AU (Alternate Universe) Ed and Winry.

Edward seems to be a typical high school student with his little brother, Al. But still waters run deep. They live in a home for homeless boys since their parents are dead. The owner and caretaker is very abusive and Ed does whatever he can to protect his little brother without getting thrown out on the streets. Ed has the worst grades in highschool but that doesn't mean he isn't a genius. He has his eyes on the most beautiful, nicest, smartest girl in school, Winry. Unfortunately she is too popular for him and is way out of his league. She probably doesn't even know he exists. Unfortunately a mysterious group has noticed him and are watching and waiting for the right moment to make their move.

God these chapters are so old. If you're new to Forced and reading this for the first time, I'm going to warn you, this is when I started out with fanfiction and it's VERY...bad. Yeah, it's pretty bad until around chapter 10, where I get betas and editors and start learning how to write the right way! Lol. Sooo...yeah, sorry for it's suckish-ness. Horrid grammar. Blocky sentances. Hey, we all have to start somewhere! ;)

So, if you're wondering why it has so many reviews, it gets pretty awesome as the chapters go along. You can TASTE the improvement.

Edward dozed in his math class. He was just recently put into math foundations, the class where the kids who had trouble in mathematics go. But Edward was no fool, he knew everything about math inside and out, upside down and flipped around. He could even do college math courses, if he wanted to. His IQ was 160 according to the doctor that had tested him, when he was young,...still with his parents. But when the school had recently tested him he scored 95. But they based it all on his grades, those bastards.

"Mr. Elric..."

He felt the wonderful lightheaded feeling of drifting off to sleep. He was warm and he felt comfortable, sleeping with his head rested on his arm.

" Mr. Elric..."

Yawning, he continued to doze until a loud slap echoed through the room causing him to jerk awake sitting bolt upright. Several people started sniggering. The teacher had taken his notebook and slapped it down on the table.

"What the hell was that for?! You trying to give me a heart attack?!"

"Edward, you are on the verge of failing 10th grade. How would you like it if you shared your classes with your little brother?"

Ed pondered on this for a second before answering, "I wouldn't mind"

The teacher huffed and crossed her arms, "I will see you after school, " and she walked back to her desk, more sniggers and giggles met his ears as his face drained of all color.

Stay after school? Oh,shit, he's going to kill me for being late'

The bell rang making Ed jump out of his seat out of surprise and he quickly jammed all his books and notes into his bag, not caring about bending our crinkling the papers like he used to.

The teacher looked at him weirdly,"Edward, is everything alright?"she asked, concerned.

He nodded before bolting out the door before everyone else.

"Hey, I'm just going to check with Mrs. Jerico with my work-" He heard the voice just as he looked up and ran smack into another person,sending them both to fall on the ground.

"Watch where the hell you're going!" He yelled before biting his tongue. He got up quickly and extended his hand to help her up, wanting to smack his head off the wall a couple dozen times. Why did he have to yell at her of all people?

Her smaller hand felt warm in his as he helped her up. His face felt like it was going to catch on fire at any given moment.

"S-sorry, I-uh, thought you were someone else" He stammered helping her pick up her books. He felt ridiculous being practically mesmerized by her long light blonde hair. It was gorgeous and he looked away when she straightened up and smiled at him.

"I don't think we've met before. I'm Winry-" She smiled and held out her hand and he took it hesitantly.

"I'm Ed" and I've known you for 3 years and have the biggest, dorkiest crush on you and you're waaaay out of my league and this just shows how much you've noticed me he thought miserably.

"Are you new?"She asked, her big blue eyes were just staring intently into his golden ones. HE shifted uncomfortably looking at the ground.

"No, we've been in the same school for 3 years" he muttered,still staring at the ground.

She blushed, "Oh! I feel like such an idiot. You're so quiet all the time I must have not noticed you, ...we should hang out sometime"

He looked back up at her to see if she was kidding but she looked like she meant it, "Yeah, that'd be cool"

"I like your hair by the way. Not a lot of guys let it get that long" She said pointing up at his head. He ran a hand down his braid, turning an even darker red.

"Yeah, thanks" was she serious, or was she just making fun of him?

She fumbled with her jacket's button for a second before looking back up at him with a smile, "I've got to go talk to Mrs. Jerico about the homework assignment tonight. I can never get algebra"

Come on, Ed. Say something cool. I like your hair too, that's why I stare at it in science class all period?

"If you need help in Math I could probably help you"

She seemed to brighten up at this, "Oh, really? It's honors math, though... it's really hard"

"I helped a friend of mine in college with his math. And he's aiming to be a math teacher... ironic huh?"

"So, you're that good? Why are you in math foundations? This is Mrs. Jerico's math foundations class this period,wasn't it?"

He turned red and wanted to drop dead, "Yeah, I don't really do my work... no motivation I guess. Trust me, I could outdo any math geek here"

Oh,wow, now that was cool. Make yourself out to be the biggest dweeb ever.

"Well... I'll see you later...after school by the tables?"she asked smiling at him. Why?,why does she have to be so damn cute?

He opened his mouth then shut it and opened it again and shut it. She watched him with a raised eyebrow.

"I-uh...yeah, um, can it be tomorrow? I've got to talk with Mrs. Jerico myself today after school and I can't be late getting home"

Winry frowned slightly seeming slightly disappointed, "Oh... ok, then, tomorrow I'll see you. Bye"

She left and he couldn't help but watch her walk off into the room he just escaped from.

"Hey, dweeb!" he heard a voice yell down the hall to him. He groaned inwardly as he turned to see his other torturer walking down the hallway towards him.