Invader of your fate

By: Wakka59

Chapter 1: Save me from my moosey fate!!

"Newspaper beats ant!" Robin said.

"Fire burns newspaper." Raven said.

"Water douses fire!" Beast Boy exclaimed.

"Sun dries up the liquid!" Starfire said.

"And the newest card Black Hole inhales Sun!" Cyborg said happily

Everyone stares at him and slammed their heads to the table.

"Why me?" Beast Boy said sadly.

He'd lost every one of these games.

Raven just stared at the cards.

"This was a stupid game anyways,..." Raven muttered

Starfire was cheerful. She enjoyed these Earth games. Even when she lost.

"I win again!" Cyborg cheers.

Robin glared at him. 'How did he get those cards? A card con-'

Robin's thought was immediately changed when he disappeared in a flash of light, literally.

Robin disappeared in a flash of light.

"This is the second time that it is happened." Cyborg said.

Beast Boy leaned back and said "Dude, not AGAIN!"

"Wait, friends!" Starfire said " If the Master of the Games has stolen Robin, why has he not stolen you two?"

"Well, maybe he's in the building." Raven suggested.

"He might." Cyborg said "Titans! Find Robin!"

Elsewhere, Robin has been flashed to a laboratory,...or what used to be a laboratory anyways.

Everywhere was broken glass, smoke and steam, along with melted metal. And everything is so,...alien like.

There was a cracked screen with a triangular picture that looked like an alien head.

There was a button that said "PRESS" under it.

'Why not?' Robin thought.

Robin pressed the button and an Alien in the broken laboratory with a robot and a flying purple moose appeared on the broken screen.

"Is this thing on?" the alien asked the robot. Then shook his (guessing from the tone) head.

"Never mind," the alien said "There's no time. I am Zim of the Irken armada. If you are seeing this then you know Irken enemy:#4.987623. And you know how to stop him. And I'm the last guy in this filthy planet that wants help from a human person. But I have no choice!"

Something exploded and Zim screamed, the flying moose squeaked, and the robot took out a taco and started to eat it.

"I need you to look at the evil rats picture in the data banks on your left. Just type in the number I just said. I can't believe what I am about to do. Just please, help! Save me from my fate! Save me from my moosey faaaaaaaate!!!"

The screen got blank. And it suddenly got quiet.

"Moosey fate?" Robin asked himself. He looked to see a busted up computer that said "data banks" in every single language.

Even some he'd never seen.

On the keyboard he typed "Enemy: #4.987623" And it posted a picture of the person on the screen.

Robin got wide eyed and whispered "No,...not him,...he's,..."

While, at the tower, the other titans are still trying to find out where Robin actually is.

After 59 minutes or so, Cyborg asked

"Should we use the thing in the case?"

"No!" Starfire exclaimed "We must not intrude other peoples personal business."

"Dude, do we have any other choice?" Beast Boy said

Starfire held her head low and murmured "no...then if you must,..."

And, back at the busted up lab Robin was finishing his sentence which was,...


And there on the screen was,...


Who is this mysterious person who is an enemy of the Irken armada that Robin knows and no one else knows about in the titan crew?

And WHAT IS IN THE CASE!?!?! And also what is so special in it?

But before I leave this is a little piece of the next chapter:

"You wouldn't dare!" Zim said

"Oh yes I would," the mysterious voice said "yes I would."

Then the mysterious voice let out an evil cackle the sound was so evil, and yet, so "Joker" like,....

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