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Haleigh: I'm focusing on that one because it's easier to write than this one....I have more ideas for the other one.

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P.S. Yes...I have read the latest manga chapter and it's sooooo freakin sad I teared up and almost cried! But I'm still keeping them in the story...COME BACK RAN, MIKI, AND SU!!!!!!

Screename Guide

Amu: amuletgal

Ikuto: smexy_nekoboy

Tadase: kiddy_king

Rima: funnybunny

Yaya: baby_boo

Nagihiko: luv2dance

Utau: heavenly_devil

Kukai: sports_jack

Ran: pink_heart

Miki: art_is_life

Su: chef_desu

Dia: shining_diamonds

Yoru: kittykat_nya

Kiseki: rule_urworld

KusuKusu: class_clown

Pepe: cry_baby

Iru: devilicious

Eru: angel_wings472

Daichi: soccer101

Rythym: beat_jump

Temari: kimono_princess


(Not using all charas)

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pink_heart: hi every1!!!!!

art_is_life: *blushes* so many cute boys....this is heaven....

angel_wings472: my love meter is going off the charts! miki-chan is in love!!!! but with which one? WE MUST SOLVE THE MYSTERY!!!!

*everyone else sweatdrops*

rule_urworld: enough peasants! u must bow down 2 me!!!

art_is_life: so cool...

*more sweatdrops*

shining_diamonds: miki-chan! u must look inside 2 find ur inner radiance! it will show who u love!

kittykat_nya: she loves me~nya!

art_is_life: right! i only like kiseki a little...yoru...u love me?

kittykat_nya: of course~nya! ur so pretty and cool~nya!

art_is_life: *blushes...again* oh yoru! (MIRU!!!!)

pink_heart: um...wheres su?

shining_diamonds: shes helping amu-chan clean her room!

soccer101: hey ran...

pink_heart: yeah daichi?

soccer101: u wanna go our sometime? like uh...a date?

pink_heart: yes!!! aw daichi thats so sweet of u!!! (Raichi! ranxdaichi)

angel_wings472: more love in the air!!! the angel of love is doing her work perfectly!!!

rule_urworld: u all shouldnt be focusing on love! u should all be serving me!!!

kittykat_nya: shut up u little king~nya!

rule_urworld: how dare you talk 2 me like that peasant!

beat_jump: this is so not cool!

chef_desu has logged on

chef_desu: i could sense fighting! please dont fight~desu! kiseki-san please be nice?

rule_urworld: but!

chef_desu: please?

rule_urworld: fine...but only 4 u...

(Suseki? suxkiseki lol)

chef_desu: thank you kiseki-san!

art_is_life: this is boring!

kittykat_nya: wanna come over~nya?

art_is_life: sure!

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pink_heart: daichi! lets go to the park and practice our sports!

soccer101: ok!

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rule_urworld: peasants! i must go! do not 4get that 2morrow u have 2 serve me!

rule_urworld has logged off

beat_jump: wow...

shining_diamonds: yep...

beat_jump: u look very cool 2day dia! u wanna hang sometime?

shining_diamonds: sure! when?

beat_jump: friday? 6:30 at the park

shining_diamonds: ok! see u then!


shining_diamonds has logged off

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angel_wings472: love is in the air all over! Miru! Raichi! Suseki! Diathym! lovely couples! THE ANGEL OF LOVE HAS DONE HER JOB!!!!

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Haleigh: Lol random chara couples!

Ikuto: Well, alot of people like Miru...

Amu: Aww! We're going to be in-laws!!!

Ikuto: We're going to be married before we're EVER in-laws! I will not let our charas marry before us!

Amu: Aww...Ikuto...

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