Esme's POV.

"Oh Carlisle, what has happened to this family? How could Edward do this? How could he hurt Bella this way?"

For what seemed like the millionth time that night I held on to the sleeping girl in my hands a little tighter. It hurt me to see my precious daughter in so much pain, the depth of which no one could begin to grasp. Even poor Jasper had to excuse himself to escape it. I turned my attention away from the angel that was nestled against my chest to look at my husband only to see him staring at our dearest Bella with so much compassion and sympathy.

"Edward is not the only one who is to blame in this situation. What were they thinking? I cannot believe that they would both be so callous and shameless. We are not to forget that not one but two of your children are suffering from broken hearts. Even though I am disappointed in Emmet for the way he reacted, I cannot be angry with him. Esme, my love, what hurts me the most is the pain Bella is in. Love, I had to sedate her for her to calm down. Sedate her!"

Instantly Carlisle stopped speaking and turned his back as his hands balled up into fist. Carlisle was never one to loss control of himself that way but to me it only showed how truly angry he was. I knew he hated what happened here tonight as much as I had since it threaten, most definitely, to tear my family apart.

Our conversation was interrupted by a tap on the door.

"Mom, dad, could we come in?" Alice's timid voice called out so softly as to not wake Bella.

Carlisle walked over and opened the door granting Alice and Jasper access to our bedroom. Almost immediately, Alice rushed to my side and placed her hand on Bella's cheek. Jasper however kept his distance.

"Jasper dear, we all know you would not hurt Bella, why are you so hesitant?" I questioned my most recent yet equally loved son.

"It's not that mom. It's just that Bella's pain is so deep, it is just too unbearable." At that Carlisle sat down next to me, took Bella from me, cradled her to his chest and wrapped his arm around her. With a kiss on her forehead Carlisle whispered to Bella a promise that we would all be there for her.

Suddenly Alice's eyes glazed over and we all held our breath as we waited for her vision to finish. When she recovered, Jasper was at her side in an instant.

"Alice, Alice! What did you see? Alice!"

"Jazz, I saw Bella. Its worst than when we left her the first time. Mom, dad please we have to keep her here. If we don't she is going to try to kill herself. She might even succeed because after a point in time I don't see her."

"Oh God!" I gasp, "Carlisle I cannot loss a daughter. Please what are we to do?"

Carlisle looked down at Bella and held her closer to his chest.

"What we do is simple Esme. It's what we have done for all our children. We bear her pain; fight for her life and save her from herself. And you, my dearest, Bella," he continued with the most tender and loving expression upon his face as he looked down at the precious bundle he held," are a Cullen and we fight for our own. Don't you for on second think you are leaving us behind. We love you too much to let you go. So we will be here, fighting for you and since you are my daughter as well just know I will happily give up my life so you could live yours. Do you understand me?"

" Yes dad. It just hurts so much." And with that Bella snuggled closer into Carlisle's chest and opened her blood shot eyes.