely in sync now and we can open the box." Hermione said, hoping to steer the conversation from this awkward topic.

Tom's eyes were suddenly lit with fire. "That's a good idea." he said and got up to retrieve the box.

Hermione was very excited. What could be IN the box? They hadn't been able to open it before. What would Du Reau give them?

Tom returned with the box and the key. "1, 2, 3!" Hermione announced and turned the key, both of them holding their breaths in anticipation. The key turned around in the lock and – the lock sprang open.

"Oh my god." Hermione's fingers were shaking, and so were Tom's although he was trying to control that.

In the box, they found the most beautiful possession of Ravenclaw herself – the diadem. "The diadem of Ravenclaw?" Tom asked surprised, sliding his smooth white finger over the eagle.

"Why would he give us something like that?" Hermione wondered. "It must have cost thousands."

"Not for him." Tom smacked his forehead. "He was a descendant of Ravenclaw.

End of Flashback

"You received the diadem of Ravenclaw?" Ginny asked in surprise, after Hermione had told them the story.

"I hope it's without… you-know-what." Harry smirked.

"Of course." Hermione rolled her eyes.

"And did the diadem help you to brew this wonderful youth-potion?" Harry smirked even broader.

"Yes, I think it did. I was at least wearing the diadem of Ravenclaw when I finished the recipe. How do you know of the potion? Don't tell me, Snape teaches this potion at school?" Hermione asked, her eyebrow raised.

"He does." Harry grinned. "And it's quite easy actually."

"I wouldn't call it easy!" Tom said with furrowed eyebrows. "It took Hermione ages to invent it."

"That's right." Draco cut in. "But I'm thankful for the potion. Really, thanks Hermione."

Harry and Ginny smiled. "It will come in useful in a couple of years, Harry." Ginny said.

The friends talked more and more about their adventures until it was very late. "I think it's time to return to Hogwarts." Harry announced with a yawn. "We have classes tomorrow."

"Oh really? Well, thank you for coming. It was great seeing you again." Hermione hugged them both tightly.

"Thank you for inviting us. And by the way, Hermione, we'd like to visit again sometime." Ginny hinted with a Slytherin smirk she had probably adopted from Harry.

"Any time." Hermione smiled. "Come back safely."

And with that, Harry and Ginny left Hermione's and Tom's house with red cheeks and bright smiles on their faces.

"Yeah, I'll go then as well." Draco got up slowly, holding his back. "Hermione, do you still have some of those painkillers? My arthritis is driving me mad."

"Sure." Hermione accioed the painkillers and handed them to Draco. "Come home safely as well."

"Thank you, Jessica is probably wondering where I am." Draco grinned and kissed Hermione on the cheek, and Tom a handshake.

"See you soon." Tom called out and closed the door behind Abraxas' TWIN.

"You know…" Tom said when Hermione and he were cosily sitting on the sofa in front of the TV, "I'm glad you changed me. Thank you." and with that he kissed her lovingly and free of any worries and Hermione kissed him back, thinking the same.

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