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Natasia: Yay! I feel SO much better!!!!

Asuna: Oh no she's back. T^T

Setsuna: Good to see your better.

Konoka: And you wrote a new story too!

Natasia: Yup! It's been in my notebook for a while now! Well on with the story!!


One day while Setsuna Sakurazaki and Konoka Konoe were spending time together in Evangeline's garden, their two other allies/friends, Haruna Saotome and Kazumi Asakura were experimenting with some magic potions. Unfortunately, Haruna had accidentally knocked a powerful magic barrier potion over.

Negi realized this quickly and sent an evacuation message through the pactio cards. Everyone hears Negi's evacuation message and quickly hurries to the exit of the resort. Too bad for Konoka and Setsuna, for the moment they were about to reach the exit, the barrier magic traps the both of them together just inches away from the platform. "Ojou-Sama, what do you think we should do now?"

The one thing Konoka detested the most was when Setsuna called her "Ojou-Sama". Being firm and assertive, Konoka corrected Setsuna. "Secchan its "Kono-Chan!"

Flinching at Konoka's assertive tone, she gave the request some thought. Coming up with her answer, Setsuna responded. "A-as y-you wish K-K-K-Kono-Chan." Setsuna stuttered out.

Satisfied, Konoka went and glomped Setsuna. Now in a happy state, the two still had one problem. How do they get out of the resort?

Natasia: A very very very short prologue I know.

Asuna: I see why your chapter are so short.

Natasia: Oh ya? Why?

Asuna: Cause your as short as Negi-Bozu. HA!

Natasia: I AM NOT!

Setsuna: While they sort things out, please read and review this prologue for her.

Konoka: She loves you all!! This is Konoka Konoe..

Setsuna: And Setsuna Sakurazaki signing off.