Haleigh: Hi guys! So I was inspired for this by funsizedevil, u should check her out! She's a good author.

Ikuto: So how did she inspire this story?

Haleigh: She wrote "Instant Messaging" it's a funny Twilight fanfic about all the Cullens and Bella IMing!

Ikuto: *rolls eyes* why are girls so obsessed with this "Twilight" thing?

Amu and Haleigh: *in unison* BECAUSE IT'S AWESOME!!!!


Haleigh: So she inspired me because I thought I would write a Shugo Chara IM fic!

Amu: Interesting....

Ikuto: I guess....

Amu: Have either of you seen Ran, Miki, or Su? Or the other guys?

Ikuto: Yeah Yoru's not here either....

Haleigh: So I guess that's enought small talk, on with the fic!!!

Screename Guide

Amu: amuletgal

Ikuto: smexy_nekoboy

Tadase: kiddy_king

Rima: funnybunny

Yaya: baby_boo

Nagihiko: luv2dance

Utau: heavenly_devil

Kukai: sports_jack

amuletgal has logged on

smexy_nekoboy has logged on

kiddy_king has logged on

funnybunny has logged on

funnybunny: hey guys!

amuletgal: wuts up?

smexy_nekoboy: yo

kiddyking: hey amu!

amuletgal: hi

kiddyking: i love you!

funnybunny: ...k...

amuletgal: ew...

smexy_nekoboy: hey she's mine! so, amu-koi are we still on 2nite?

amuletgal: u know it, baby

funnybunny: ew....get a room.

amuletgal: sry...

kiddyking: that should be me!

smexy_nekoboy: in ur dreams

kiddyking: w/e u lil kitty cat!

amuletgal: would u plz stop fighting u guys? geez!

funnybunny: yeah! can't u 2 ever get along?

smexy_nekoboy: fine...

kiddyking: sry onii-tan

smexy_nekoboy: s'ok. but she's still mine...

kiddyking: -_-

amuletgal: thx.

funnybunny: hey amu r u free saturday?

amuletgal: yeah. y?

funnybunny: i thought we should go c a movie.

amuletgal: sure. what movie do u wanna c?

funnybunny: i though we should go c "Love and Tears". i heard it was really good!

amuletgal: sure! yeah i've been wanting 2 go c it!

smexy_nekoboy: ew....a chick flick, i think i'll pass....

kiddyking: awesome! i wanted 2 go c it 2!

(awkward silence)

amuletgal: no thx, tadase. i want a girl's night out. we should call yaya.

funnybunny: k c u saturday! i gotta go, kusu-kusu said that my fave comedy was on. ttyl!

amuletgal: bye!

funnybunny has logged off

kiddyking: i gotta go 2. my grandmother wants me 2 go buy flowers. bye!

kiddyking has logged off

smexy_nekoboy: now we're alone...yay

amuletgal: hey baby will u come over? i wanna c u. im lonely.

smexy_nekoboy: sure thing. i'll be right there.

amuletgal: thx. c u in a min!

smexy_nekoboy has logged off

amuletgal has logged off