So most of you know me as 'breathe4her' which is fantastic! Years ago I started a Willow/Tara (BtVS) fic and thought it'd be nice to revise it and post it. I honestly don't expect many reviews but since this fic put me on the map to somewhat fan fic success, I figured I'd go ahead!

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Pairings: W/T, X/A, B/?, D/?

Rating: PG 13 – NC 17. I will give fair warning.

Summary: Willow is one of the hottest models in the world. When she comes home for her holiday, she meets a nice family that is new to Sunnydale. Can she find love and continue her much loved career? This is an extremely AU fic. Light angst warning but nothing heavy. Thoughts are in italics. Flashbacks are in bold-italics.


Chapter One - Redsun

"Mama please?" A little blonde, with slight curls, asked. She was holding a teen magazine with a red flamey haired model on front.

"Sweetie, when you get a little older, I will buy you a magazine. But for now, mama only has enough money for these groceries." Said the older female, holding a basket full of daily necessities.

Tara Maclay was a single mother; she had her daughter, Hadley, when she was sixteen. At age twenty-one she found herself struggling with school; trying to get a higher education by taking classes every weeknight. Tara was also holding down a job as a waitress five days a week to try and support her family. The weekends allowed the young mother to catch up on her studies and spend time with her five year old daughter and seventeen year old sister, Tori.

Tori wouldn't allow her sister to make ends meet alone so she worked most weekends at the mall in a small café. She took pride in helping out her older sister by looking after Hadley every night of the week while the blond attended night classes.

"But mama, Auntie Tori buys them!" Hadley pouted.

"Yes baby I know, but Auntie Tori uses her own extra spending money." Tara smiled. They were standing in the checkout line. "And she'll be in high school where she can read a little more words."

"I can read!" Hadley pouted more, crossing her small arms over her chest.

"You can. How about we wait for my next pay check, you and I will go shopping for some cute books." Tara mother replied in a calmly fashion.

"This is a cute book, with an extra cute model!" Hadley smiled brightly, wiggling her eyebrows up and down at her mother. Tara shook her head smiling before getting some money out. Hadley heard a giggle behind her she swung around only to find herself eye to eye with a green eyed beauty.

"Hey there." The woman said kneeling to be at eye level with the short blonde. Tara was oblivious, as she was next in line and her attention was briefly with the cashier.

"Hi." Hadley smiled shyly.

The woman noticed the future beauty dancing in the big blue eyes in front of her. "You're very pretty." She smiled.

"You too…" Hadley bit her small, but full, bottom lip.

"Why thank you, I'm Willow by the way." The red hair woman shook the tiny hand in front of her.

"Hadley." The small girl smiled brightly.

Willow smiled back. "You must be smart for your age. How old are you?"

"Four, my birthday is next week."

"Wow, five! That's a very important age."

"It is?" Hadley's eyes went big with excitement.

"Oh yeah. I bet you start school this year." Willow dug in her purse for some change.

"Yes, grade one. I am so excited. Mama taught me how to count to 50." The little blonde bounced up and down.

"Mama must be a good teacher." Willow extended her hand and gave Hadley a dollar. "This is for being a good girl and listening to her. It's not every day I meet one special girl who doesn't put up a fight for wanting something they can't have, and I do meet a lot of people." Willow laughed lightly.

"But I do want the magazine…you're on the cover. You make it cute!" Hadley pouted a little before smirking.

The intelligent girl in front of her impressed Willow. Isn't she just adorable, I would love to meet mother who raised this little girl, filling her with love and quirkiness.

"Hadley Maria Maclay." Tara spoke softly trying to grad her daughter's attention.

"Yes Mama?"

"Where'd you go? I've been calling you. Sweetie, the line moved forward, let the nice lady pay for her items." Tara took the small hand into hers. It wasn't until then, when she noticed a very beautiful and familiar red head eye to eye with her.

"Mama, she's the cute model." Hadley squealed with delight.

Willow let out a soft laugh. "Hi, I'm Willow."

Willow…model, that's where I seen her. Willow the model. Tara smirked. "Tara." She blonde extended her hand and gently shook Willow's.

Oh my…she has power. Beauty… "Um, wow, I love the name…. Tara. It's so…you. Short and sweet. Oh! Not that you're short, because, hello, I am shorter, I just meant…ugh!" The red head looked down at the short blonde, who was giggling. "And what are you laughing at?" A small smile pulled at her lips.

"Auntie Tori was right. She read that when you get nervous you tend to babble." Hadley laughed. Both Tara and Willow were a little amused by the young child's laughter. "Oh Mama, can we buy these books now? Willow can autograph them? Please? I won't ever ask again. I will give Willow's dollar back, because I think I am being very selfish. See, we can get two, and Auntie Tori will love you forever!"

"Hadley, I told you, I don't have much money, and you thought Willow babbled." Tara smiled warmly at the redhead, letting her know she was kidding.

"Hey, it's fine. Here," Willow picked up two magazines. "They're on me."

"Willow, you really shouldn't." Tara smiled sweetly.

"I want too. It's really nice to meet younger fans, especially ones like your daughter. Very smart and beautiful…" Willow captivated Tara's eyes, "..just like her mother."

Tara blushed putting her head down.

"I have a black marker in my car." Willow shifted the mood a bit, but smiling inside knowing that she just made the tall blonde blush. "So, if you follow me out, I can sign these." She said walking out of the market.

Hadley and Tara followed the red head out to a black corvette, with a license plate that read 'REDSUN'.

"Wow, cool wheels Willow." Hadley ran ahead and slipped her small hand into the redheads.

"Thank you. It was a Christmas present last year. It was from an old friend. She knows I only celebrate Christmas when I am home. I'm Jewish and Wiccan." Willow mini-babbled to the little girl.

"Wiccan? We're Wiccan!" Hadley squeezed the woman's hand in excitement.

"Really?" Willow looked at Tara, who smiled and nodded her head. "Wow, that's great. Finally someone I can talk to about this when the holidays come around."

"Oh…you live here?" Tara stood beside Willow, watching her struggle with unlocking the door manually. Tara took it upon herself to help out Willow. She leaned into her and lightly placed her hands over Willow's, pushing the unlock button on the key chain. Willow blushed at least three shades of red when she heard the 'click'.

"Thanks." She breathed and smiled as Tara gave a small but barely noticeable squeeze to her hand before withdrawing. "And yeah, born and raised." Willow had to fight the urge to place a soft kiss and the soft hand the just helped her. So soft. Am I shying away…? No. Rosenberg, you've dated females before, why is this so different? You don't even know her. It doesn't mean you wouldn't like to get to know her. "Sunnydale isn't exactly a big town. So I am sure we'll see each other again." The redhead grabbed her marker. "Hadley, I want you to tell your mama that bright children need to read a little more. Although, reading a teen magazine isn't exactly she expected from her almost-five-year-old daughter. You have plenty of time to grab a boy's attention." Willow smiled handing the two autograph magazines to Tara.

"Boys?" Hadley smiled. "I like this one boy, but since we moved here just last month, I haven't seen him in a while."

"Sweetie, we'll invite Jacob over soon okay?" Tara ran her fingers through her daughter's curls.

"Ok." Hadley smiled at her mother, and then jumped up indicating that she wanted to be held.

"Well, I should get home." Willow softly spoke, watching the love between mother and daughter flow around them. "I have to get dinner started before my friends show up."

"Oh, okay. Thank you so much for," Tara managed to balance Hadley in her arms, while holding up two magazines, "these. It was very sweet of you."

"You're very welcome." Willow leaned in to hug Hadley, who had her arms wide-open waiting for the redhead to embrace her. She managed to slip one arm around the taller blonde's neck, pulling her in as well. "Oh, cool idea!" She pulled back, smiling wide. "Why don't you, Hadley, and Tori come for dinner at my place. It'll be like a warm welcome dinner from me to you three. I will not take no for an answer."

"Well if I don't have any other option, then I guess we're there." Tara grinned.

"Great! Here's my address and number. My friends will love to meet all of you. Is sixish okay?" Willow wrote the information a Tara's palm. Skin. Soft. Soft skin. She grinned to herself.

Willowhand. "Six will be fine." Tara licked her lips, and then bit on her bottom one.

Like mother, like daughter. Willow grabbed Hadley's hand. "I can't wait to get to know you Hadley, maybe you and your Auntie Tori can help me understand why people love to hear and spread gossip in Hollywood."

"It'll be our pleasure Willow." Hadley placed a small kiss on Willow's hand. Tara and Hadley watched as the black vehicle drove away. "Mama?" Hadley asked putting her head down on her mother's shoulder.

"Yes sweetie?" Tara asked reaching their small beat up beige vehicle. She opened the passenger side door, placing the small body on the seat, and buckled her up before retreating to her side of the vehicle.

"You felt it right?" Hadley asked, her eyes large with excitement and hope. "The power…the connection that came from her?"

Tara thought about it. Willow definitely has power. And the connection? She couldn't possibly be... No. "Yes baby, I did."